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Order Personalized Table Calendar Printing With Axiom Print

Table calendar or in other words desk calendar display dates and specific relevant event details. Most importantly desk calendars are used to plan upcoming events and keep a close watch on appointments. Standing desk calendar contains days of the week, months numbering, and public holidays so you do not miss important events. Moreover, personalized desk calendars also include favorite memories and special dates that are relevant to you.  

While today's newfangled gadgets and automatic watches include all the necessary date and time information that we need to check, the desk calendar still remains a relevant product due to its simplicity and that it is always in front of you and you can write over it.  Companies and businesses usually make table calendars and wall calendars branded with their logos, names and contact information specifically for promotional purposes. For which Axiom Print offers custom printed and branded desk calendars for business promotional purposes as well as personal favors.   

Generally, each page of the custom desk calendar includes a new picture or image, which may be designed according to that season. Since Christmas and New Year are almost here, Axiom Print designers offer a range of unique table calendar designs for the upcoming 2022 year featuring beautiful themes that will definitely make you more productive and will put you in a good mood!

The Main Uses and Benefits of Personalized Table Calendar Printing

  • Desk calendars increase brand awareness. Though there are hundreds of new ways to boost your brand awareness, there are certain traditional tools which guarantee huge visibility of your brand and table calendar printing is one of those tried-and-tested ways. Choosing a desk calendar to advertise certain products or services of your brand is the most working and practical way to market your business throughout a year. Think smart, consider each page of your table calendar as a space for one-month advertising. Include certain products or items on each page and be assured everyone will at least have a glance on it, if not get interested.
  • Desk Calendars are everywhere. A calendar is something that everyone needs to have. The most practical ones are those which are portable and can be a nice design addition to the interior. Without any doubts, desk calendars are chosen because of their flexibility to be placed everywhere. They are lightweight and handy. Custom desk calendars may be perfect gifts for your potential customers or business partners, which also doubles the visibility of your brand.
  • Printing a small desk calendar is cost-effective. Not only is the process of printing easy and cost-effective, but also it reduces the costs of your annual advertising and marketing budget. 

Best Durable Materials For Table Calendar Printing

Tracking and maintaining the appointments is not a challenging task anymore! The wonderful team of Axiom Print professionals ensure that with the best materials and design it is possible to simplify the process of planning, moreover to target potential customers and make them from now on be loyal to your brand.

Personalized desk calendar comes with Wire-O Bind on top. The calendars are available in 8'' x 5'' size and have 12 pages

Taking into consideration the recognized standards of table calendar printing, with the Paper option, you will see the main material for printing desk calendars. That is 100# Uncoated paper, which is thicker than other types of paper

By clicking the color option you will be surprised to see the range of beautiful themes to choose for your desk calendars printing. These are:

  • October Mist
  • Wild Flower
  • Hint of Violet
  • Fernwood Green
  • Pale Moon
  • Natural Linen

Moreover, if you have a preferred design in your mind, share with us and enjoy the final results. You can send us 1 Horizontal cover photo; 12 Portrait Photos and Title for cover page. Before ordering the desk calendars, make sure you choose the right quantity which can be sufficient to meet your daily demands and other designing usages. The professionals of Axiom Print feel a great degree of responsibility for your printed materials and they value your time! We will provide the designing and printing of Desk Calendars within 4 business days. But thanks to our printing gurus, high-speed machines and brand new facilities, we offer rush printing, and even same-day printing services. We can fulfill the order with next day or even same day turnaround.

Apart from our Personalized table calendar printing, feel free to explore what holiday essentials we offer for the most wonderful time of the year, magical Christmas: Holiday Greeting Cards, Christmas Gift Tags, Acrylic Wall Art, Holiday Window Cling, Place Cards and many more.

8 x 5
12 Pages
100# Uncoated Cover
Wire-O Bind
Production Turnaround
4 Business Days
2-3 Business Days
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