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    Order Eco-Friendly Wooden Business Cards Printing by AxiomPrint

    Wooden business cards are a unique type of business card that are made out of wood instead of paper or plastic. Wooden business cards are becoming increasingly popular as they provide a distinctive and eco-friendly alternative to traditional business cards. The quality and design of business cards say a lot about you as an individual and the brand you represent. With our well-designed and professional-looking business cards you will stand out and make a strong first impression.

    Crafted from a thin slice of wood, such as bamboo, walnut they can be customized with various designs, logos, and text using laser engraving or printing techniques. Wooden Laser Engraved Business Cards are often used by businesses in industries such as sustainable or eco-friendly products, outdoor or nature-based businesses, and those that specialize in handcrafted or artisanal products.

    Characteristics of Wooden Business Card Printing


    Plain information or contacts are not enough to enhance your network or create new cooperation opportunities. That’s why we offer easy-to-choose options to create uniquely customizable wooden business cards to promote your brand and make you noteworthy. Our team of experienced designers can make your business cards look professional and easy to remember. With our customer-friendly online ordering system, you may choose the material, sizes, corner forms and the quantity that meets your needs. Be assured that all of your special requirements will be covered. We are always open to special requests and suggestions.


    We offer two wooden materials for wooden laser engraved business cards:

    • 30PT Wood (Bamboo)

    Eco-friendly and sustainable material

    Lightweight yet durable, perfect for business cards

    Has a unique natural pattern that adds character to each card

    Can be laser engraved or printed on for a crisp and clear design

    Ideal for businesses with an eco-friendly or natural focus

    • 30PT Wood (Walnut)

    Provides a classic and elegant look for business cards

    Rich, dark color and unique wood grain pattern

    Durable and long-lasting material

    Ideal for a sleek and professional look

    Corner Rounding

    Rounding the corners of your business cards is just a nice way to make your cards look more elegant. The rounded corners will protect the edges from bending or being worn out. We offer 1/8" Round, 4 Corners for wooden business cards.