Hemp v. Marijuana


Apr 20, 2020

Hemp v. Marijuana

Hemp v. Marijuana

Well, considering today is International Weed Day (4/20), we thought it’d be apt to write about the root of it: cannabis plants and the difference between hemp and marijuana. 

Did you know archaeologists found preserved cannabis plants buried with a corpse over 2,500 years ago?


Although according to some experts, there may be traces of cannabis plants being used even earlier around 10,000 BC. Imprints of hemp rope have been found while unearthing ancient Chinese pottery. 

Ancient civilizations using cannabis both for hemp and marijuana begs the question, where did it come from?

Thoughts are that the original cannabis plants grew in Central Asia (parts of India, China and Siberia) before spreading to the rest of the world. 

The cannabis plant itself has several subspecies. Cannabis sativa (aka marijuana) is widely known around the world and you would probably recognize the plant if you saw a photo. Cannabis sativa has psychoactive properties which you can equate to people using recreationally to get high or medicinally for pain relief. 

Hemp comes from a different cannabis plant called the Cannabis sativa L. (the L was included to honor botanist Carl Linnaeus). This subspecies is non-psychoactive and is used in manufacturing products such as oil, textiles and paper.

Cannabis sativa and Cannabis sativa L? You would think we could have been a tad more creative with the names...that can get confusing, right?

Apparently, the two plants are almost genetically identical outside of one enzyme which is why hemp is not psychoactive. 

Below are some uses of industrial hemp:

  • Clothing 
  • Rope
  • Oils
  • Food
  • Paper
  • Skincare

The cannabis industry continues to flourish whether you are speaking of the marijuana market or the industrial hemp market. We are grateful to work with many different CBD companies and handle their packaging, logo design and labels.

Our latest product offering is hemp paper printing whether you are looking for a vape pen box, other packaging, or company business cards...we can print on hemp paper!

Go for the economical, but also environmentally friendly choice. Hemp paper is a great alternative regardless of the type of product you sell. 

If you are interested in packaging, labeling, printing or design, call us at 747-888-7777 or email us at sales@axiomdesigns.com

Sneeze Guards and COVID-19

Product Feature

Apr 13, 2020

Sneeze Guards and COVID-19

Sneeze Guards and COVID-19

With news about COVID-19 flooding your screens, a recent surge in sneeze guards may have caught your attention.

Did you know the “original” sneeze guards were patented in 1959 by restaurateur, Johnny Garneau?

Mr. Garneau was in the food industry business and had several restaurants (buffet or self-service style). If you’ve walked into any restaurant that is self-service, you will notice clear screens meant to protect the food from your bacteria or germs!

Fast forward to the 2013 Food Code, under section 3-306.11 which states that "Food on display shall be protected from contamination by the use of PACKAGING; counter, service line, or salad bar FOOD guards; display cases; or other effective means." 

Fast forward to a new decade, 2020...

We are using sneeze guards (also known as clear acrylic over the counter shields) in a whole different way. 

With many essential organizations still open all around the United States, particularly medical institutions, grocery stores and pharmacies...there is a dire need to protect employees as well as customers.

The CDC is still investigating how coronavirus is transmitted and the social distancing rule is still relevant...however, if you are a grocery store cashier at the checkout counter, you cannot stay 6 feet away from a customer for obvious logistical reasons...so what do you do? 

Below are current examples of how sneeze guards are being used:

  • Many big grocery chains are installing sneeze guards at their counters to create a barrier from someone coughing and potentially infecting their employees. 
  • Walmart confirmed they are placing sneeze guards 
  • Hospitals and clinics are adding sneeze guards particularly at the registration desks to protect their health care workers.
  • Homeless shelters were recommended by the CDC to add sneeze guards at the check-in desks.

We all need to do our part in taking on extra safety precautions to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and flatten the curve. 

Plexiglass over the counter shields can stop droplets from hitting your face when someone across from you sneezes, coughs or spits when they talk.

As a local print company that has many clients that currently need us to be open during this pandemic, we needed to find our own way to keep our employees and clients safe. 

At our own production facility, we created ¼ inch thick plexiglass (clear acrylic) sneeze guards. Our sneeze guard model comes pre-assembled to you when you order. We wanted to make it as convenient as possible!

If you'd like to learn more about and/or purchase our sneeze guards, click here.

We have four standard sizes. Our sneeze guards can be put next to each other on a longer counter.

However, if you would rather just have one sneeze guard of a custom size for your counter, call us at 747-888-7777 or email us at sales@axiomdesigns.com. 

Watch our video if you'd like more information:

Environmental Benefits of Hemp Paper

Product Feature

Apr 6, 2020

Environmental Benefits of Hemp Paper

Environmental Benefits of Hemp Paper

We can all agree that when it comes to printing, finding more eco-friendly or sustainable options is paramount. Reducing global deforestation is extremely important, not only because of our increasing carbon footprint, but also because of the ecological ramifications in terms of wildlife, etc. 

Many of you have called us asking if we print on hemp paper, and we didn’t have the capability until NOW.

We know what you may be thinking...is this legal? Yes, it’s legal! 

The Hemp plant is part of the cannabis family and has been legal in the United States since 2018 due to The Farm Bill. 

Hemp paper can significantly help in saving forests. 

Here are some mind-blowing stats from Ecological Agriculture Projects in Canada:

  • 1 acre of hemp can produce the same amount of paper as 4 acres of trees!!!
  • When making hemp paper, no dioxin-producing chlorine bleach is required
  • Hemp paper can be recycled up to 7 to 8 times, compared with 3 times for wood pulp paper.
  • Hemp returns up to 60% of the nutrients it takes from the soil, when dried in the field.
  • In Kentucky, hemp was grown on the same land for 14 consecutive years and it was reported that there was NO soil depletion or reduction in yield.
  • Hemp is cost-effective to grow since it requires no pesticides.
  • Hemp is also relatively drought-resistant.

Regardless of your political views, hemp paper is also a more economical choice than using tree paper.

As you can tell, we are quite excited about offering hemp paper. We partnered with our longtime vendors, Neenah and Kelly Paper, to provide you with the best quality hemp paper out there!

By selecting hemp pulp for your paper printing needs, we can reduce the deforestation of our beloved country and produce stronger, more environmentally sound paper for less than the price of regular paper. 

You may be wondering what type of marketing materials you could order with hemp paper...

Currently, hemp paper is being used for CBD packaging whether you are producing vape pens (including ccell cartridges), topical products, edibles, etc. On our website, you can select hemp paper as a drop down for paper type in the packaging section. 

You do NOT have to be a CBD company to use hemp paper. Hemp paper is still new and trendy so we are encouraging non-CBD companies to try it out. 

Below are other products we could print for you with hemp paper:

Are you bold? Interested in any of these products listed above?

Stand out from the crowd and reach out to us. At this time, you cannot order it directly online because it is a custom request. If you are interested in printing products using hemp paper, call us at 747-888-7777 or email us at sales@axiomdesigns.com

On a side note, these are not the only products we could print for you with hemp paper. We are always open to evolving and experimenting at our warehouse in Glendale. 

Bristly Toy and BC

Case Studies

Mar 30, 2020

Bristly by Empawer

Bristly by Empawer

We aren’t the only ones that need to brush every day. Our loyal, cuddly best friends can also suffer from a lack of oral health. By age 3, many dogs start to show signs of periodontal disease, also known as gum disease. 

When Bristly by Empawer hired us to design and print their brushing stick (aka toothbrush) packaging, brochures and business cards, we jumped with joy!

Where did we, Axiom Print, begin?

We worked with Bristly to really understand their business and their brand. It’s extremely important for a brand to have a consistent, uniform look and feel across all marketing materials.

Our account managers and designers always do their research and really LISTEN to our clients. 

We started brainstorming ideas. Bristly already does a great job of really emphasizing the adorable qualities of dogs. Their logo is bright blue and white...their mascot is full of personality. 

We did NOT want to create just any regular tri-folded, 2-sided brochure with cute, puppy imagery. Or create a standard box for the brushing stick that anyone else can make. Axiom Print wanted Bristly to stand out. 

Axiom Print’s Process?

Well, we asked ourselves, where does a dog run off with its chewing toy? If a dog has its own little home out on the yard, it would be likely for us to find your lovable dog chewing on its toy there.

Since Bristly’s unique brushing stick is designed to be like a chewable toy so that your pets actually enjoy cleaning their teeth without knowing it...we thought it would be perfect!

Let’s split this into three die cut projects for the purposes of this case study:

  1. Brochure: The brochure was printed on a nice thicker card material than a typical brochure to be sturdier (like a home). The brochure was printed in full color and 2-sided with images of the product and informational content. The roof actually had the ridges to make you feel like it was real.
  2. Packaging: The packaging was meant to house (pun intended!) the brushing stick in a way where pet owners can actually feel and see the product without having to open a box. Visually, we used a die cut to create the ridges of a roof and have a cute dog’s ear popping out as he comes around to look at his “toothbrush.” 
  3. Die Cut Business Cards: Besides the obvious information, like brand logo, name, title and contact information, we wanted something more unique than just classic business cards for Bristly’s CEO and founder, Petros Dertsakyan. We created die cut business cards that have a cute bite in the corner of the business card to remind consumers that Petros works in the pet industry, and specifically in oral health. On the back side of the card, was a photo of a real puppy using the Bristly toothbrush. 

All three projects were a success and if you visit Bristly’s website, you will see our work! 

Just to recap: we asked ourselves, what does Bristly sell? 

Bristly sells a unique toothbrush that cleans your pet’s teeth removing plaque and tartar buildup to keep your pet happy and hopefully, free from periodontal disease. 

His unique selling proposition above is what we used to guide all our creative design and printing decisions, everything from the type of material to color to shape. 

All three of our projects were completed in a timely way to make Petros stand out from his competition. After all, he does have a unique product: Bristly by Empawer Brushing Stick! 

If you have a product and you’re looking for different ways to engage customers...your packaging, printing materials, and business cards are important in getting the message across. Call us at 747-888-7777 or email us at sales@axiomdesigns.com

Womens Council of Realtors Greater LA 2020 Event


Mar 23, 2020

Women's Council of Realtors Greater LA 2020 Event

Women's Council of Realtors Greater LA 2020 Event

In spirit of Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day, we wanted to celebrate someone very special to us, here at Axiom Print. Axiom Print would not be where it is today without her. 

Her name (drumroll, please!) is…

Arsine Sargsyan

Outside of the many hats she wears at the office (HR, Head of Operations, Content Management, etc.), she also promotes Axiom Print services when she is out of the office. 

Arsine spoke earlier this year at the Women's Council of Realtors, Greater LA 2020 Installation to showcase how we (Axiom Print, Inc.) can help realtors market their business. We have had the good fortune of doing a lot of print work for realtors including brochures, business cards, lawn signs and more. When over 80% of home buyers purchase their home through a real estate agent, you need experiential marketing to make a name for yourself. Experiential marketing is anything from touring a couple through a home to creating an open house event or a community tour, etc. 

And how do you increase awareness about your experiential event? 


If you’re a real estate agent, there are many ways you can raise awareness about your home buying and selling capabilities. Many successful real estate agents we know have strong word of mouth referrals, but that’s not enough. Buying and selling a home is a very personal and intimate purchase...a lot of consideration is put behind the decision. 

Seeing the real estate agent’s face on lawn signs or billboards is a way to reinforce your popularity. And if you are in the situation where you are at an event, and someone mentions they are looking to buy a home, you’d want to network with that individual and give them a business card with your likeness and contact information, especially if you had a solid conversation and hit it off. 

First impressions are everything so having the right materials and signage to demonstrate your abilities or personality is key. 

If you’re a realtor, check out our affordable signs: https://axiomprint.com/product/real-estate-open-house-signs-498

BIG NEWS - we have some exciting new developments coming for all our amazing real estate agents! Keep following us for more information!

Axiom Print is Business of the Month!

Company Updates

Mar 16, 2020

Axiom Print is Business of the Month!

Axiom Print is Business of the Month!

A city nestled in Crescenta Valley and home to NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, La Cañada Flintridge (LCF) selected us, Axiom Print, to be business of the month this March. Not only do many of our employees live in the LCF area, but we are also fortunate to do work for several companies in the area. The La Cañada Flintridge Chamber of Commerce was established in 1912. They’ve been operating for more than a century to help their local community and small business owners thrive! A chamber of commerce’s main purpose is to promote local business and economy. 

We are honored to be the business of the month.

We, Axiom Print, were established in 2011. We have been consistently growing year over year and that wouldn’t be possible without our local communities! We are family and minority-owned! Not only are our employees treated like family, but we also consider our clients like family. Many of the companies we work with have been with us for years and keep coming back.

We have a stellar account management team that works with companies and our in-house designers to make sure we deliver a solid, affordable product. We do not take shortcuts and we do not say NO, we always find a solution. 

Have you checked out our top 10 products? 

  1. Business Cards
  2. Paper Printing 
  3. Large Format Printing 
  4. Catalogs, Booklets and Calendars
  5. Car Wraps
  6. Labels 
  7. Custom Packaging
  8. Wedding Invitations
  9. Signs and Installation
  10. Foam Boards

If you see something you need on this list that you are interested in, you can find pricing online. If you do not see what you need on this list, that does NOT mean we do not do it! We recommend calling our office or emailing us if you have questions on special projects or quotes. We do a lot of fun, custom work that is not on the website. 

You can order on our website, call us at 747-888-7777 or swing by our store. Our office is located at 513 State Street in Glendale, CA, which isn’t too far from La Cañada Flintridge!

Once you’ve placed an order, you get paired up with one of our awesome account managers who will work with you to make sure you get exactly what you desire! We like to think we are telepathic, but we are just great at working with people. We work on your order with our creative minds and our skilled hands and then deliver you the end result! 

Coronavirus Update On Operations

Company Updates

Mar 13, 2020

Coronavirus Update On Operations

Coronavirus Update On Operations

To any of you who may be personally affected by COVID-19, your families will be in our thoughts and prayers. Amidst this pandemic and based on yesterday’s message from our Governor, we wanted to inform you of some immediate operational changes that are in effect for the next two weeks until further notice. We will be monitoring the news carefully and updating you accordingly.  

Our main priority is keeping our employees and clients safe. 

Below are the steps we are taking to try and keep us safe during this volatile time. We know that when you read this list, some things may strike you as inconvenient, however, please keep in mind that safety from the Coronavirus is our top priority.

To prevent the spread of the infection:

  • We will not be accepting cash payments at this time.
  • We are limiting our walk-ins to reduce close contact between people since the CDC recommends being six feet apart from people. Please call us before coming in so we can take appropriate measures.  
  • There will be no in-person appointments with designers or account managers. Everything will be done over the phone, email, or video chat.
  • We have enabled telecommuting for our employees.
  • Our offices will only be open Mondays to Fridays for the next two weeks. We will be closed on Saturdays.  
  • We encourage you to use shipping services for delivery (Fedex, UPS, etc.) versus picking up at our office for your safety.
  • Our front desk will be handled via our virtual assistant temporarily, so don’t be alarmed when you see a robot! We think it’s kind of cool, actually!

Our employees are required to wash their hands throughout the day as often as possible to avoid the spread of the virus. Our facility has been disinfected and our employees are clear of the virus at this time and we want to continue to prioritize the health and wellness of everyone. 

We thank you for your patience and cooperation during this difficult time.

Axiom Happy Womens Month

Company Updates

Mar 12, 2020

Happy Women’s History Month!

Happy Women’s History Month!

As you may know, this past Sunday was International Women’s Day! In spirit of both International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month, we’d like to take the time to celebrate the women of Axiom Print!

Especially in a printing business which was handled by men primarily (especially if you’re thinking of Johannes Gutenberg in 1440 with the first printing press in history), we are proud to say we have several amazing, strong women at Axiom Print making magic happen.

Meet our lovely ladies:

  • Arsine - The BOSS - she doesn’t just act like she runs the place, she literally runs the place! Co-owning the company, she has helped Axiom Print grow in the last decade to serve local, national and international clients!

  • Samantha - The FACE - she is quite literally the face of our company among many of her other roles like making sure we all get paid. When you visit our office in Glendale, she is the first person you see and she will make your day even brighter!

  • Talin, Diana, Anahit - The PLANNERS - outside of being outstanding account managers, they’re each responsible for clients from a myriad of industries ranging from small to large-scale businesses. They work within your budget and timeline to make sure you get what you need as well as help you meet your marketing goals by finding solutions to your problems.

  • Shushan, Lilit - The DESIGNERS - an idea is lovely, but you need it to come to fruition. These women make your vision come true in a creative way. Whether it’s something sleek like a high fashion magazine to an adorable package to sell puppy toothbrushes (yes, that’s a real thing!), they have skilled hands and creative minds. 

  • Ashna - The STRATEGIST - while we have a team of people busy assisting our amazing clients and helping them market their businesses or brands, who could we rely on? Our first in-house marketing hire (quite literally because she started two weeks ago), she is up for the challenge!

We could write about these charming women all day, but we’d rather just show you our incredible team of strong women!