Holographic Roll Printing
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Attract Customers With Playful Holographic Labels

Holographic Labels are that perfect and colorful solution whether you want to increase authenticity and brand awareness of your company. 

Holographic stickers printed on a unique adhesive paper with a playful rainbow effect which changes because of the light and when looking from different angles. Essential to know the main components the labels are made of: a special film that creates a colorful and playful effect of rainbow, the ink, which is printed on the holographic label material and a laminate covering, which protects the design of the label. The final layer ensures that the label is water and sun resistant. This means that holographic labels are ideal for indoor and outdoor applications.

Custom Printed Hologram Sticker is the new striking way to catch the attention of your customers!

The Basic Uses of Holographic Roll Labels

  • Perfect for product labeling and packaging: No matter whether you plan to make specific products for your customers or just design some gifts for your friends, beautiful packaging is the key to make their hearts melt. First they see the packaging, this means it should look outstanding and very unique.  For which marketing experts suggest using different varieties of labels, that may include the logo of your brand, name and informative details about the company, nice wishes or just simple “thank you” notes. Holographic labels do help your product stand out on the shelves and live long in the minds of the consumers.

Because holographic labels are waterproof and resistant to extreme temperatures, they are especially common for health and beauty products packaging, beverage and sweets packaging, toys and other recreational products packaging.

Provides a visual spark: Besides providing additional information or details about your company, holographic stickers also give additional value to the product you want your customers to buy. Combined with wine labels, holographic labels can make your wine products stand out on the shelves. When your potential buyer picks up the products or receives them as gifts, firstly and most importantly he or she will pay attention to the sparkling label with your company logo on it and constantly will catch the message of your brand. Whether you do this strategically or not, the consumers will definitely keep your brand in their minds.

High-quality Materials For Holographic Labels Printing

Make sure, at Axiom Print in Los Angeles, our printing experts and designers strive to make your orders so gorgeous and stunning that your consumers can't stop keeping all eyes on your products!

Available in custom sizes and shapes, holographic roll labels are perfect addition to any packaging and play a major role in each branding/marketing campaign. Here holographic stickers are made of high-quality, eco-friendly and non-toxic Holographic Gloss Bopp and are cut due to your preferred sizes (from 1”x1” to 12’’ x 9’’). You also decide what shapes are better matching with your preferred design. We offer rectangular with round corners, rectangular with square corners, circle and of course custom shapes.

When it comes to choosing the color, you may take either full color or full color + white.

It's a well known fact that lamination doubles the durability of printed materials, allowing them to withstand all weather conditions and external scratches. Lamination adds extra protection against marks and dirts. And so, for holographic roll labels we offer two options of lamination. For the label to have a rich glossy finish we offer Gloss Lamination. If you want the candle label to look more classical and smooth, we suggest choosing Matte Lamination.

Holographic roll labels are available in rolls, starting from 250 pieces up to 100.000 in one order. Before ordering the custom printed holographic roll labels, make sure you choose the right quantity which can be sufficient to meet your daily demands and other designing usages. Our experts will provide the packs within 5 business days, depending on your preferred handling time. But thanks to our printing gurus, high-speed machines and brand new facilities, we offer rush printing, and even same-day printing services. We can fulfill the order with next day or even same day turnaround

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