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Labor Day at AxiomPrint: Employee Stories Beyond the Workplace

Labor Day

Labor DayLabor Day is a time when we traditionally celebrate the dedicated individuals who form the backbone of our workforce. At AxiomPrint, we believe that our employees are not just contributors to our success during office hours. They are the heart and soul of our company, both in and out of the workplace. As we commemorate this special day, we invite you to join us in getting to know our team on a deeper level. Beyond the printing presses and desks, our employees have unique stories, passions, and pursuits that make them remarkable individuals. Today, we peel back the curtain and introduce you to a part of the incredible personalities that make up the AxiomPrint family.

United By Labor or The Historical Significance of Labor Day

Labor Day, celebrated on the first Monday of September in the United States, is a day dedicated to honoring the contributions and achievements of the nation’s workforce. It serves as a tribute to the countless men and women who, through their dedication, hard work, and innovation, have played a vital role in the growth and prosperity of the country. Labor Day not only marks the unofficial end of summer but also provides an important opportunity to reflect on the importance of fair labor practices, workers’ rights, and the ongoing pursuit of social and economic justice. It’s a day to acknowledge the value of labor, to appreciate the fruits of collective effort, and to express gratitude to those whose unwavering commitment drives progress and strengthens communities.

To deepen our appreciation, we’ve had the privilege of interviewing our own team members, whose insights exemplify the spirit of Labor Day and the integral role they play in our company’s success.

Mane Account ManagerMastering Client Relations Beyond The Desks of AxiomPrint

To start our journey of interviews, the first person to greet us is Jennifer, our receptionist. She is often the first friendly face and welcoming voice that greets our clients and visitors. And while she welcomed us we asked her “what motivates you to come to work each day and give your best?”

“Every single day, I’m all about giving my absolute best as the friendly face at the front desk – the first impression our company makes. The buzz and energy of the front desk is what keeps me pumped to start my workday. I thrive on those positive vibes while interacting with clients and being part of a team that thrives on overcoming challenges. My commitment extends beyond just keeping things in order; I’m all about fostering a cheerful workspace that fuels great teamwork. Seeing our hard work pay off and our company flourish gives me a thrill – it’s proof that our efforts are truly making a difference.”

Beyond her professional poise and efficiency in managing the front desk, Jennifer is also an active advocate for creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. 

“What aspects of your job bring you joy?”

“Working at AxiomPrint is truly rewarding and fulfilling. The opportunity to connect and bond with clients on a daily basis brings a sense of satisfaction that goes beyond just a job. Interacting with clients throughout the day, shipping out orders, and ensuring their needs are met gives me a great sense of accomplishment. Plus, the aroma of coffee in the air adds a comforting touch to my daily routine, making every day at the office enjoyable and exciting.”

Jennifer’s dedication to making every visitor feel valued is a testament to the importance of the first impression. 

Moving forward from Jennifer’s desk, we meet Mane, one of our bright account managers. Mane plays a huge role in fostering strong client relationships and ensuring that our clients’ needs are not just met but exceeded. Her dedication to understanding our clients’ unique requirements and her commitment to delivering exceptional service highlight the depth of expertise that makes her an invaluable part of our AxiomTeam. We asked her “to walk us through a typical day in her role at AxiomPrint.” And she didn’t mind:)

“I am an account manager here at Axiom. Every morning I come in at 9am and start my day with checking overall sales of the month and how much I did for the day before, then I check which orders are ready to submit to production and process it. I start checking emails and responding to them and helping walk in clients, as well as the ones who call. When there are issues or any questions I need to clarify I contact our large format and digital printing managers. I also help clients figure out what they need to print and explain to them how the process works. I have a very unique position right now and I manage a lot of Armenian clients. They are very different and unique types of clients, and being one of them helps me better communicate and meet their needs. I also have Russian speaking clients as well, as they feel more comfortable dealing with someone who can understand and communicate with them. And just like everyone I have local clients as well. So I help quite a variety of clients and it’s a very interesting experience.”

Mane’s exceptional talents extend far beyond the title of an account manager. She is a true client advocate and a driving force behind our client satisfaction and success.


Daniel Business RelationsStrategic Visionary and Business Relations at AxiomPrint

In the middle of AxiomPrint business relationships, there exists a visionary leader, and his name is Daniel. As the Head of Business Relations at AxiomPrint, Daniel leads the charge in building and nurturing crucial partnerships that propel our organization forward. His role extends beyond mere networking. It’s about forging meaningful connections that create mutually beneficial opportunities. 


Because we’re celebrating Labor Day, which is a time to appreciate the workforce, we went on asking him “what aspects of your job make you proud to be a part of the printing industry?”


“As the Head of Business Relations for AxiomPrint, I take immense pride in being a part of the printing industry for several reasons… 

Our work at AxiomPrint involves bringing our clients’ visions to life. Knowing that our products contribute to enhancing their visibility and leaving a lasting impression is truly gratifying.The collaborative nature of our industry is a source of great pride. At AxiomPrint, we work closely with clients, designers, and our skilled production team to transform concepts into tangible, impactful materials. The sense of collaboration and the ability to transform ideas into reality fuel my passion for this industry.”

With him at the helm, AxiomPrint has not only expanded its network but has also cemented its reputation as a trusted and innovative industry leader. We started wandering “in what ways has his job evolved since he started, and how has he adapted?”

“Since I took my role at AxiomPrint, our monthly sales have increased dramatically, causing an increased workload in all departments. 

My leadership style emphasizes empowerment and skill development within the team. I instituted regular training sessions to ensure that our team members stay up to date with the latest printing trends and technologies, as well as numerous sales / customer support strategies to better serve our clientele. This commitment to growth and service has not only elevated the expertise of our team but has also fostered a sense of loyalty. We’ve spent a lot of time working with our Account Management Team to be able to better serve our partners / customers, as well as create efficiency along the way. 


We are committed to creating the Ultimate Printing Experience.”

“The Ultimate Printing Experience”– A short phrase which has evolved into the guiding principle of AxiomPrint. And with printing in our mind we move forward to the place where the true printing magic is happening.

Igor PressmanThe Artistry Behind Print Perfection of AxiomPrint

Printing department is the place where you come up with dozens of printing machines and with people behind these machines creating a kind of magic. When we entered we met Igor, our pressman. He is among those who bring our clients’ visions to life on paper. His skillful operation of our printing presses and his commitment to producing the highest quality prints is the basis of our production process. When seeing so many different presses and technologies, we asked him “how does he ensure quality and precision in this work, especially when dealing with large printing orders?”

“I enjoy the dynamic and collaborative environment at AxiomPrint. We take a client’s vision and work together to create the best quality product possible. I have over 10 years of printing experience in the Wide Format department which helps me understand details that the customers don’t even notice. In order to achieve a flawless end product, it’s crucial for me to meticulously review the client’s job ticket, ensuring that I address their concerns and specifications with utmost precision.”

Igor’s huge expertise and dedication to excellence shine through in every project he and his team touches. Behind every successful print project is also the meticulous work of our prepress technician, Greg. We were introduced, that his attention to detail and technical expertise ensure that each print job is flawlessly prepared before it hits the press. We know that he is new to our family, so we asked him “what motivated you to join the AxiomPrint?”


“My family serves as a significant source of motivation for me, urging me to maintain a stable job. Moreover, my experience at AxiomPrint is truly enjoyable. This sentiment is enriched by the additional skills I’ve acquired through the instructive video tutorials. They enhance our familiarity with our tasks. The people around me, particularly my colleagues at AxiomPrint, have a welcoming demeanor. Whenever I encounter challenges with a particular assignment, I find it easy to reach out to them via chat for guidance and clarity. I take immense pride in being a member of the AxiomPrint family and am genuinely content with my decision to work here.”

“How do you approach learning and adapting to new technologies and techniques commonly used in the printing field?”

“Learning is a continuous thing, therefore in my case because I’m a techy person and always make sure to always read new articles, watch tutorials, try new applications to gain knowledge and information that I can use on my job as a Prepress Graphic Artist/designer.”


Waving Excellence and Dedication at AxiomPrint

In conclusion, our journey through the diverse roles at AxiomPrint has unveiled an area of talent, dedication, and innovation. From the warm welcomes of our Receptionist, to the strategic brilliance of our Head of Business Relations, and the meticulous work of our Prepress Technicians and Press Technicians, each individual contributes a unique threat to the fabric of our success. And this was just a little part of our big team. Together, they embody our motto, “The Ultimate Printing Experience”, by consistently going above and beyond in their respective roles. As we celebrate Labor Day and honor the collective dedication of our team, we are reminded that it’s the people who make our company exceptional. We extend our gratitude to every member of our AxiomFamily, for their unwavering commitment to excellence, which continues to drive our progress and strengthen our community.



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