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    Get Creative with Round Business Cards Printing by AxiomPrint

    Round business cards are stylish alternatives to traditional rectangular business cards. They feature a circular shape, which sets them apart from the standard designs and adds a unique visual appeal. 

    The distinctive shape immediately catches the eye, making your card memorable and providing a refreshing departure from the conventional format. Despite their non-traditional shape, round business cards can be customized with various designs, colors, and finishes to perfectly represent your brand's identity. Typically designed to fit comfortably in pockets, wallets, and standard cardholders, they are just as portable and practical as rectangular cards. The unique shape makes them more memorable and likely to be kept and shared, enhancing your brand’s visibility and recall. 

    Ideal for creative professionals, boutique businesses, and special events, circle business cards offer an innovative design that conveys creativity and modernity.

    Characteristics of Round Business Card Printing


    Plain information or contacts alone aren't enough to boost your network or create new collaboration opportunities. Round business cards offer a distinctive and memorable way to promote your brand. AxiomPrint provides an easy-to-use system for creating fully customizable round business cards. Our skilled designers ensure your cards look professional! You may choose the sizes, paper types, finishes, print sides, and quantities that suit your needs. You can trust that all your specific requirements will be met, and we are always open to accommodating special requests.


    AxiomPrint offers quality cardstock options for circle business cards printing. 

    • 14PT Cover, Coated 2 Sides

    extra thick paper 

    tough enough to withstand printing on both sides

    may enhance with sating or soft touch lamination for a premium finish

    • 16PT Cover, Coated 2 Sides

    added weight makes it extra durable; 

    is thicker than 14PT Cover cardstock; 

    may enhance with sating or soft touch lamination for a premium finish

    • 28PT Coated (2 Layer)

    high-end quality

    premium thickness 

    provides a delicate feel when in hand

    tough enough to withstand printing on both sides

    not bendable 

    • 130# Uncoated Cover

    relatively thick and sturdy

    ideal for printing high-quality graphics and text

    is durable and long-lasting

    has excellent absorbency

    • 100# Classic Crest (Solar White)

    smooth surface

    bright pure white and lightweight

    excellent for writing

    • 100# Classic Crest (Natural White)

    eggshell color finish

    premium cover for writing

    lightweight and smooth

    • 100# Classic Crest Linen (Solar White)

    bright pure white and lightweight

    has a subtle embossed, crosshatch-textured finish

    woven-like textured effect

    • 100# Classic Crest Linen (Natural White)

    eggshell color finish

    has a subtle embossed, crosshatch-textured finish

    woven-like textured effect


    The following sizes are available for round business cards printing:

    • 2'' x 2'' 
    • 3'' x 3'' 
    • your preferred custom size

    Foiling and Raised Spot UV

    To elevate your round business cards, we offer several foiling options. Choose from Foil Stamp on the front, back, or both sides for an elegant and tactile finish. Our range of foil choices ensures that your foil business cards reflect your unique style and make a powerful statement with every exchange.

    And for certain materials we also offer raised spot UV: Raised Spot UV (30 Micron) on the front or back sides. Both options enhance the visual impact of the circle business cards by emphasizing specific areas. This raised spot UV can be used to highlight logos, text, images, or other design elements, and can create a contrast between the glossy finish of the raised areas and the matte finish of the remaining surface.


    Finishing refers to the final treatment applied to business cards after printing to enhance their durability, appearance, and functionality. Based on your preferences common finishing options for round business cards printing include:

    • Glossy, 2 sides
    • UV High Gloss, 2 sides
    • Matte Lamination, 2 sides
    • Soft Touch Lamination, 2 sides