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Order Rich-looking Raised Foil Business Cards

Every true professional or business enthusiast knows the hidden potential of luxurious looking raised foil business cards. If you are eager to make a strong impression on your customers, colleagues, business associates or partners, then our stunning raised foil business cards are that perfect attribute your partners will never toss aside, but will keep an eye on. 

Business cards are printed paper cards bearing information about a company, business or an individual. Generally the card includes the logo, name of company or business affiliation and contact information such as street addresses, telephone and fax numbers, e-mail and social media profile addresses and website. With raised foiling it is possible to make your business cards look richer and give that suede feel of the foundation.

Raised foil business cards leave a space for you to emphasize the uniqueness of your business or brand and convey luxurious and rich shine on the name or logo of the company.

When it comes to making an elegant impression and sophisticated look, expressing extra professionalism and creating bases for further corporations, true professionals exchange their business cards which guarantee the start of meaningful connection and chances for collaboration. Now, make sure with raised foil business cards you provide that special tactile experience your clients would definitely enjoy holding in their hands. 

Basic Uses and Advantages of Raised Foil Business Cards

  • Raised foil printing enhances the gloss of the business cards: Business cards that do not have any specific or individual features have a less chance of being kept or remembered than those that have unique design and foiling, which certainly grabs attention. Whether you want your customers or business partners to keep the cards in the pocket, you should wow them with raised foil business cards. Special events, trade shows and meetings are all luxurious and prime locations for handing out your raised foil business cards.
  • Your business card is the reflection of your business: What you invest in your business matters the most. Keeping this in your mind, ponder over the mission and vision of your business and you'll find what to highlight and where to add foiling on the card. This will definitely help you target people or allure them to reach out to you later. There are no exact tips here, because it depends on what you want your business to say or convey. With raised foil business cards, it is possible to put words and special designs together to build a vision. The moment you clearly picture your target audience in your mind, make sure you can tailor your business card to attract them and make them act.

Best Materials for Raised Foil Business Cards

Are you ready to order some perfect-designed raised foil business cards that will certainly gain you more clients and partners? Then check out what we offer and pick the best business cards for you and for your business.

Axiom Print ensures that your preferences are met with superior quality printing. We are always there to help your company stand out and engage prospective customers.

Here, for business card printing we offer thicker and more durable types of paper. These are 14PT Cover, Gloss 2 Sides; 16PT Cover, Gloss 2 Sides and 28PT Cover, Duplex 2 Layer

Taking into consideration your needs and preferences, the sizes of your raised foil business cards are available at these measures: 3.5" x 2" (Horizontal); 2" x 3.5" (Vertical); 2" x 2" (Square) and even 3.35" x 2.16" (European). The last one is a very popular size and is commonly used in Europe, it is somehow larger than our standard sizes of business cards. 

Choosing the right finishing is crucial! For raised foil business cards printing we offer two types of finishing: Soft Touch Lamination on both sides, which gives such a velvet feel when you wander your fingers on it and Satin Matte Lamination, again on both sides, which gives a more classy look.

The printing of raised foil business cards may be one-sided or two-sided.

As we have already mentioned Raised Foil Printing is applied when you want to partially raise specific graphic or text elements on your design. And so, Axiom Print experts offer Raised Foil Option either on one side or two sides. If you click on that, another option will appear offering Front Foil Colour and Back Foil Colour. And here the glossy journey begins! We provide a number of popular foiling colours Gold, Foil (Shiny), Gold Foil (Matte), Silver Foil (Shiny), Silver Foil (Matte), Cooper Foil (Shiny), Rose Gold Foil (Shiny), and Holographic Foil. But wait, that’s not all! You are free to choose the Custom option and type your preferred colour, that we don’t have in our list.

And the last important step is to choose the right corners of your business cards: Square; 1/8" Round, 4 Corners; 1/4" Round, 4 Corners; 1/8" Round, 2 Corners or 1/4" Round, 2 Corners.

Building a business reputation is hard work, but Axiom Print is ready to go the extra mile and help your brand stand steady in this fast changing business world.

Our experts will provide the printing of Raised Foil Business Cards within 3 business days. But thanks to our printing gurus, high-speed machines and brand new facilities, we offer rush printing, and even same-day printing services. We can fulfill the order with next day or even same day turnaround.

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