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Get Personalized Wine Labels Printing by AxiomPrint

Whether you're a winemaker looking to brand your product or someone celebrating a special occasion, our Wine Labels are the perfect choice. Choose from a variety of designs and styles to suit your taste, and add a personalized touch with your own text and images. These labels are easy to apply, transforming any bottle into a unique and memorable gift or keepsake. 

Wine labels can provide essential information about the wine, including the type, vintage, region, alcohol content, and sometimes serving recommendations.  They can convey the wine's story, quality, and overall image. Perfect for weddings, anniversaries, or simply adding a special touch to your wine collection, our Wine Labels will add sophistication and individuality.

Characteristics of Wine Labels Printing


AxiomPrint offers an array of customization options for wine labels printing. With our easy-to-choose options you can create personalized wine labels that reflect your personalized designs, pictures or messages in the best way. In our customer-friendly online ordering system, you may choose the sizes, material and the quantity that meets your needs. Be assured that all of your special requirements are covered. We are very flexible and open to all special requests.


Wine labels come in two different materials:

  • 70# Uncoated Label

No glossy finish

Can be written on with a pen or marker

Ideal for indoor use

Good for temporary applications

  • 70# Gloss Label

Glossy finish

Vivid colors and sharp details

Ideal for indoor use

Good for short-term applications


Based on your needs and preferences wine labels may be sized into following sizes:

  • 5.5'' x 8.5''
  • 3'' x 4''
  • 4'' x 6''
  • 5'' x 5''


Q: What information is typically found on a wine label?

A: A standard wine label includes the winery's name, wine type, vintage year, region or appellation, alcohol by volume (ABV), and volume (e.g., 750 ml). Some labels may also feature tasting notes, food pairings, and additional branding elements.

Q: Can I customize wine labels for a special occasion or event?

A: Absolutely. Wine labels can be personalized to commemorate weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and other special events. You can add custom text, images, and designs to create a unique label for your occasion.

Q: Can I remove wine labels from bottles for collecting or crafting purposes?

A: While it's possible to remove wine labels from bottles, the process can be tricky. Many collectors and craft enthusiasts use soaking techniques to loosen the label's adhesive, making it easier to peel off without damaging the label.

Q: Can wine labels be used for wine-related gifts and events?

A: Yes, wine labels are a popular choice for adding a personal touch to wine-related gifts and events. They are frequently used for wedding favors, corporate gifts, and promotional items, making them a versatile and elegant choice for various occasions.

Q: What if I don’t have design options, do you provide design services?

A: We have a design service. Our team of creative designers have years of experience and are happy to help you perfect your preferred design. Before printing, we share with you the initial design of what it looks like and make changes if needed.

Q: Can I order wine labels in large quantities?

A: Yes, AxiomPrint offers bulk order options for wine labels.

Q: Is there a minimum order quantity?

A: No, there’s no minimum order quantity for wine labels.

Q: What is the turnaround time?

A: Our regular turnaround time is 1 business day for wine labels printing. But for last minute events we may be able to work with your tight deadline, next day or same day turnaround.

Q: How much does delivery and shipping cost?

A: Click on the “Shipping Estimate” button, which is right under the “Continue” button. Enter your zip code and it will automatically calculate the price.

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