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    Order Durable Tension  Fabric Backdrop Printing at Axiom Print

    Searching for best options to make an impact at your next trade show, event or  exhibition? Then consider these high quality tension fabric backdrops. This practical tension fabric display features stretchable material which expands to fit over a table, framework or other aluminum frame, depending on the type, so the installation process is effortless. 

    At Axiom Print the stretch polyester fabric is printed in full digital color and converted into a pillowcase shape which drops over the tube-frame and displays your design on a seamless graphic. The modern-looking tension fabric backdrops will create an exceptional theme and professional look of your exhibit booth. This will certainly pull in the event attendants. 

    The Characteristics of Tension Fabric Backdrop Printing


    We suggest a versatile and practical addition to your venue at any upcoming event, exhibition and trade show. We offer customized tension fabric backdrops to boost your brand awareness.  Our tension fabric backdrops come in different sizes, printed in full digital color for a bold, and outstanding look. You can customize any side of the fabric.  You may have one common design or two different designs on each side. 


    Durability is the main reason why tension fabric backdrops are installed in many different settings. Our tension fabric backdrops are printed and sewn with weather and tear resistant polyester.  For the frame, the tube stands are partially heavy aluminum hardware which gives strength for outdoor installations as well. Our tension fabric displays can be used over and over again, for long periods of time which certainly justify your investment and time.


    High quality tensioned fabric with fully customizable graphics and optional durable framework.


    • 8' x 8'
    • 10' x 8'
    • 20' x 8'


    Our tension fabric backdrop is easy to set up and breaks down into a small carry case. You can purchase an optional transportation case for storage or for carrying:

    • Soft Canvas Bag
    • Hard Case (No Podium Print)
    • Hard Case w/ Podium Print