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    Custom Magnetic Business Card: An Ultimate Tool for Advertising your business

    Magnetic business cards are those innovative cards that not only deliver your contact information but also stick to fridges, filing cabinets, and other magnetic surfaces, ensuring your brand stays front and center. Magnetic business cards are unique and practical marketing tools that serve the dual purpose of delivering your contact information and adhering to magnetic surfaces. These cards are made with a flexible magnetic backing, allowing them to stick to various magnetic surfaces such as refrigerators, filing cabinets, and whiteboards.

    Magnetic cards are ideal for businesses looking to impress more while offering a functional tool that clients will keep within arm's reach. Like traditional business cards, magnetic business cards feature your name, title, company name, contact information, and branding elements. They are particularly useful for service-based businesses, restaurants, home services, and any industry where clients may need to keep your contact information close at hand.

    Magnetic business cards are an innovative and practical to keep your contact information in front of your clients and prospects. Unlike traditional paper cards that often get lost or discarded, magnetic business cards will literally stick around. They are a unique and loved marketing tool that ensures your brand remains visible for the client 365 days a year. Here are some compelling use cases and benefits of using magnetic business cards to advertise your business.

    Refrigerator Reminders

    Home Services: For businesses offering home services like plumbing, electrical work, or cleaning, a magnetic card on the fridge is a constant reminder of who to call when your services are needed.

    Professional and Health: Magetic business cards is very common for dentists, urgent care providers, generatl doctors. In professional field, many lawyers and accountants print magnetic business cards as free giveaways as well.

    Food Delivery and Restaurants: Place your magnetic business cards on customers' refrigerators or corporate lunch room to remind them of your delicious food.

    Real Estate Agents: It's one of the most popular marketing tools for many real estate agents. Business card magnets help agents to be a constat reminder for their great services for the homeowners.

    Office Convenience

    IT and Tech Support: Ensure your contact information is easily accessible by sticking your magnetic card on office equipment. This is particularly useful for IT and tech support services, where quick access to your contact details can be crucial.

    Suppliers and Vendors: If you supply products to businesses, magnetic business cards can be placed on filing cabinets or metal shelves, keeping your information handy for reorder times.

    Vehicles and Mobile Advertising

    Taxi and Ride-Sharing Services: Place magnetic business cards inside vehicles to provide passengers with your contact information for future rides.

    Mobile Repair Services: For businesses like mobile mechanics or tech repair services, having magnetic cards on the service van ensures clients remember you for future needs.

    Event Giveaways

    Trade Shows and Conferences: Magnetic business cards make excellent giveaways at events. They stand out from the usual paper cards and are more likely to be kept by attendees, providing a lasting impression of your brand.

    Promotional Campaigns: Include magnetic business cards in your promotional mailers. Recipients are more likely to keep them on their fridge or filing cabinet, increasing the visibility of your brand.

    Characteristics of Magnetic Business Card Printing


    Basic information alone won't maximize your networking potential or foster new collaboration prospects. That's why we provide a user-friendly platform for printing magnetic business cards that are designed to elevate your brand or business. Our team of professional designers ensures your cards not only look perfect but also stand out in memory. With our easy online ordering system, you may choose the sizes, corner forms and the quantity that meets your needs. Be assured that all of your special requirements will be covered. We are always open to special requests.


    17PT Indoor Magnet is the material we offer for magnetic business card printing. This thick and sturdy magnet ensures your business cards adhere securely to any magnetic surface, maintaining their integrity over time. 


    Magnetic business cards come in several sizes:

    • 3.5'' x 2'' (Horizontal)
    • 2'' x 3.5'' (Vertical)
    • 2'' x 2'' (Square)
    • 3.35'' x 2.16'' (European)
    • 3.5'' x 2'' (Oval)


    Rounding the corners of your business cards will be a nice way to make your cards look more elegant. The rounded corners will protect the edges from bending or being worn out. We have two corner rounding options for magnetic business cards:

    • 1/8" Round, 4 Corners
    • 1/4" Round, 4 Corners