Get Organized With A Printable Holiday Gifts’ Checklist

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Dec 16, 2021

Get Organized With A Printable Holiday Gifts’ Checklist

The most wonderful time of the year is around the corner. The magical holiday season comes with many wonders and awaited checklists. Getting ready for Christmas is the busiest but also the funniest part before the holiday. 

Indeed, it is the most awaited time of the year when we begin getting excited by the enthusiasm of hunting through the stores on the busy streets, or through never-ending online shopping platforms, searching for all those incredible gifts for our dearest ones. Some of us really get excited, but there are certain people who don't like such questes and prefer being more creative and creating custom gifts, which are unique in their kind and dear to their hearts.

Our team has highlighted all the special Christmas gift ideas that will definitely amaze your  friends and family members and will surround you with all the best memories you have had experienced together.

  • Christmas Wall Art Printing is that perfect Christmas gift to turn your friend’s house into home: Acrylic wall art gives that perfect opportunity to transfer your favourite photo or design on the sturdy material without any other accompanying additional frames. Choosing the right gift may seem the hardest job to many people. But Axiom Print is here to turn all of your weirdest ideas into reality. Make sure that well-chosen personalized acrylic photo frame is that perfect gift which will prolong those cherished memories you had with that special person and of course will make the little corner of the room more beautiful and engaging. Acrylic wall art is not like other expensive artworks and ornaments that require a special installation process. The latter requires no great effort, and doing it together with your loved ones can be fun.
  • Canvas wrap print is a very heart-warming gift and a classy decoration for any house, office or studio, enriching the interior of any building. Canvas wraps, also called canvas prints, are an ideal and top-quality wall art solution that you can suggest to your friend to display your most cherished photo gallery that provides so many advantages when it comes to flexibility, elegance, and cost-effectiveness, unlike printing your photos on papers. These wonderful canvas wraps are permanent and certainly may be handed down for generations, from your children to your grandchildren. Moreover canvas wraps can be printed in any sizes, are low-cost and glare-free. Canvas prints don’t require framing. Now you have the chance to turn your treasured photography into a peculiar piece of art. This is not an ordinary gift, but make sure that it will surely be appreciated and handed over to your family for years to come.
  • Custom puzzle photos are so much fun. Puzzles are usually viewed as simple toys that we got to have only as kids. Now we should admit that puzzles are those perfect fun tools which also contribute to our health benefits. Solving puzzles often demand some level of thinking, concentration, patience, which all boost our mental energy and challenge our brain. But consider how much fun it can be to solve the puzzle created from your memories. Ordering your own custom puzzle with your preferred photos may be that perfect gift which will gather all family members around one challenging task. It’s Christmas and a custom puzzle will keep the whole family entertained for hours on end. And because overcoming some ‘hard times’ together strengthens the sense of togetherness and family bounds.

Still not sure what Christmas gift you should choose for your family members? Make sure that with Axiom Print everything is possible and we are here to make all of your wonderful printing ideas come true. 

We know that Christmas is right in front of our doors and you are extremely busy with all the wonderful seasonal preparations. But we are here for a stress-free printing journey! Our experts will fulfill the printing orders within 1-3 business days.  But thanks to our printing gurus, high-speed machines and brand new facilities, we offer rush printing, and even same-day printing services. We can fulfill the order with the next day or same day turnaround.

Apart from our Christmas blog, feel free to explore what holiday essentials Axiom Print offers for the most wonderful time of the year, magical Christmas: Holiday Greeting Cards, Christmas Gift Tags, Personalized Table Calendars, Holiday Window Cling and many more.

Christmas Ideas You Need in 2021

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Dec 2, 2021

Christmas Ideas You Need in 2021

“Christmas isn’t a season; it’s a feeling” Edna Ferber

Where do the best creative ideas come from if not from our Christmas elves who work on our blogs? 

Christmas is approaching, which means the month of happiness and joyfulness is coming closer, and we should get ready to brighten up the cold! 

Preparing festive decorations for Christmas is one of the most awaited traditions that we all look forward to throughout the year and excitingly search for new creative design solutions. Christmas traditions and decorations definitely vary in every culture. These seasonal designs and even some traditions change over time. What stays constant, is that allocating some time for Christmas decoration is primary for all of us, except for Grinch friends:)

The simplest Christmas decorations can make the biggest difference. It’s the most  joyous time of the year, which means we should invest so much energy and enthusiasm to feel the magic around us. With that in mind, we have compiled the list of unique Christmas ideas that will help you to keep your loved ones spirits high throughout the holiday!

  1. Order a custom printed wall calendar or desk calendar for upcoming 2022. First things first! Calendars are used to plan upcoming events and keep a close watch on appointments. Personalized printable calendar 2022 is not only a festive addition to your home decorations but also a sweet reminder of important events of the upcoming year.  Keeping a calendar in this fast changing digital world may seem kind of antiquity. But, let’s agree, there’s no such kind of application which can convey such a cosier and more celebratory atmosphere to your favourite corner of the home. And if you plan to make your loved ones' workplaces or offices a more festive place, then giving them custom printed wall calendars or desk calendars may be the right choice. It not only shows that you care, but the calendar is something which will be in front of their eyes throughout the year. You might wonder where to find well-designed calendars. No worries, because you still have time to order wall calendars and desk calendars with the help of our bright-thinking and creative designers. 
  2. Shiny place cards to welcome your guests around the Christmas table. Turkey stuffing, mashed potatoes, traditional yorkshire pudding, garlic green bean salads, mmm… these are the top-rated holiday classics. But before enjoying these delicious holiday dinners, one should not forget about welcoming their guests properly and making them feel special. What can make your dinner table more celebratory if not placing custom designed place cards. Besides being the welcoming cards, they are also considered to be conversation starters. If you plan to invite 10 to 15 guests to your Christmas dinner, make sure you provide them with beautifully-designed custom place cards. Place cards may serve as very unique conversation starters for the people sitting around your table who don’t know each other well. And most importantly, the place cards should match with your holiday design. 
  3. Window decals that provide such a magical Chritsmas mood. Marketing essentials include all the wonderful printed essentials which certainly promote business and raise brand awareness. Custom printed commercial window decals play a primary role here. However, remember all those wonderful stores that change their window decals according to seasonal holidays. Matching the design of your store with holiday themes shows you are up-to-date and “what your customer feels” matters the most. What you see and feel for the first time entering the store does matter. One can provide these strong first impressions by making their store such a magical place you never want to leave. Christmas window decals are designed to convey that Christmas imagery and festive mood. Not only your stores or shops should look like a fairytale, but also your houses, where Santa is planning to deliver the presents. Keeping these in mind, Axiom Print offers the most magical Christmas window decals, which will definitely boost curiosity and encourage people to come and see what’s happening inside!

Taking some time to decorate your place in a way you love could really lift your moods and spirits. Besides, Santa is coming to houses and businesses where there's much positivity and kindness. So, stay tuned, because we are going to share so many new Christmas ideas, which will inspire you to be a part of the Christmas Fairytale!

Christmas without the elves of Axiom Print isn't a Christmas at all!

Holidays Season with Gifts and Print Essentials

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Nov 25, 2021

Get Ready for the Holidays Season with Gifts and Print Essentials

The Hohoho season is officially upon us! But wait, no need to panic, cause we’ve prepared a special christmas checklist for you to get ready for the most wonderful holiday.

Christmas trees, colorful lights and festive decorations, the smell of tangerines and magic...While there are certain countries that see snow nearly every month and have that spirit of Christmas wandering in the streets, we are not that lucky to feel the joy of snow and that festive mood everyday. However, we have enough time to get prepared properly for the most wonderful holiday of the year and foster up the wonderful Christmas spirit. 

Christmas enthusiasts celebrate Christmas in various ways, staying loyal to their beliefs and  traditions. People around the globe are rushing to complete their Christmas decoration checklist, because Christmas is that heart-warming time for family reunions and family bonding. Christmas is that special holiday for getting your friends together, exchanging gifts and having a chocolate-and cinnamon smelling evening around the fire. Yes, gift exchanging is the most exciting part of this holiday. No matter what’s inside, the wonderful moment of anticipation conveys so many new emotions and feelings that you forget to pay attention to the price or value of that present.

We have pulled together those Christmas printing essentials that will surely make your holiday more enchanting and your Christmas gifts more unique.

Prepare custom printed greeting cards: Nothing will ever replace tangible greeting cards, which convey so many uplifting feelings and extra excitement. A beautifully-designed Christmas greeting card which is sent to your family members or your loved ones, gives a chance to keep in touch with everyone and remind those people that you never forget about them and you always keep thinking of them. For your Christmas gifts to look gorgeous, choose adding Christmas greeting cards on them, which definitely give that extra step to reach an emotional level and feel that bound, love, sympathy and admiration that our loved ones have towards us. 

Decorate your Christmas gifts with personalized stickers: No matter what design you will choose for your christmas gifts wrapping, more important is to make them sparkle, which can be reached by adding some christmas stickers to them. Vivid colours work perfectly well during this holiday. Snowflakes, christmas trees, deer, christmas lollipops, choose any preffreed Christmas pattern for your custom stickers. Festive gift packaging with festive stickers! Pushing some imagination and creativity will simply transform ordinary stickers into something more season-appropriate and joyful. 

Get Christmas gift wrapping with custom hangtags: Who says gift wrapping doesn’t matter? While you hunt for the greatest gifts, make sure that wrapping or packaging of the gift doubles the effectiveness of your gift. The anticipation of your loved ones when they tear into that wrapping paper and their incredible emotions at that moment make you believe the hypothesis that giving is more rewarding than receiving. Through these years, a simple wrapping paper has evolved into one of the most essential marketing tricks and into more colorful varieties. However, properly-designed hangtag plays a pivotal role in today’s gift wrapping. Hangtag is not only a good option for sending some pretty messages, but it is also that perfect way to display your love and warm wishes towards your loved ones. 

Preparing for Christmas is half of the battle, the next comes when you start realizing your Christmas wishes. All you need to do is plan and prepare your Christmas checklist. Stay tuned, because Axiom Print is doing a huge amount of work for you to help you in this wonderful chaos and prepare the most unique and festive things for your perfect holiday.

Christmas is that awaited time when finally you can spend your time with family members and loved ones. The only thing that could ruin it is a stressed out you! But we are here to make all your Christmas wishes come true. So, breathe in, breathe out and trust us with your Christmas printing essentials!

With love and much magic,

Axiom Print

How to Make Your Workplace as a Key Success Factor for Building Brand Awareness

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Nov 17, 2021

How to Make Your Workplace as a Key Success Factor for Building Brand Awareness

Increasing brand awareness requires many efforts, but most importantly one should focus on two most essential features, that is outlining the uniqueness of the brand and getting the  attention of consumers. The name 'awareness' itself says the hidden meaning of it, that is gaining attention for your brand. 

Brand awareness is the extent with which people recognize and remember your company. The more powerful your brand awareness is, the bigger is the chance that consumers are familiar with your company's name, message, logo, vision, services, products. No matter how perfect your logo looks or how powerful your brand message is, if your brand doesn't attract the necessary  audience, then it is considered to be weak.

Now that you know what brand awareness is all about, you might also wonder how to promote more traffic and revenue for your business, how to build brand awareness or how to increase brand awareness of your company.

Out of a million recommendations we’ve picked up the following tips which suggest tried-and-tested ways to build brand awareness with the help of your workplace:

  • Wearing ID Badges: ID badges are the crucial and integral part of today's business world, making it simple to outline the identification of the staff members and visitors, keep the workplace's security and enhance the organization’s integrity. Over time, due to smart technological advancements, it is possible to ont only identify the visitor’s details, but also control access and time tracking of the company’s employees. Due to the fact that employees and visitors display their ID Badges almost every day, the laminated ID badges can also be a very smart business solution for your company branding. Since your employees wear these badges all day long, they also wear your company’s name, logo and message. They interact with dozens of people, accordingly they spread a word about your brand. 
  • Providing Business Cards: Company’s marketing strategy or marketing campaigns may offer a bunch of marketing tools which will take extra efforts, but will certainly bring some good results. However, nothing brings more cooperation opportunities, rather than professional looking business cards. Some companies print business cards only for the senior workers or managers ignoring the hidden potential of what magic business cards can do for their brand. The very moment when your employees, no matter what position they hold, exchange their business cards to people they interact with, they become aware of your business and the brand, then can share it with other people. 
  • Sharing Brochures: Brochure marketing is another smart tool, one can use to enhance their company’s brand awareness. Today’s digital world promises access to any kind of information we want, but little did you know that people remember those parts that are always in front of their eyes. Thus, a well-designed brochure can perfectly convey the picture and message of your brand. From the perspectives of visual design experts, a brochure gets the reader's attention, and if there's the name, logo and primary message of your brand, make sure that people who saw it will always recognize your brand and in their minds will definitely picture the logo of it. Accordingly, the first page of your brochure is the glance-winner, then you may include whatever information your heart desires.
  • Getting Presentation Folders: Boosting a brand identity and raising brand awareness is tough. But implementing a well-structured strategy with the help of your employees can be fun. You wonder how? Well, remember your very first working experience. Whether your coworkers welcomed you heartwarmingly or did they give you custom printed presents? Showing your employees that they are a part of a so-called family, first of all it means inviting them to be a part of your brand. Unconsciously, they may be titled as your brand ambassadors. Presentation folders, notebooks and pens are those primary stationery that every working corner needs to have. Without any doubt, your employees will carry your branded presentation folder, notebooks and pens everywhere they go. You will be over excited and super surprised to see how just three simple items with your brand name and logo on it catch so much attention.
  • Attaching Clear Adhesives: Nowadays, trendy coworking spaces provide their employees with super cool workplaces. The place where they’ll definitely be extra motivated and inspired. With clear adhesives, it is very simple to design every corner with your company’s brand essentials. Yes, with one shot you kill two rabbits. Well-designed clear adhesives not only provide maximum visibility but also they attract common passers by. Displaying your brand's name, logo and message by high-quality clear adhesives show how enthusiastic you are about engaging new customers or just visitors.

Professionally printed business cards, clear adhesives, brochures with your brand name and staff wearing laminated ID badges directly or indirectly promote your brand, which adds an extra air of professionalism. And make sure, with Axiom Print everything is possible. We know that you look for stress-free printing journeys!

Small Business Support


Nov 11, 2021

Small Business Saturday 2021: How to Prepare Your Business for Small Business Saturday

Shopping locally and supporting the small businesses in your community, can be the greatest seasonal gift to your community! 

Celebrated between the long lines of November holidays, Small Business Saturday is a relatively new shopping holiday which glorifies the importance of small businesses in the United States and encourages customers to shop locally in person or from small businesses.

Before passing to the most delicious slice of our blog, let's turn the timeline back and learn the history behind this popular seasonal holiday.

Small Business Saturday is an American shopping holiday which falls on the Saturday after Thanksgiving in the United States during one of the most awaited and busiest shopping periods of the year. This Saturday is always the last one in November, so it is held between November 24 and November 30. And this year small business owners are going to celebrate it on the 27th of November.Small Business Saturday encourages holiday shoppers to patronize brick-and-mortar businesses that are local and small. 

Small Business Saturday is a registered trademark of American Express. In 2010 they were the pioneers who came up with this idea and created a special holiday with a goal to help communities thrive and engage new customers. The main aim of Small Business Saturday is to remind buyers that they play a pivotal role in assisting the small businesses in their community to flourish and double the income. Somehow, with the efforts of American Express, this has become kind of a nationwide movement which should be celebrated almost every day and not for one day. Encouraging people not to leave their birthplaces and develop their communities is one more step towards empowering the country. 

Particularly, Small Business Saturday gives major opportunities for independent small businesses to generate much revenue and engage many new customers. And so, keep reading, because with much enthusiasm, we’ve compiled several tips for you to make the most of this year’s Small Business Saturday!

  • Organize Competitions and Giveaways. This is definitely another nice way to raise awareness about your small business or brand name. With the marketing trick you can involve many newcomers who never even heard about your small business. With the help of these tested-and-trusted competitions and giveaways your potential customers uncautsouldy bring their friends to your store. You wonder how? Just a simple example of organizing an online giveaway on your Instagram account. The winner will be that one person who tags at least 5 friends of hers, who will start to follow your small business account, like the content, watch the stories and of course in this way double the reach of your account. In their turn these people will do the same action. In this way more people will be interested in learning about the products or services your business suggests.

  • Prepare Little Gifts and Special Sales. While you strive to make both ends meet, marketing gurus suggest offering additional discounts on several products which will certainly grab the attention of random passers-by. Customers are always happy and accustomed when they receive something for free or at least with some discounts. Imagine their happy faces when you give them a pack of custom printed stickers or labels with your business logo on it. Beautifully designed stickers literally will be attached everywhere: phones, laptops, notebooks. Moreover, if you choose several winners from your organized competitions you may surprise them with a small gift that will be chosen from your products and will be wrapped up in custom printed boxes. Branded packaging is now more relevant than ever before. So, don’t save up on this kind of beneficial investment!

Whatever you do and however you plan your Small Business Saturday Marketing checklist, be assured that you are doing a huge job for your community. There are hundreds of shopaholics out there who are excitedly looking forward to this awesome holiday, and you are to make your Small Business Saturday a success to finish out the year strong!

Oh yes! And if you're looking for additional help to get awesome printing for your marketing materials, don't worry to contact us and share your weirdest printing wishes! We are enthusiastically looking forward to it!

The encouraging and creative team of Axiom Print wishes you much prosperity and a bunch of groundbreaking ideas for new products! You rock!

Happy Small Business Saturday!

How do you prepare for Thanksgiving? Get Organized For Thanksgiving Checklist

Product Feature

Nov 3, 2021

How do you prepare for Thanksgiving? Get Organized For Thanksgiving Checklist

You are happy and lucky enough, if you know what gratitude is!

It is the expression of appreciation and thankfulness for what you have. Yes, gratitude is that magical and warm-fuzzy inner feeling that boosts good relationships in every sphere, reduces depression,  and ensures your physical or psychological well-being. 

People are indeed blessed to have a special annual holiday dedicated to the appreciation of what they have or what the year gave them. Thanksgiving is a joyful and family-gathering holiday where we can celebrate gratitude, something that we don’t do these days. Besides gratitude, it is also a celebration of the fall harvest. 

Actually, the stories and legends behind Thanksgiving Day differ, but we all know that it began with the Pilgrims, who in 1621 declared it their First Thanksgiving and launched a sense of interconnectedness among different cultures and people.

Not a secret, almost all Americans celebrate Thanksgiving with unique custom table decorations, peaceful dinner and delicious treats among loved ones, family members, close relatives and of course friends. 

Getting ready for Thanksgiving is not an easy job, but it is an exciting one for sure. Thanksgiving planning checklist includes all the decorations and details that can make your house atmosphere joyful throughout the entire Autumn and make your guests feel welcome. Axiom Print compiled a list of Thanksgiving preparation checklist essentials which are anything but ordinary! 

  1. Place Cards: A very welcoming way to show your visitors their place around the table. Decorating your table seating order with place cards prevents your celebration from unnecessary troubles and shows that your organizational preparedness is on top! Place cards are that perfect conversation starters if you have creative and interactive ideas to use for your special designs including photos or quotes for each guest. Adding place cards to your table decoration may be viewed as a nice opportunity and a fun way to take away previously occurred 'insults'. Ultimately, it’s the celebration of Thanksgiving, the power of which should bring about forgiveness. 
  2. Thank You Cards: If you have already decided on assigning seats around the table, also consider taking Thank You cards. It is always a good idea to express your gratitude by oral or written forms. Make sure, with printed thank you cards, your loved one will always keep it and reconsider it from time to time. It will always evoke certain feelings, emotions or memories about your happily-spent days together. Thank you cards may not only include thank you notes, but also beautiful citations about appreciation and gratitude you feel towards that special person. Those people who treat you well, who feed you, bless you and support you, definitely deserve to receive a tangible piece of Thank You note!
  3. Greeting Cards: No matter how far social media messaging will get in this age of emailing, it will never replace tangible greeting cards, which convey so many uplifting feelings and extra excitement. A simply-designed Thanksgiving greeting card which is sent to your family members or your loved ones, gives a chance to keep in touch with everyone and remind those people that you never forget about them and you always keep thinking of them. Greeting cards give us that extra step to reach an emotional level and feel that bound, love, sympathy and admiration that we have towards our loved ones.
  4. Thanksgiving Gift With Custom Hang Tags: Where without a nice gift? Have you ever gone through the feeling of happiness and pleasure after giving someone a nice gift or just receiving personal gifts? If the answer is definitely YES, then make sure to include thanksgiving gifts to your thanksgiving preparation checklistThanksgiving gift giving is very important in this celebration, but it is also something that is very lacking. Scientists believe that when we give gifts, our body releases various chemicals that boost positive feelings and promote good relationships. Personalized gift hang tags or name tags are essential whether you want to express special words or wishes to your guests. Gift hang tags will play a vital role in your Thanksgiving decoration. Show your loved ones how much you care about them!
  5. Wine Bottle Label: With custom printed labels turn the bottle of wine you were already going to give your friends into something very creative and more festive. Your Thanksgiving wine bottle label may be designed according to this holiday’s special colours and may include personalized Thanksgiving wishes or thank you notes.

Some consequences of the previous year showed us that we should practice gratitude every day. Things looked different for Thanksgiving 2020 and it may be the same for 2021 as well, but we can still express gratitude and thanks to our loved ones and enjoy the family atmosphere—while staying safe. 

No Thanksgiving gathering can be complete without these festive decorations. And make sure that our creative professionals of Axiom Print are always there to help you with all your cute and weirdest printing wishes!

Happy Thanksgiving Day to all of you! Sending you warm wishes as sweet as pumpkin pie!

Simple Guidelines on How to Perfectly Label Your Candle Jars.

Product Feature

Oct 27, 2021

Simple Guidelines on How to Perfectly Label Your Candle Jars.

Most of the business ideas are born with a mission to solve certain problems and of course make a living. Nowadays successful entrepreneurs confirm that there are thousands of business ideas which can quickly turn into profitable businesses and become investment engaging companies. But how many of them are doing these businesses for their own pleasure and satisfaction? The most successful businesses are those which mix business and pleasure, that is to say these are pleasure-based businesses, which may boost happiness and bring massive results. Not surprisingly enough, candle making businesses belong to this type of business culture. Spreading light and scent in the room is the new way of experiencing the uplifting joy of creative handicraft. 

With multiple varieties of candles available in the market, from major manufacturers to freelance creators, nowadays’ trends drive the growth of this market. Over the past few years high consumption of candles has been noticed in the spheres of independent brands, fine restaurants, beauty rooms and fashion clubs. The demand for using the product to create a nice, cosy and aromatic ambience for the customers has increased. Nowadays scented candles may be seen in nearly all commercial places. The significance of candles is highly prioritized in various ceremonies, celebrations, parties, simple gatherings and festivals. It not only provides a soothing effect on people’s minds, but also creates an aesthetic atmosphere. 

Besides offering well-scented and long-flaming candles, it is equally essential to label them properly. 

Before you let your excitement take the lead, please take a look at these guidelines, which will help you to perfectly label the candles.

Include Warning and Safety Tips.  It’s crucial not to forget that a candle is an open flame, which may always cause the potential risk of a fire-related accident. Candle warning labels are widely applied for candles, candle containers, candle jars, candle tins. Cost-effective custom sticker sheets are perfect for all types of candle making and marketing projects, reminding people to be cautious when selling or taking them as personalized gifts and promos. Candle warning labels may include well-known safety rules: burn within sight; keep away from combustibles; keep away from children. Additionally your candle labels should also warn about simple candle safety tips, such as 

  • not to burn a candle near something that could catch fire,
  • always keep an eye on open flames and before going out or to bed, extinguish all burning candles,
  • under your candle jar put a nonflammable surface, such as a metal sheet or ceramic plate,
  • never ever burn a candle, when you smell gas inside or outside your room or house,
  • put the candles up somewhere so that pets, children, or adults can't accidentally bump candles over in the dark.

To learn more about fire safety rules, you may check NCA’s Fire Safety Guidelines. If you are not sure how to add these to your candle container so that the picture looks like a design-friendly label, make sure that Axiom Printing Service in Los Angeles is ready for any designing and printing assistance.

Basic Information and Details About Your Candle Company: Now that your candle labels include all safety and warning rules, it’s highly recommended to include some simple information about your company, that is to say the name, logo, contact information, candle scent and candle details. Most important information your candle label can't afford to miss is your company name and logo. Take these in the front and center part of the candle label. Not a secret that all you want your customers to learn about your brand, should be placed in the very middle of the label. Cause that's the way how your target audience will learn to associate your unique product with your brand. Accordingly, it helps to boost brand recognition, trust and loyalty. Next, be assured that your target audience knows what the candle smells like. It's not a box of chocolate to let them guess what's inside. Spell it out noticeably on the label.

Today’s people are always curious what they pay for. Before deciding whether to buy the product or not, they carefully check the ingredients on the internet. Beeswax, soy wax, palm wax, gels, coconut oil, synthesized waxes and so many more may be used in the candle making process. Candles burn into the air we breathe. Your potential buyers have the right to know what exactly has been used in the candles. So, clearly mention the ingredients that you used for that specific candle. 

Candles are perfect gifts. Whether they are supposed to be shipped somewhere or not, your customers should know how much it weighs. Make sure to mention the net quantity of the contents in ounces or grams.

Choose Eye-catching Design: Candle labels should remain simple and attractive. Once you have decided what you want your custom candle label to look like, the professional designers of Axiom Print are here to make your wishes come true. Here, at Axiom Print we offer printing labels in custom sizes and in multiple shapes such as rectangular with round corners, rectangular with square corners, circle and of course custom shape. We know how much you prioritize the quality of printed marketing materials that are used for brand or business promotion. And so, out of a variety of materials, our experts put forward the most popular and durable ones. These include white matte bopp, silver gloss bopp, clear gloss bopp, white matte paper and silver gloss paper. We also have uncoated paper and kraft paper for an organic look. For the label to have a rich glossy finish we offer Gloss Lamination. If you want the candle label to look more classical and smooth, we suggest choosing Matte Lamination. And Gloss Gold Glitter is ideal for people who prefer the high-shine candle labels.

We offer high-quality digital printing processes on a huge variety of durable materials, and can be a perfect partner for your candle brand.

And in case you would like a fun and creative way to promote your products, consider our kiss cut stickers as well.

To get you started, don’t hesitate to contact us!

International Print Day at Axiom Print


Oct 21, 2021

International Print Day at Axiom Print

“What gunpowder did for war, the printing press has done for the mind.” - Wendell Phillips

International Print Day is an annual global celebration for all aspects of print and print marketing.

Have you ever imagined what our world would look like without books, beautiful writings, sentimental letters, literature, newspapers, magazines. Just imagine, where we would be if the printing press was not invented. Indeed, the invention of the printing press drastically changed the way we explore the world. Only look around, and you will notice that our lives are bound to printing. We see it everywhere, we use it everyday, in short, printing is everywhere. The invention of the printing press revolutionized the course of our civilization!

Whenever talking about printing, firstly we come up with the most asked questions: How printing was invented and Who invented the printing press? Read on, you will discover so many fascinating facts, you probably haven’t heard before!

The Invention of Printing and the Printing Press

The history of the printing timeline dates back to ancient times, when people launched special writing systems for their languages more than five thousand years ago. Cuneiform is one of the oldest forms of writing. Cuneiform means "wedge-shaped," because people used to write it using a reed stylus cut to make a wedge-shaped spot on a clay tablet. It was created by Sumerians in Mesopotamia about 3100 B.C.E. Surprisingly enough, in this way the Epic of Gilgamesh and other valuable historical writings have been found. But, the first people to formulate a process for manufacturing paper were the Chinese. This was about nineteen hundred years ago.  By the eighth century this process had expanded to the Middle East, with a paper mill running in Baghdad in 794. Then, about four centuries later, in 1151, the first paper mill in Europe was running in Spain. 

The precursor of the printing press is woodblock printing with its movable metal type. Historians believe that this kind of printing flourished in Tang China by the 7th century and was expanded throughout East Asia for printing texts, books, and even images. By the early fifteenth century wood-block printing had reached Europe. 

In Germany, around 1440 the Printing Revolution was marked by the invention of the first ever printing press metallic device. Invented by Johannes Gutenberg, a fifteenth-century professional goldsmith, inventor, printer, and publisher, printing press machines improved on already existing machines through the use of these elements, along with movable metal type that allowed for the fast production of lead alloy type pieces. Gutenberg was the first to make type from an alloy of lead, tin, and antimony, which was very vital for creating durable type that produced high-quality printed books and tested to be far better suited for printing than all previously known materials. This method of copying books enabled a single printing press to provide 3,600 pages per day. By 1500, more than 1,000 Gutenberg presses were distributed in Europe, and by 1600, they had generated over 200 million new books. This incredible invention not only made books affordable for the lower classes, but it helped to spread new and generally controversial ideas.

Types of Printing Press

It was in the late nineteenth century when several printing enthusiasts started modifying the printing press by inserting metal into the press instead of wood. And so the first completely iron printing hand press was invented by Earl Stanhope, after whom the printing press was named. The earliest surviving example of Stanhope Press is dated 1804. The advantage was that from an average of 200 sheets per hour on a wooden hand press it increased to around 250 sheets per hour with two men working the press. 

Next comes the most idealistic printing machine of every romantic writer, that is the Typewriter. The first commercial typewriters were introduced in 1874, but did not gain popularity among offices until 1880. Basically, a typewriter has an array of keys, and each one prints a single character, which is reflected on paper by striking an inked ribbon selectively against the paper with a type element.

After the invention of the typewriter, various mechanical computing devices were developed which supported printing in this or that way. The demand for faster and higher speed led to the development of sophisticated new systems specifically for computer use. The first electronic printer was the EP-101, which was invented by Japanese company Epson and was released in 1968. After which, the printing industry was growing fast, and nowadays, we have the most advanced printing presses. 

Printing Technology at Axiom Print

Contemporary printing technologies have made printing more affordable and uncomplicated than ever, whether we print thousands of custom brochures or a single copy of a paper. The industry has a special role in today's competing digital age. 

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5 tips to organize kickass Halloween party in 2021

Product Feature

Oct 14, 2021

5 tips to organize kickass Halloween party in 2021

“Darkness falls across the land, The Midnight Hour is close at hand.”

Rodney Lynn Temperton

It’s October, which means the most awaited spooky holiday is on its way. Halloween or Hallows’ Eve is the most long- awaited  holiday for all horror enthusiasts, especially in the United States. It's the time of the year when we can all be wrapped up in the gloomy, frightening side of life and enjoy loads of sweets, creepy stories, and networking with famous monstrous characters. It’s very amusing, a little ghostly, and anything but serious. 

The origins of Halloween celebration dates back to the ancient Celtic times, whereas at that time it was celebrated as the holiday of Samhain. Over the centuries it transformed from the pagan ritual ceremony into the fun party we have today. Of course, along with these developments, there are certain symbolic components which are manifested till nowadays. During Celtic Samhain festival people would light up the bonfires and take different masks, hideous costumes to avoid encountering castle ghosts and vampires. Through the years, the holiday evolved into a day of fun entertainment such as carving jack-o-lanterns, apple bobbing, trick-or-treating, thematic gatherings, playing pranks, dressing into specific costumes and preparing sweet treats. People really take Halloween very seriously and they consider it as the second most important event of the year. It is not enough for them to appear in a frightful costume and carve a pumpkin. They are ready for everything and anything. The stranger the better!

Indeed, Halloween arrives once a year, so it’s crucial to get ready to welcome it with its all scare and magnificence. 

Giving your home a spooky look is half the work done. Axiom Print has prepared the most unique and up-to-date decoration tips for your Halloween party that will definitely amaze all the trick-or-treaters, from ghosts to witches, from pumpkins to bats. So, get your haunted place ready with these hair-raisingly fun ideas: 

  1. Halloween Greeting Cards for Friends and Family: Not a secret that the beautiful practice of sending greeting cards still contains that caring-for meaningfulness they have always meant to convey. Greeting cards that speak is a principal aspect to evoke certain emotions. People want to see creative, funny, and unique cards that convey meanings more than words can. It is important to think beyond the box of a regular designed card and make something more interesting and scoopy. Designs that are bold and bright will definitely astonish your friends and family members. The design of Halloween greeting cards may feature the main thematic colors such as white, orange, black and items such as pumpkins, vampires, ghosts, zombies, bats, spiders, black cats. With Axiom Print, it is possible to have your greeting cards’ finishing semi-gloss, high-gloss and silk lamination.
  2. Awkward and Scary Halloween Yard Signs: The front doorway of your house should look like a thrilling haunted place. Yard signs and yard banners are perfect decoration pieces that will certainly leave your guests with open mouths. Both kids and adults will love these little Halloween party decorations. These reusable yard signs are ideal especially for outdoor spaces. Properly chosen designs may include some welcoming words, quotes or jokes about Halloween. 
  3. Frightfully Fun Halloween Banners: These are perfect additions to any Halloween party or Halloween costume party. With much improfision it is possible to add Halloween characters and thematic texts that will definitely catch the attention of any passer-by. In another way, it may be installed in front of the door entrance, so that every newcomer will have that scary feeling of entering into the ghost’s house. 
  4. Mysterious Window Decals: Halloween window decals are the first little decoration details that create the atmosphere of the holiday. Whether you have a store or a shop with windows make sure that this is the perfect solution to draw the attention of your customers or just common people passing by. While the adhesive is long-lasting and stands up to weather and temperature changes, these decals are also rather easy to remove. The decals should be designed accordingly matching with your store’s colors and design. The same about house decorations. With bright orange, white and black colors the decals may also provide a review of what products are being sold inside. Another trick to engage more consumers:)
  5. Halloween Sticker Packs for Everything: Literally and figuratively Halloween stickers may be sticked everywhere including walls, doors, gift boxes, water bottles, journals, phones and laptops. Interestingly enough, stickers are believed to attract people especially for packaging cases. Colorful and glossy looking Halloween sticker packs may be delivered as nice gifts to your guests, especially children. 

Let’s value what we have now, and forget the sad circumstances of 2020, that didn’t let us have some fun and party with our loved ones. This year Halloween gives that fancy opportunity to decorate your home and neighborhood in a very unique scoopy way and treat others how you would want to be treated. And make sure that our creative professionals of Axiom Print are always there to help you with all your weirdest printing wishes.

Sending the prettiest witches on your way, my friend. Happy Halloween!