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Get High-quality Gatorboard Printing With AxiomPrint

Gatorboard printing is an ideal solution for many of your creative and advertising needs. Whether you are looking to display photos, posters, maps, signs, or posters, gatorboard offers superior quality and durability. Unlike traditional foam board printing, gatorboard offers an enhanced weight-to-strength ratio, making it ideal for large projects that require a higher level of protection. 

The board is also water-resistant and will not warp or buckle over time. Gatorboard printing is also an ideal choice for business presentations and exhibits, as the bright white surface ensures vivid colors and superior image clarity. Plus, Gatorboard prints are a great way to make sure your artwork, photos, and messages stand out from the crowd. With Gatorboard printing, you can be sure you’re getting the highest quality product, perfect for any advertising or creative need.

Characteristics of  Custom Gatorboards Printing


AxiomPrint offers an array of customization options for gator boards printing. With our easy-to-choose options you can create personalized gator boards that reflect your brand essentials in the best way. In our customer-friendly online ordering system, you may choose the sizes, custom cutting, shaping and the quantity that meets your needs. Be assured that all of your special requirements are covered. We are very flexible and open to all special requests, notes and customization requirements.


We offer three different sizes of gatorboard printing:

  • 3/16" White Gatorboard, 3/16" Black Gatorboard

This size of Gatorboard is the most lightweight option, making it the perfect choice for projects that require transportation or installation in tight spaces. It has a smooth surface and is easy to cut and shape. The thin profile also makes it a good choice for projects that require a flat, lightweight build. It is especially useful for smaller displays and signs.

  • 1/2" White Gatorboard, 1/2" Black Gatorboard

This size has more structural integrity than the 3/16" thickness and provides more rigidity. It is great for projects that require heavier weight and more durability, such as large signs and displays. The thicker profile also allows for a more secure mounting and can be mounted to wall studs.

  • 1" White Gatorboard, 1" Black Gatorboard

This size offers the most durability and strength of all the sizes. It is great for projects that require the most rigidity and strength, such as large displays and signs. It can be cut, shaped, and mounted to wall studs and is the perfect choice for projects that require heavy-duty weight and structural integrity.

Size and Shape

You can customize the sizes and shapes of your gatorboard. We offer rectangular shaping, as well as:

  • "Custom Shape Cut (Simple)" which typically involves cutting the gatorboard print into basic, straightforward shapes such as squares, rectangles, or circles.

  • "Custom Shape Cut (Advance)" involves cutting the gatorboard print into more complex shapes that may have intricate details and curves. This type of cut often requires more precision and specialized equipment compared to simple cuts.


Q: What is a gatorboard?

A: Gatorboard is a type of foam board that is made of a durable, lightweight foam core and coated with a textured PVC material. It is often used for printing signs, displays, and trade show graphics.

Q: What are the benefits of gatorboard printing?

A: Gatorboard printing offers several benefits, including durability, rigidity, and lightweight. The textured PVC coating allows for high-quality printing, and the foam core provides stability and support, making gatorboard prints long-lasting and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Q: Can gatorboard prints be used outdoors?

A: Yes, gatorboard prints can be used outdoors. The textured PVC coating provides protection against moisture and UV rays, making it suitable for outdoor use.

Q: Can gatorboard prints be mounted or hung?

A: Yes, gatorboard prints can be mounted or hung. The foam core provides stability, making it easy to hang or mount the prints.

Q: What if I don’t have design options, do you provide design services?

A: We have a design service. Our team of creative designers have years of experience and are happy to help you perfect your preferred design. Before printing, we share with you the initial design of what it looks like and make changes if needed.

Q: Is there a minimum order quantity?

A: No. There is no minimum order quantity for gator boards printing.

Q: What is the turnaround time?

A: Our regular turnaround time is 2 business days for gator boards printing. But for last minute events we may be able to work with your tight deadline, next day or same day turnaround.

Q: How much does delivery and shipping cost?

A: Click on the “Shipping Estimate” button, which is right under the “Continue” button. Enter your zip code and it will automatically calculate the price.

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