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    Get Trendy Cosmetic Packaging with AxiomPrint

    Cosmetic packaging boxes are containers specifically designed to hold and display cosmetic products such as makeup, skincare items, perfumes, and more. These boxes come in various shapes, sizes, and designs to accommodate different types of cosmetic products and brands. Cosmetic packaging boxes not only protect the products inside but also serve as a marketing tool, helping to attract customers and enhance the overall presentation of the cosmetics.

    AxiomPrint introduces cosmetic packaging that is made from high-quality materials to ensure durability and protection for your valuable cosmetics. Whether you're packaging lipsticks, foundations, or skincare products, our cosmetic packaging will help your products stand out on the shelf and attract customers. With customizable options available, you can create packaging that reflects your brand's unique identity.

    Characteristics of Custom Cosmetic Packaging Printing


    At AxiomPrint, our team of professionals is dedicated to maximizing the appeal of your cosmetic packaging. We offer assistance in creating bold designs and incorporating custom features tailored to your target audience. Our easy-to-use platform provides a variety of options for creating uniquely customizable tuck top boxes that effectively promote your brand. With our customer-friendly online ordering system, you can easily select paper types, finishes, foiling, lamination options, and quantities that suit your needs. Additionally, we welcome special requests and are flexible in accommodating your specific requirements.


    AxiomPrint offers several cardstock options for custom packaging boxes that range from simple to sophisticated so you can have the feel and look you want:

    • 14PT Cover, Coated  1 Side or Both Sides

    extra thick paper with smooth high gloss surface

    tough enough to withstand printing on both sides

    may enhance with sating or soft touch lamination for a premium finish

    • 16PT Cover, Coated  1 Side or Both Sides

    added weight makes it extra durable; 

    is thicker than 14PT Cover cardstock; 

    may enhance with sating or soft touch lamination for a premium finish

    • 18 PT Cover, Coated  1 Side or Both Sides

    the thickest and most durable of the mentioned ones

    has a glossy finish on one side

    • 130# Uncoated Cover

    relatively thick and sturdy

    ideal for printing high-quality graphics and text

    is durable and long-lasting

    has excellent absorbency

    • 130# Epic Black Smooth Cover

    a heavy weight, smooth cardstock 

    has a matte finish and a deep black color that provides a sleek and sophisticated look

    • 130# Epic Black Linen Cover

    a heavy weight cardstock

    has a textured, linen-like finish

    deep black color

    linen texture can provide a more upscale and elegant feel 

    • 14PT Metalized Outside, Uncoated Inside

    elegant 14PT thickness

    metalized finish for a sophisticated look

    uncoated interior for a writable surface

    versatile for various applications

    • 16PT Metalized Outside, Uncoated Inside

    premium 16PT thickness

    eye-catching metalized exterior

    uncoated inside for practicality

    ideal for personalized notes

    • 18PT Metalized Outside, Uncoated Inside

    luxurious 18PT thickness

    durable and thick construction

    mesmerizing metalized exterior

    uncoated inside for easy customization

    • 130# Brown Kraft Cover

    a heavy weight cardstock

    light brown color

    organic look and feel

    subtle flecks


    Finishing refers to the final treatment applied to cosmetic packaging boxes after printing to enhance their durability, appearance, and functionality. Based on your preferences common finishing options for cosmetic boxes printing include:

    • Gloss Outside Only, Uncoated Inside
    • UV High Gloss Outside Only, Uncoated Inside
    • Matte (Satin) Lamination, Outside Only
    • Soft Touch Lamination, Outside Only
    • Gloss Lamination, Outside Only
    • Linen Texture Lamination, Outside Only
    • Holographic Lamination, Outside Only


    Based on your preferences cosmetic packaging is available with or without foiling and raised spot UV options. Foiling and raised spot UV leave a space for you to emphasize the uniqueness of your business or brand and convey luxurious and rich shine on the name or logo of the company. To start your glossy journey look through what foiling we offer:

    • Gold Foil (Shiny)
    • Gold Foil (Matte)
    • Silver Foil (Shiny)
    • Silver Foil (Matte)
    • Copper Foil (Shiny)
    • Rose Gold Foil (Shiny)
    • Holographic Foil (Shiny)
    • or just your custom options

    And for raised spot UV we have two options: Raised Spot UV (30 Micron) and Raised Spot UV (60 Micron).