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    Let Your Parties Shine With Custom Club Flyer Printing by AxiomPrint

    Let your events sparkle with custom printed club flyers that drive excitement, attendance, and an unforgettable club experience.

    A club flyer, often simply referred to as a "flyer," is a promotional printed material to advertise events, parties, performances, or other happenings at nightclubs, bars, music venues, and entertainment establishments. Club flyers are designed to capture attention, convey essential event details, and generate excitement among the target audience. Whether it's a grand opening, a themed night, or a regular weekend bash, our Club Flyers are adaptable to all types of events, allowing you to consistently promote your offerings.

    Club flyer printing is an effective tool to engage the community and create anticipation for upcoming entertainment experiences. The club's logo, branding colors, and any other relevant branding elements help create a nice look and ensure that the flyer is recognizable. You may also include contact details, such as a phone number, website, and social media handles, so interested clients can find more information or make reservations.

    Characteristics of Custom Club Flyer Printing


    AxiomPrint offers an array of customization options for club flyer printing. With our easy-to-choose options you can create personalized club flyers that reflect the message of your brand in the best way. In our customer-friendly online ordering system, you may choose the paper type, sizes, print sides, finishing, foiling and the quantity that meets your needs. Be assured that all of your special requirements are covered. We are very flexible and open to all special requests.

    Paper Material 

    We offer four types of paper for club flyer printing:

    • 14PT Coated Front, Uncoated Back or Coated 2 Sides

    extra thick paper with smooth surface

    tough enough to withstand printing on both sides

    writable surface

    may enhance with soft touch lamination for a premium finish

    • 16PT Coated 2 Sides

    added weight makes it extra durable

    both sides are coated

    exude a sense of luxury and quality

    is thicker than 14PT Cover cardstock

    may enhance with soft touch lamination for a premium finish

    • 100# Uncoated Cover

    classic look and smooth finish

    has a natural and elegant finish

    standard thickness of business cards

    perfectly writeable


    Finishing refers to the final treatment applied to the flyers after printing to enhance their durability, appearance, and functionality. Based on your preferences common finishing options for custom club flyers boxes  printing include:

    • Glossy, 2 Sides
    • UV High-Gloss, 2 Sides
    • Dull Matte, 2 Sides
    • Matte Lamination, 2 Sides
    • Soft Touch Lamination, 2 Sides
    • Gloss Lamination, 2 Sides


    Based on your preferences, a custom club flyer is available with or without foiling and raised spot UV options. Foiling and raised spot UV leave a space for you to emphasize the uniqueness of your business or brand and convey luxurious and rich shine on the name or logo of the company. To start your glossy journey look through what foiling we offer:

    • Foil Stamp on Front
    • Foil Stamp on Back
    • Foil Stamp on 2 Sides

    And for raised spot UV we have three options: 

    • Front Only, 30 Micron
    • Back Only, 30 Micron
    • Both Sides, 30 Micron