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May 11, 2022

Everyone Judges the Label on Your Wine Bottle

Age and glasses of wine should never be counted. - Unknown

National Wine Day is almost here! Celebrated on the 25th of May, we get that special occasion during which it's quite welcoming and recommendable to drink wine even at breakfast time! On this particular time wine lovers around the world pour a glass of their perfect wine to mark National Wine Day with or without their loved ones and bottle up cherished moments.

Magical wine flavors lead us to discover so many new tastes, cultures and traditions. Wine drinking has always been considered to be a healthy habit across many nations. While traveling to various countries, we come up with so many fascinating wine drinking traditions, which have experienced a myriad of studies to prove many striking connections between improving the quality of life and its consumption. Dating back to ancient times, due to the lack of pure drinking water, wine turned to be the crucial and fundamental need in life rather than a pleasant treat. And so it appeared to symbolize their livelihood. That's the reason that in many cultures winemaking, vineyards and wineries perform an underlying part of the country's powerful culture and identity.

During recent years there has been great debates on how people come to choose wine bottles. Yes, the primary thing is of course the quality of the wine itself, which is based on its taste and aroma. That is the main thing which helps us determine whether or not we will actually buy that bottle of wine. Whereas, before buying the bottle, consumers also pay attention to the visuals of the bottle, aka the design and the label itself.  It becomes evident that customers pick up your wine bottle off the shelf because of labeling but come back for more because of the taste. 

The wine bottle label definitely impacts your potential sales. It is crucial for wineries to consider having a feel-good and inviting label which will truly reflect the message of your brand and the image of your company.

Did you know that wine bottle labels directly appeal to consumers' emotions, rather than their cognitive response? It is thus that the graphics, the font styles and images you consider to have on your label should also attract customers' attention and appeal to their sense of touch when they feel the texture of the paper.  Scientists continue claiming that holding a product in your hands and feeling the attractive material makes people more likely to buy it. The quality paper textures motivate people to take the step and try to reach out to feel the label, evoking that specific touch of experiencing ownership.

Long story short, we have played up the main hidden secrets for ordering perfectly custom printed wine labels for wineries, that are critical for your sales and will definitely help you drift customers towards your wine bottles. 

  • Heavenly-tasting wine requires high-quality labels. Labeling your bottles can indeed make a great deal of difference when it comes to choices. The  right paper material for a label can transform the whole integrity of your wine brand, elaborate the look and improve the feel of the sticker itself. Paper materials span a wide variety of alternatives that can enhance the glance of printed colors and the feel of textures. 
  • Feel-Good wine labels should not only inform, but also inspire. Wineries should be cautious about the required information concerning the ingredients and warning signs. Besides spanning all details, it is highly recommendable to create the design in a way to motivate and inspire consumers to go and get the bottle. The label should be aesthetically appealing.  
  • Unique enhancements will help the wine bottle stand out among competitors. With so many magical choices of wine on the shelves it is hard to fall in love with just one bottle. Hundreds of different colors and textures offer a diverse degree of customization and possibilities. Whereas special printing features such as embossing can add that extra unique attribute which will distinguish the bottle from others. Sparkling and eye-catching foils, such as custom gold or silver foil highlights the special features of wine bottles which can easily grab the attention of consumers.

If you reach this point let us remind you that Axiom Print specializes in wine label printing with enhancements that will have your wine stand out on the shelf.  We ensure that your preferences are met with creative design and superior quality printing. We offer an affordable and easy way to create Wine Bottle Labels and other types of labels that will convey the message to your customers in a more creative way, and will encourage them to choose your exceptional product. 

Life is too short to have wine that doesn’t taste good and doesn’t look good:)

Happy National Wine Day!

employee appreciation unique ideas

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May 9, 2022

Employee Appreciation Ideas to Contribute Corporate Culture

Belonging to a tradition of spring festivals, Worker’s Day or as often referred May Day, is that special day, when countries worldwide celebrate International Workers Day and honor the social and economic achievements of workers. The coming of the holiday is rooted in the middle of the nineteenth century, when common workers initiated a mass stopage as part of the eight-hour day movement or 40-hour week movement, also known as the short-time movement: a social movement to regulate the length of a working day, preventing excesses and abuses.

Celebrated more than in 80 countries, on International Workers Day people now recall and commemorate all the struggles, miseries and sacrifices that workers faced or continue facing everyday. This is another good chance to thank and recognize essential employees, and appreciate the work they do for the success of the company. 

On the off chance that your employees do not trust you or share the company's core values, or do not feel appreciated enough, at that point your business won't work efficiently. Somewhat surprising, during recent years, employee appreciation has appeared to be an integral and important part of successful corporate culture in various big and small companies. When appreciating employees, we directly show that we recognize the commitments our employees make to the business and apply the way of the right atmosphere of the working environment. Employee appreciation can definitely boost workplace confidence and support in establishing a culture of gratitude and make people work even harder towards a mutual goal.

While there are millions of ways out there on how to express gratitude towards your employees and retain talents, in today's blog post we have outlined employee appreciation unique ideas that are a perfect compliment to your workers and that your staff will certainly love:

Personalized ID Employee Badges:

Stop for a moment and remember what you felt when wearing your personalized badge for the first time in your workplace: pride, appreciation, recognition and accountability. These are the main things each worker should feel when working for a company. Wearing employee ID badges helps employees feel part of a great team, they will feel honored to be part of your company, and to promote the company's brand. 

Ordering custom printed ID badges with your employees’ names, titles, photos and barcode, will not only make them feel recognised, but also keep the office security and enhance the organization’s integrity.

Custom Notepads with Brand Name and Logo:

Branded promotional notepads are one of the important business giveaways. These handy little desk tools are perfect for writing down essential tasks, jotting notes, product lists,  for marking meeting reminders and so much more! Handing out custom printed notepads will definitely encourage employees to use branded notebooks for brainstorming and note taking. This unveils another hint, that is how much you inspire your workers to generate new ideas, along with this providing lots of benefits, such as reducing their anxiety stages and keeping track with goals. Good design says it all! Axiom Print offers customization options for all products, and personalized notepads are no exception. We will incorporate colors to fit your promotional theme, match your brand image and catch customers' eye.

Quality Branded T-shirt Printing:

Thinking over how to make employees come back to work with a good mood and great desire? Consider printing branded T-shirts, which are professional additions to foster team building among your team and contribute to company culture. Wearing branded T-shirts conveys a kind of tribal sense. They feel like they are united for a specific purpose. This will truly sculpt the feeling of belonging to a big community, like family. It will  improve their morale, and help them be more responsible and favorable. The perception of unity will chase them throughout the working hours.

While there is a special day to appreciate and celebrate Labor's Day, we recommend you make this a year-long practice. Try different employee appreciation methods and see what your employees need in order to help your business scale up and make your efforts more significant. And if you decide to stop at the above-mentioned selection of giveaways, trust the work to professionals of Axiom Print. We provide a stress-free printing journey to help you elevate business even within a fast turnaround.

With custom printed banners you can personalize your graduation vinyl banner with a special graphic, photo or a heart-touching message

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Apr 26, 2022

Your Ultimate Guide to Graduation Party Printed Essentials

The time has come to celebrate the sleepless nights, countless  hours of homework and preparation for tests.  You made  it!  You are finally graduating and we want to help you celebrate your milestone.  Axiom Print offers a great selection of products to help you celebrate, announce your accomplishment to your loved ones and frame your favorite moment from that day.  Graduation is one the most significant and memorable times of anyone's life because you achieved it with hard work and dedication.  

Whether you graduate from kindergarten, highschool, four year college or Med school, we have you covered with products that you will love.  Let your neighbors and friends know about your big day with yard signs that come in 5 different sizes.   If you are having a special party, print a backdrop banner with your school colors to take the perfect photo and share on your social media accounts.  Once you have that perfect photo, turn it into  a framed canvas to post  in your room, and give it to your parents or grandparents. Axiom Print not only custom prints specifically for your graduate but we also print in bulk for schools to celebrate their students.  

Custom Printed Graduation Yard Signs

Personalized yard signs have become a popular choice of product after Covid-19, allowing for your neighbors and community to take notice and celebrate you.  Printed Yard Signs, also known as Coroplast sign or Corrugated sign, are a great way for schools to appreciate their students by sending them one as a gift. Graduation yard signs come in one-sided or two-sided waterproof and stain-resistant plastic corrugated boards with wire or wooden H-like stakes, which are inserted into the ground.  They withstand any weather condition and they are lightweight to ship.  Show how proud you are of your graduate with yard signs that you can post on your lawn.  Yard signs come in five different sizes, with also an option to customize.  

  • 12’’x12’’
  • 18’’x12’’
  • 24’’x18’’
  • 24’’x24’’

Axiom Print also gives you the option to have custom shape yard signs that will reflect your school mascot or maybe even a cutout of your graduation photo.  Custom Yard signs are lightweight to ship and  you can order them in bulk for all of your students who made it!

Personalized Vinyl and Backdrop Banner Printing

With custom printed banners you can personalize your graduation vinyl banner with your school colors, a special photo or a heart-touching message like "Congrats grad! Graduation is not the end. It’s the beginning.” 

Custom backdrop banners are perfect for both indoor and outdoor uses. They are durable and lightweight which means they are easy to carry. At Axiom Print custom backdrop banners come with a 100% quality guarantee.  They are the perfect product to take photos in front of.  Backdrop banners come in two sizes, 8x8 or 8x10 but if you want a regular vinyl banner you are free to choose any size you want.  Backdrop banners can be hung on a wall, a fence or you can purchase a stand  where you can hang the banner from.  For all the local customers, Axiom Print also offers installation and delivery.   

Personalized vinyl banners normally include your school colors, mascot, a fun message and your favorite photo.  You have the choice to send us the design or we can design the banner for you.  Backdrop banners are great for  outdoor events as well as for indoor events.  

Printed Graduation Invitation Cards

Choose from various paper stock options and styles of  invitation cards to send to your guests.  Personalized Announcement cards can include your photo, the school you graduated from, and other unique information that you want to share with family and friends.  Nothing says special than a  personalized Graduation Announcement Card.  Choose from our premium card stock options, creative graphic work or simply upload  your own design.  We will make sure to send you proofs prior to printing to make sure that you are satisfied with the final look of your party invitation cards.

Graduation Wall Art

Use  our easy to use online tool to upload a special photo from your graduation day and turn that into a creative art piece to decorate your space.  Axiom Print offers Framed Canvas Prints with different frame color options to match your photo.  If you want to  be creative with your wall art, you can also print canvas wall collage to show more of your favorite moments.  You can choose between black, white or pecan full-colored board-backed frames.  

Before you celebrate your big day, make sure you have prepared everything to make it as unique and unforgettable as possible.  Axiom Print ensures that your preferences are met with creative design and superior quality printing. We work with tight deadlines and are always happy to ensure stress-free printing for everyone.

Congratulations Grad! You have done the hard work and now you can sit back and let Axiom Print celebrate your achievement with personalized banners, yard signs, wall art and announcement cards. 

We offer perfect book binding services

Product Feature

Apr 15, 2022

Features and Advantages of Different Types of Book Binding

Books are a treasure. Who says don't judge a book by its cover? It’s a well known fact that when you pick up a book, before looking into the content, you first judge the book by its cover, and look images. Besides the inner plot, the value of the book somehow depends on its material quality and cover design as well. To print a quality book or catalog, one should consider quality binding as an integral essential process of book making. 

Book binding, or in other words book bindery, existed since the early times of print media. Book binding is the process of assembling and fixing printed pages within a cover. In general the book cover is thicker than the pages inside, to provide endurance and durability to the final ready version of the book. The quality of the book binding will determine its shelf life. Not only binding is considered for books, but also for medical catalogs, thesis papers, manuals, travel guides, magazines and journals, law books, directories and of course paperback books (fiction, textbooks, cookbooks, etc.).

Book or catalog binding are an essential in printing:

  • Holds the pages intact
  • Better shelf life
  • Cost effective
  • Provides a professional look

If you are in the decision-making process of choosing which book binding option is perfect for your print product, Axiom Print has highlighted the most common and popular types based on our printing experience. Read more to find out the best binding choice for your print.

  1. Perfect Binding

Perfect binding catalogs or books are a popular binding method due to its affordability and high quality. The pages are glued to a cardstock cover using a strong, thermal adhesive, which creates the squared-off spine you often notice.  Perfect bound catalogs are great for any page count over 44 pages. This method of binding will create a polished and professional look.  If you plan to print a magazine or book ranging from 44 to 500 pages, perfect binding can be an ideal option for your product. It is widely used for publications such as manuals, catalogs or soft-cover books of several hundred pages. 

  1. Saddle Stitch Catalog Binding

A saddle stitch booklet or catalog is made up of two-sided printed papers collated in a specific order, folded in half and then stapled through the fold. The bookbinding is typically done with two wire staples that pass through the folded crease from the outside. A saddle stitch catalog will lay flat and stay open as you scan and flip through the pages. 

Axiom Print recommends saddle stitching catalogs under 44 pages. Saddle stitch catalogs are typically meant for products with page ranges from 8-44.  Anything over 44 pages we encourage to upgrade to a perfect bind option.   Saddle stitching is typically used for informative or sales catalogs, meeting addendums, project portfolios and even as product catalogs that can go in the mail.

  1. Spiral Binding

Spiral binding or coil binding is a very popular choice for large books that are oversized or contain thick cardstock pages, or laminated pages. The coil is inserted and twisted along the booklet’s spine through small holes in the sheets and cover page. Spiral binding a booklet is flexible for reading because you can turn the pages 360 degrees. It perfectly lets you lie completely flat on a desk or table. The biggest advantage of spiral binding is that you can manually add to or remove pages without reprinting the full book.  

If you have content that requires indexing, tabs or page dividers, we strongly recommend spiral binding because you can flip the page and leave it in that position without a bookmark. Recommended number of pages for a spiral binding is 24 pages.

  1. Wire-O Binding

Wire-O binding, also called Twin Loop or Wire Binding, is a type of coil binding. The wire is inserted and twisted along the booklet’s spine through small holes in the sheets and cover page. Instead of using plastic, your spiral binding uses metal. The coil finishings are hidden inside the back cover, appearing in a clean and spotless finished look. Wire-O binding is also quite durable, making it a perfect choice for any product printing.

Axiom Print will print and help you choose the perfect binding options for your material.  If you need to get started with some quality prints, we are always there to help your company stand out and engage prospective customers. Our team of qualified specialists will help you decide which binding services are best for your print products.  With these different types of binding available at Axiom Print, your material will be durable and the pages intact. 

We ensure that your preferences are met with innovative design and superior quality printing. We offer an affordable and easy way to create all of the above mentioned materials. 

Trust the job to professionals of Axiom Print.

Cutout Decals for Marisabel Bazan

Product Feature

Mar 29, 2022

How to make sure your next event goes off without a hitch

When was the last time you attended a tremendous event? While you paused for a moment to think over this question, let us remind you how important event-attendance appears to be. Nowadays, events come in all spheres, types and sizes, from gathering around the breakfast table to international high-level conferences. All of us have taken part in dozens of conferences and meetings, but definitely there are special ones that we can never forget and about which we share in our social media platforms, tell our friends and impatiently look forward to attending the next one. The big secret of successful events and conferences lies within the wonderful part of proper planning.

Yes, event planning can be depressful.  But a deficiently organized event can bring about more troubles to your business reputation or company than planning no event at all. Event planning plays a crucial role in organizing successful and reputable events. In its turn, event planning requires so many aspects, from the very first idea brainstorming step to its initial conception, maintaining a timetable and guest list.

Within this huge process of  event planning there is one essential aspect which should never be overlooked. Event marketing is the most important tool which is used by all professional event planners. A wide range of event organizers always face this issue. It's not an easy job to choose the right platforms and materials to advertise your event and make them memorable. 

And meanwhile, we have consulted with industry professionals and outlined what printed essentials you should include in your event planning must-do-checklist to create an authentic connection between your brand and attendees, and make them fully enjoy their visit.

PVC, which is also known as polyvinyl chloride, can be printed to fit anywhere, any size, thickness, and design. First and foremost, each event planner should take into consideration the comfort of the event attendees. For your visitors not to bother your staff members by asking where they can find restrooms or other spot directions, PVC boards can be printed in a way to be installed in different corners of your event venue, showing the directories, booth numbers and directions. PVC signs may be branded according to your graphics, logo and brand colors. In this way they will totally suit the overall theme of your event. Axiom Print offers high-standard PVC boards that are meant for both indoor and outdoor applications. The material is made of lightweight and foamed Polyvinyl Chloride which is water and corrosion resistant.

 Backdrop banners are a great marketing tool that will help your events to stand out from the competitors. You have probably noticed these banners at many occasions, such as weddings, media events, red carpet award ceremonies, interviews, dance productions, graduation ceremonies and other social events. Custom backdrop banner printing is an investment which every company owner should be willing to make as it pays back and is highly rewarding in many ways. Most commonly, companies who attend your event order their own banners, but also they can pay a certain participation fee to include their logo or brand in all your welcoming banners. People are accustomed to taking selfies everywhere, and this is another nice opportunity to take pictures at different spots of the event, especially in front of big sized banners. With Axiom Print you will definitely get durable and lightweight backdrop banners. Our custom backdrop banners come with a 100% quality guarantee and with travel cases:) 

Not a secret, that good visuals, in a positive way, influence our energy and mood. You probably wonder what decals are? These are customizable graphics printed on a thin plastic adhesive film, most commonly PVC vinyl. Due to this durable material decals are really versatile and easy to install as they can be attached to so many different surfaces. These decals are easily attachable and removable on general signage. Color decals, in general, are one of the most affordable and effective ways to advertise and promote your brand or business suring events. Your branded colorful decals will always stand out regardless of the place they are installed and will surely catch the attention of your potential visitors. 

Now that you know what are the key factors that make events remarkably successful you have probably decided what steps you prioritize for your next event planning. Now you need to get started with some quality prints. Axiom Print is always there to help your company stand out and engage prospective customers. We ensure that your preferences are met with creative design and superior quality printing. We offer an affordable and easy way to create all of the above mentioned materials. Trust the job to professionals of Axiom Print.

body care products labeling and packaging

Product Feature

Mar 22, 2022

Printed Materials Checklist to Stay Bold in Today’s Beauty/Skin Care Products Industry

Since the times of early Renaissance harmony, smoother makeup, enough proportions, and everyday cleansing routines were considered essential aspects of universal beauty. Although nowadays’ standards and perceptions about beauty and care have been hugely transformed, people still are in search of the secret recipe of real beauty. That’s where the invention of cosmetic substances have appeared to be assisting tools for cleansing, improving the look of human face, skin, hair, nails and so on.

The beauty industry and care cosmetics' market is always changing through time. You never know when that special thing you've been looking for ages will hit the market. Today's market includes all types of cosmetics including skin care, haircare substances, toiletries and many more.


Gradually, there are more affordable makeup brands appearing in the market with an aim to allow makeup products to be more accessible to everyone. In various countries manufacturers change their product branding or marketing strategies to accelerate their sales and tap into growth. While the high quality and best ingredients ensure big return, one of the crucial parts of having big sales is the product packaging.  With well-designed product packaging you will be able to attract many customers and promote the best side of your brand.


Based on existing data and statistics we have highlighted the top necessary printed materials checklist for your beauty or skin care products packaging. This ultimate printing checklist will help you stay bold among other competitors, engage new loyal customers and of course, maximize your revenue:


Custom Printed Stickers and Labels

Stickers and labels are the first thing your customers will see. These labels should have high quality graphics and colors to strengthen their appeal and catch your clients’ attention. It is important to know that for beauty products you should consider printing primary and secondary stickers and labels. Primary stickers are sticked on the front part of the product, packaging boxes or packages, while secondary labels are sticked on the product back. These secondary labels often contain important product details and information. For the primary sticker make sure you include the logo, tagline and other specific information you want your customers to grab from the first sight.

No matter how beautiful your product sticker or label design is, it is crucial to include several essential notes concerning the ingredients of the product, health risks, specific instructions and of course your company’s contact details.


Custom Printed Business Cards

Custom printed business cards provide a special base for further connection between your brand and clients. Business cards are those printed go-to paper cards bearing information about your company, business or yourself. Generally, business cards include the logo, name of company or business affiliation and contact information such as street addresses, telephone and fax numbers, email and social media profile icons. 

Business card printing is another good chance to have a tangible reminder about your company details, in case they want to reach out to you.


Personalized Thank You Cards

Personalized thank you cards are among those versatile tools of effective marketing. Including thank you cards in your packaging may positively affect your branding and contribute to customer engagement. You may include features about your products and of course spread gratitude to your customers. Prefer thank you cards printing as an incredible personalized addition which will not leave anyone indifferent.


Candle Dust Cover Printing

Not a secret that candle making businesses are spreading so fast. We come up with different types of candles everywhere, from social media platforms to our grocery stores. If you want to stay bold among your competitors, consider also including this latest printing invention. Candle dust cover helps minimize dust sticking to the surface of the candles on display, what's more, it also provides additional space for including branding or safety instructions. You can use that extra area to add product information, your logo and contact information. These are the inseparable part of every fancy candle packaging. With quality printed dust covers your candle jars look fresh, protected and clean. 


Special Branded Packaging Boxes

And of course last, but not least custom product boxes. Custom boxes printing increases your brand recognition behind the product. Printing your logo on the boxes is a well-thought strategy to achieve your branding goals. If you plan to wow your customers and make them stay loyal to your brand, consider printing custom boxes with your brand features which can include your product and all the printed enhancements listed above.


 Now wondering where to start? We are here to help your business scale up and engage as many people as possible. Whether your product is in a bottle, jar, container, tin, or tube, we are ready to support you along the way of choosing the right packaging.  Axiom Print experts are proficient in identifying appropriate and perfect printing materials for all types of products from food items to skin care products. 


Before ordering printed materials for your product packaging Axiom Print gives that opportunity to place an order and have proof/generic samples ready for you to review the quality and design of the materials. If there is anything about the samples that you would like to change, we can make as many revisions as needed.

custom event tent printing

Product Feature

Mar 18, 2022

How To Make A Trade Show Booth Get Noticed

Organizing a successful event or trade show requires planning, organization and of course creativity. Trade shows, exhibitions, events and other similar theme-based gatherings provide a great way to get people together with common interests to achieve a specific goal. With well-organized trade shows, the participants expect to generate new leads, meet partners, enhance relationships with existing customers, build new connections, raise brand awareness, find new opportunities to enter the market and gain many more benefits that may only come up during successful events. 

Planning a trade show or general event commands a range of pivotal steps, which demand some preparations beforehand. The biggest challenge lies in incorporating all of the needed elements to organize a productive and successful event. From choosing the right place and date to competent marketing strategy, there are several important steps that get into successful trade show management.

Many companies join these trade shows because they know how valuable it is to have a presence in such places where 1000 to 10.000 foot traffic is guaranteed. This is a great chance to display your company, establish your brand and engage new leads. Setting up displays and banners at events and trade shows is one of the recommendable things that you can do for your company's success. Custom printed banners and displays help you settle your company’s presence in the market, engage new clients and partnerships. 

Choosing eye-catching, well-designed and high-quality display printing can greatly increase your booth's visibility. The signages and printed graphics of the venue should be wrapped up in your brand. In this way you will definitely get people’s attention and show attendees what your brand and company is all about. Here, we outline all the top printed displays that will help you to organize your trade show like an expert:

Custom Event Tent: also called Commercial event tents is a partially enclosed canopy structure that displays your company’s name, logo, and branding in 360 degree view. Event tents are best used for outdoor events, exhibition halls, conventions, ceremonies, festivals, craft shows and various fairs to draw attention to your business. This type of event tents are durable, practical, provide shelter and Axiom Print also  include a travel case for easy set up.

Custom Teardrop Flag: these large flags, designed in the form of a teardrop, can have any design printed on them with the help of a dye sublimation process. Fixed to aluminum and fiberglass flagpoles, teardrop flags can be placed in the ground or positioned on a flag stand. Due to the flagpole being bendable, the teardrop flag is resistant against winds. Perfect for being installed on storefronts or in front of any other business, they will immediately catch the attention of pedestrians thanks to the vibrant coloring, the unique design and the overall attractive looks.

Stretch Table Throw: The stretch fabric table cover is adapted in the form of a frame of the table. The tightness of the throw is achieved with the support of backed pockets at the down side of each table leg. The uniqueness of this stretch table throw printing lies within the fact that it gives a fancy appearance to any type of table. No matter if you are an event exhibitor or brand manager you can make the exhibition table display stand out from the rest at any gatherings with these special branded stretch table covers. Go for a stretch table cover as an effective marketing tool which will enhance your further brand promotions. 

Custom Feather Flag: these unique feather flags are designed in the shape of feathers and are great for promoting your brand, new products and special offers at different events or exhibitions. Make sure that feather flags are hard to miss and easy to carry and install. Feather flags are also very suitable for swimming pools, restaurants, bars, real estate and so much more, to inform us that the place is open or share important promotional information. These feather flags by Axiom Print can stand on sunny days, strokes, high winds, heavy snow, or rain. We make them so durable to withstand strong winds and storms.

Curve Velcro Fabric Pop Up Display: And yes, this pop-up Velcro fabric graphic display stand is the new word in the sphere of banner printing. These types of banners are ideal for all your outdoor business and exhibition display needs. Curve Velcro Fabric Pop Up Display is durable and is made of premium grade high-quality tension fabric which makes the installation process easy and fast. 

As you may see, these custom displays ensure so many advantages of trade show exhibits, which makes us sure that taking part in trade shows and different exhibitions is worth thousands of investments. Choose at least two options from above-mentioned items for your trade show display, print them with your logos and branded colors and you will definitely increase brand recall in the audience.

After all this you would like to work with Axiom Print, a leading company in the LA county, that supported hundreds of companies to shine bright with pop up trade show displays and other customized graphics at many trade shows and events.

The Owner of The Urban and Mystic LA based Gifting Shop


Mar 10, 2022

Empowering Women in Business

As we celebrate the most springie Women’s Day and encourage women power and achievements, let's take a glance at the past, present, and future of women in business. When saying women in business we mean the participation of women in leadership roles in commerce and other related spheres. For ages women were traditionally kept out of leadership roles within business and entrepreneurship. Nowadays, women take more corporate leadership, senior-management and entrepreneurship roles than ever before. The last few decades have shown many positive changes in terms of opportunities for women in the world of business. 

The tendency for women’s involvement in the business world is growing. It is engaged by women who are determined about getting into the big business game, searching for better private career paths, and sculpting a more entrepreneurial nature for themselves. 

While many debate that it is a very controversial question, corporate business owners insist that those women who take leadership roles, build stronger relationships with other organizations, partners, and shareholders at large. And who will not agree that this kind of healthy relationship may support any company to grow as every business requires other partners to succeed. Women are those anchors that reduce various conflicts that can pull organization's operations backward. As such, let’s consider the diversity issue. Research shows that diversity in the workplace, such as age diversity, gender and racial diversity, leads to an increase in creativity and innovation. It works quite well when it comes to idea generation. In this way many companies benefit from multiple perspectives. Traits for better leadership like confidence and trust are not the sole characteristics of men. Traits like kindness and empathy are not only existing in women. All of these play a pivotal role in the effective running of a business, and this leads us to stop spreading stereotypes and let all of those beautiful traits, no matter if they are shown by a person looking as male or female.

Women-owned businesses keep on remaining shining lights in the current market, and our beautiful customers are no exception. It is a big honor for Axiom Print to share some awesome statistics displaying that 37% of orders are by women-owned businesses. In the picture is Courtney Abbiati, the owner of “The Urban and The Mystic” LA based Gifting Shop. Through these long years we printed all the necessary printing essentials for different types of businesses. For those who were just launching their small business we provided only the best quality printed materials, such as custom banners and signs, which brought high ROI, custom printed labels mainly for candle-making business, or products such as food and beverages, cosmetics. We made thoughtfully-designed business cards reflecting the good nature of your role in those specific businesses. And your positive emotions when you see the final results of the orders highly motivates us to go forward and help other entrepreneurs scale up.

We have had a chance to talk to some of our successful female entrepreneur customers and business owners and asked them to share their best business advice for those women who are deciding whether to start a business or not. Here is what they said:

  • “Always remember that it takes time. Stay patient!”
  • “With the urgent need for change on all levels of our society including business, economic, politics, etc., now is the best time for you as women to influence and lead businesses”.
  • “Speak up, own your power!”
  • “Don't approach the marketplace as a woman in business but as a businessperson”.
  • “Be a good mentor for your employees.”

New small business ideas pop up every day across the world. The innumerable options can be confusing and deciding which business idea you find most catchy or want to start for yourself can be tricky. Being a woman in business can be challenging, but you have the voice to speak out and build greatness for a long term. Women can, and should, have a large presence in the business world.

Women in Business


Mar 7, 2022

Happy International Women’s Day From Axiom Print

“Always be careful of what you hear about a woman. Rumors come from either a man who can’t have her or a woman who can’t compete with her”.


Springtime has arrived! The loveliest month of Spring celebrates the fantastic day dedicated to our most beautiful and  precious creatures on earth. While any other nice day makes for a great opportunity to celebrate the wonderful women in your life, International Women’s Day gives you one more chance to do exactly that.

Celebrated annually on March 8th, International Women's Day is one of the most crucial days of the year to celebrate women's achievements and raise awareness about women's equality in all spheres. International Women's Day is a global day marking the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women from all around the world. 

Just like any other heart-warming holiday, this super special day also has its historical roots. The story behind this celebration dates back to the 1900s when thousands of women were running in the streets of New York City in hopes for better working conditions, pay and voting rights. Since then the very first National Women’s Day was marked in 1909 and has spread to a number of different countries around the world, ultimately leading to the International Women's Day that we have today.

Fortunately, there are millions of ways to celebrate and get involved on this very important day! In different countries the International Women’s Day is celebrated differently. In almost all countries, this day is treated as a chance to praise and honor women, whereas this admiration is sometimes reserved for women who fit within a narrow and traditional feminine perfectionist. Surprisingly enough, there are still countries, where International Women’s Day is the ideal time for activism and protest. As such, in Italy this day is celebrated by giving mimosa blossoms to girls and women, a beautiful tradition which originated in Rome after World War II. And in China men focus on women’s beauty, thanking them for their generous contribution to their families, society and country. Much like China and Italy, Argentina celebrates women's day by giving and receiving flowers and gifts to women. Along with this festive mood, women of Argentina march for protests for gender equality to end femicide and reproductive rights.

While flowers are never the wrong choice, consider mixing it up with one of custom printed gifts by Axiom Print. The uniqueness of each woman in your life may be marked with personalized gifts for your mom, grandmother, wife, best friends, sisters and any other women you love. For Which we offer wide selection of custom printed gifts, such as custom printed wine labels, bearing the words of love and appreciation, custom printed T-shirts with uniquely designed templates from our team of creative thinkers, photo calendars holding your most precious memories together, acrylic wall art to turn her beloved house corner into a more joyful place, or convert your heart-warming photos into uniquely personalized puzzles.

Every life begins with a woman. Right from the start, you have been the real queen. Dear Women, your generosity and strength have taken you a long way, you deserve every great thing coming your way. Have a great Women’s Day!

Happy Women’s Day!