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    Light Up Your Advertisement with High-quality Backlit Vinyl Banner Printing by AxiomPrint

    Backlit Vinyl Posters or Backlit Banners are installed in the advertising light boxes and feature a translucent versatile vinyl which makes the graphics in the poster ‘illuminated’. The material allows light to pass through from the backside of the poster lighting it up bright and vibrant display colors. Backlit banner is ideal for both indoor and outdoor advertising light box showcases.

    Backlit poster printing offers a unique solution for your advertisements: to light up your advertising sign and grab the attention of everyone around. Because backlit banners are very impressive and they ensure easy readability and affordability, they have become quite popular inside malls and multi-story buildings for showing directories. Backlit posters are ideal for raising brand awareness, promoting products and events. Share your brand message even in the dark with eye-catching backlit vinyl banners.

    Characteristics of Backlit Vinyl Banner Printing


    Axiom Print offers an array of customization options to get your required backlit poster printing. We offer  fully customizable and quality printing for backlit posters to fit the exact requirements of your business. You can easily customize sizes and printing options, with this allowing you to add your unique graphics. Our online ordering system opens up blank forms for you to leave your designs and special requests/notes for us to review. Since we talk about digital textile printing, we also offer Double Pass Print and Single Pass Print. The differences between these two is the speed of printing and diverse printing techniques. 


    Axiom Print offers high-quality and sturdy backlit vinyl banner printing. When printed on backlit vinyl, make sure that you will get outstanding image quality. We ensure extra durable backlit posters, which are waterproof, resistant to temperature and UV rays, any weather conditions, scratches and fingerprints. And if cleaned carefully, they can serve for several years.


    For an appropriate installation we offer adding hemming on the top and bottom of the poster, and in that case you can also insert banner rods through poles and hang them wherever you want. Your printing price can also include banner grommets: metal rings inserted into holes through the vinyl material. You can add no grommets, four corner grommets or custom grommets, based on your request. 


    15oz PVC Backlit Banner is the main smooth and durable material we use for backlit banner printing. The translucent material allows light to make the design come to life when lit. Our backlit banner material features excellent sharpness and clarity.


    Axiom Print does all kinds of sizes! With the ‘Size’ option simply choose which size is suitable for your display. Can’t find the needed size, feel free to click ‘custom size’ button and type required width and height of your backlit poster.