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    Enhance Your Product Packaging with Custom Packaging Insert Cards

    Enhance your product packaging with personalized insert cards for packaging from AxiomPrint. Our packaging insert cards are the perfect way to add a professional touch to your products and leave a lasting impression on your customers. Whether you're looking to include a thank you note, a promotional offer, or product instructions, our custom insert cards can be tailored to suit your needs.

    Packaging insert cards are small printed materials that are included inside product packaging. They serve various purposes such as providing additional information about the product, thanking the customer for their purchase, offering promotional discounts or deals on future purchases, or encouraging customers to leave reviews or follow the brand on social media. These cards are designed to enhance the overall unboxing experience and leave a positive impression on customers.

    Made from high-quality materials and printed with precision, these product insert cards are designed to complement your brand's aesthetics and elevate the unboxing experience for your customers. With a variety of customization options available, you can create insert cards that perfectly align with your brand identity.

    Characteristics of Packaging Insert Cards Printing


    AxiomPrint offers easy-to-choose options to create unique insert cards for packaging to yield only the best sides of your brand. Our team of talented professionals is ready to meet and exceed your expectations! And with our customer-friendly online ordering system, you may choose the sizes, paper types, finishing types and the quantity that meets your needs. Be assured that all of your special requirements are covered. We are open to all special requests, notes and customization requirements.


    AxiomPrint offers several cardstock options for packaging insert cards  that range from simple to sophisticated so you can have the feel and look you want:

    • 14PT Cover (Coated front, uncoated backside, or coated 2 Sides)

    extra thick paper with smooth surface

    tough enough to withstand printing on both sides

    may enhance with sating or soft touch lamination for a premium finish

    • 16PT Cover (Coated 2 Sides)

    added weight makes it extra durable; 

    is thicker than 14PT Cover cardstock; 

    may enhance with sating or soft touch lamination for a premium finish

    • 100# Gloss Cover

    thicker and more durable than 100# gloss text

    used for covers of brochures, booklets, and catalogs

    has a shiny and professional appearance

    • 100# Uncoated Cover

    has no glossy or shiny coating

    smooth, with a slightly rough feel

    best for projects that require a more natural, organic look and feel

    • 130# Brown Kraft Cover

    a heavy weight cardstock

    light brown color

    organic look and feel

    subtle flecks

    • 130# Epic Black Smooth Cover

    a heavy weight, smooth cardstock 

    has a matte finish and a deep black color that provides a sleek and sophisticated look

    • 130# Epic Black Linen Cover

    a heavy weight cardstock

    has a textured, linen-like finish

    deep black color

    linen texture can provide a more upscale and elegant feel 

    • 122# Plike Cover Black

    Premium quality material

    122-pound weight for durability and sturdiness

    Black color for a sleek and professional appearance

    Smooth Plike texture for a luxurious feel

    • 100# Classic Crest Smooth (Solar White)

    smooth surface

    bright pure white and lightweight

    excellent for writing

    • 100# Classic Crest Smooth (Natural White)

    eggshell color finish

    premium cover for writing

    lightweight and smooth


    Available sizes for product insert cards are following:

    • 3.5" x 2
    • 4" x 6"
    • 5" x 7"
    • 4.25" x 5.5"
    • 5.5" x 8.5"
    • 6" x 9"
    • 4.25" x 11"
    • 8.5" x 11"
    • your suggested custom size


    By applying a metallic or colored film onto specific areas of the insert card we can create a decorative and eye-catching effect. Foiling can be used to highlight important elements such as logos, product names, or special offers, and can be customized to match the brand's colors or style.  From the wide range of foiling options you can choose the one which best suits your product colors or simply tell us your custom option.