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    Custom Event Tents for Indoor and Outdoor Events

    Custom event tent or Commercial event tents is a partially enclosed canopy structure that displays your company’s name, logo, and branding in 360 degree view. Event tents are best used for outdoor events, exhibition halls, conventions, ceremonies, festivals, craft shows and various fairs to draw attention to your business. These well-designed outdoor and indoor event tents are durable, practical, provide shelter and include a travel case for easy set up.  

    Whether you need a pop-up tent for a small event, festival, or an expo you can trust Axiom Print to deliver the highest quality, and the quickest turnaround. suggest a versatile and practical addition to your venue at any upcoming event. Custom event tents perfectly go well with other branded outdoor marketing products, such as Stands and Displays or Banners and Stands

    Characteristics of the Axiom Print Pop-Up Event Tent


    We offer Customized event tents to boost your brand awareness. Our event tents come in different styles printed in full digital color for a bold, and dramatic look. You can customize any side of the canopy. You may have one common design or four different designs on the canopy. Feel free to choose a simple tent or add half wall banners and/or a backdrop banner to enhance your branding.        


    Our 10 foot Pop-Up Event Tents are printed and sewn Weather Resistant Tent Polyester. The stands are heavy duty hex shape 40mm. Aluminum hardware which gives strength for outdoor installations. Telescopic legs offer flexibility in height and the interior lattice expands the tent interior with a simple crank of a handle. Each foot includes a plate ready to be staked to the ground. The super smooth fabric is scratch and tear-resistant. To save you money and a trip to the store we include ropes, stakes and a standard carrying bag with the hardware.

    Enhancement Walls

    Want to add more to your tent? We offer walls to give you privacy in your tent and more visual representation. Additional features include two half walls that can be printed in full color on both sides or one side. Have more to say? Add a backdrop banner to your tent with a message to your potential customers. All the banners are easily attached to the custom event tent with velcro.


    6oz. Tent Fabric (600x600 denier)

    Size and Weight

    Assembled Shortest- 120’’w x 120’’d x 124.5’h

    Assembled Tallest-120’’w x 120’’d x 137”h

    Weight - 43lbs | Hardware + 8lbs | Canopy Graphic = 51lbs | Full Package


    Carrying Bag w/Wheels