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    Order Durable and High-quality Laminated Menu Printing at Axiom

    Axiom Print offers durable and high-quality laminated restaurant menu printing, perfect for all types of restaurants who prefer lasting menus for both in and out uses. Sauces and pouring drinks become less of a problem when you order laminated menus. If you want to wow your clients with functional and tough menus, laminated menus are the way to go.

    Laminated menus have a thin layer of plastic from both sides of the printed paper, that allows them to be easily cleaned or wiped. This thin plastic layer, known as lamination, is one of those finishing options that fully protects the ink on the paper by enfolding it entirely. 

    Characteristics of the Axiom Print Laminated Restaurant Menus


    Lamination doubles the thickness and durability of restaurant menus, which makes them tear-resistant and withstand multiple uses. Laminated with quality layers, it won’t be able to fold or bend. Lamination protects the menu against tears, grease, moisture, stains, smudges and other contaminants. Here, at Axiom Print, we laminate menus in a way to enhance the menus' contrast and protect color. In this way laminated menus can serve up to several years.


    We offer customized menu printing to best meet your business needs and demands. You can customize both sides of the print.  You may have one common design or two different designs on both sides of the menu. Axiom Print prints laminated menus in full color on one side or both sides. To get long-lasting printed menus, we offer 3 mil gloss lamination, the thickness of which ranges from 1.5 mil to 10 mil:

    • 1.5 Mil. - an economical choice and relatively thin film, so it does not add much sturdiness to the printed piece,
    • 5 Mil. - adds more rigidity to print materials and withstands frequent usage 
    • 10 Mil. - ensures tremendous sturdiness and protection. Prints laminated with 10 mil laminate cannot be folded easily.

    Finish Edge (can be photos showing the differences: ) 

    To enhance the appearance of your laminated menus we offer two options for edge finishings:

    • Encapsulated or Sealed Edge - lamination extends beyond the edge of the print to ensure maximum protection from contaminants
    • Flush Cut - lamination is applied over the exact edge of the print to ensure a clean line and maximum aesthetic appeal

    The corners of the print may be with or without roundings. 


    • 14PT Cover, Gloss 2 Sides - durable paper with gloss coating
    • 16PT Cover, Gloss 2 Sides - slightly thicker than 14PT, with gloss coating


    • 8.5'' x 11''
    • 11'' x 17''
    • 8.5'' x 14''