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Double Sided Retractable Banner
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Get High-Quality Double-Sided Retractable Banner Printing with AxiomPrint

A double-sided retractable banner is a type of promotional display that is designed to maximize visibility from both sides of the banner. It typically consists of a durable, lightweight banner material that is printed with high-quality graphics or text on both sides.

The banner is mounted on a retractable stand that allows it to be easily set up and taken down. The stand is made of lightweight aluminum or plastic and is adjusted to standard sizes. The double-sided feature of the retractable banner makes it an excellent choice for businesses or organizations that want to attract attention from both sides of a busy street or walkway. It can be used for indoor or outdoor events, including trade shows, conferences, fairs, and exhibitions.

Double-sided retractable banner printing is also perfect for promotional campaigns that require a lot of text or graphics. The additional space on the back of the banner provides ample room for businesses to highlight multiple products or services, or to showcase their branding or messaging in a more dynamic and engaging way.

Characteristics of  Double-Sided Retractable Banner Printing


AxiomPrint offers an array of customization options for double-sided retractable banner printing. With our easy-to-choose options you can create personalized banners that reflect your brand essentials in the best way. In our customer-friendly online ordering system, you may choose the material and the quantity that meets your needs. Be assured that all of your special requirements are covered. We are very flexible and open to all special requests, notes and customization requirements.


We offer two type of material for double-sided retractable banner:

  • Smooth Vinyl Banner:

Durable and long-lasting material

Resistant to weather and water damage

High-quality printing with vibrant colors and sharp graphics

Easy to clean and maintain

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use

  • Fabric:

Lightweight and easy to transport

Soft texture and elegant appearance

Environmentally friendly and sustainable material

Can be washed and ironed for easy maintenance

Suitable for indoor use and short-term outdoor use in mild weather


Q: What is a double-sided retractable banner?

A: A double-sided retractable banner is a type of promotional display that has graphics or text printed on both sides of a durable banner material. It is mounted on a retractable stand that allows for easy setup and takedown.

Q: What is the difference between single-sided and double-sided banners?

A: A single-sided banner has graphics or text printed on one side, while a double-sided banner has graphics or text printed on both sides. Double-sided banners are typically more expensive than single-sided banners but provide more visibility and advertising opportunities.

Q: What materials are used to make double-sided retractable banners?

A: Double-sided retractable banners are typically made from either smooth vinyl or fabric materials. Smooth vinyl is a durable, weather-resistant material that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Fabric banners are lightweight, environmentally friendly, and provide a soft texture and elegant appearance.

Q: Can double-sided retractable banners be used outdoors?

A: Yes, double-sided retractable banners can be used outdoors, especially if they are made from smooth vinyl material. However, it is important to consider weather conditions and choose a banner that can withstand wind, rain, and sun damage.

Q: What if I don’t have design options, do you provide design services?

A: We have a design service. Our team of creative designers have years of experience and are happy to help you perfect your preferred design. Before printing, we share with you the initial design of what it looks like and make changes if needed.

Q: Is there a minimum order quantity?

A: No. There is no minimum order quantity for double-sided retractable banner printing. 

Q: What is the turnaround time?

A: Our regular turnaround time is 3 business days for double-sided retractable banner printing. But for last minute events we may be able to work with your tight deadline, next day or same day turnaround.

Q: How much does delivery and shipping cost?

A: Click on the “Shipping Estimate” button, which is right under the “Continue” button. Enter your zip code and it will automatically calculate the price.

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