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    Order Durable Plastic Business Card Printing with AxiomPrint

    The business world is always competing to stand out with its brand and presentation. Custom plastic business card is a great way to stand out from your competition because they are durable, unique, and long-lasting.   A plastic business card feels and looks like a credit card, but it is thinner and customizable. A 16pt paper card is always a great choice for a classical card but if you want to leave an impression it is best to go with something different.  Plastic business cards look luxurious which means people will hang on to them longer.

    Axiom Print offers sturdy, tear-resistant, and water-proof material for plastic business card printing to ensure the longevity of the card. Apart from being an informative card to track your company’s contacts and details, plastic business cards are printed for a variety of other purposes. They can be used as gift cards, VIP cards, loyalty cards, discount cards, membership cards, entry cards for clubs, events, resorts, and other promotional purposes.

    Characteristics of Plastic Business Card Printing


    Here you find easy-to-choose options to create your customizable plastic business cards. With our customer-friendly online ordering system, you may choose the size, material type, print sides, and quantity that meets your needs. The system opens up blank forms for you to leave your designs and special requests/notes for us to review. With all the customization options and unique design features, your business card will leave an impression.

    Plastic Material

    As shown above, 20PT plastic is the most recommended and firm material for plastic business card printing.   Axiom Print offers three 20PT plastic types for plastic business card printing that range from clear to opaque.

    20PT White Plastic

    sturdy opaque/not transparent plastic

    2-sided solid white material

    2-sided printing is applicable

    quite durable but slightly thicker than a credit card

    20PT Frosted Plastic

    sturdy opaque/not transparent plastic

    slightly cloudy finish

    only one-sided printing is applicable

    quite durable but slightly thicker than a credit card

    20PT Clear Plastic

    transparent/see-through material

    slightly shiny finish

    one-sided printing is applicable

    quite durable but slightly thicker than a credit card

    Sizes and Corners

    Plastic business cards come in two sizes:

    • 3.5" x 2" (Horizontal)
    • 2" x 3.5" (Vertical)

    All four corners are 1/8" rounded. Since plastic is thicker and stronger, rounded corners will protect the sharp edges from being worn out and it will protect from cuts or injuries. .