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Jun 30, 2020

Are Door Hangers Still Relevant?

Are Door Hangers Still Relevant?

Yes, the answer is YES!


Take Tony, for example...


Tony opened a new pizza restaurant and he wants to give people in his neighborhood a heads up that they can order takeout or delivery. Tony just spent most of his money to open his restaurant so he needs to find an economical way to advertise to his new neighbors. What does Tony do? He leaves door hangers! Tony saved on mailing costs and his neighbors are more likely to read the door hangers because they will see them before they open the door.


Now we get could argue this scenario would have worked before the pandemic since now is not an ideal time to be opening a new business! Okay, well hear us out and let’s go back to Tony.


Tony had to close down his pizza restaurant during Governor Newsom’s stay at home order. Being a small business, he had a hard time relying on sporadic takeout orders, so he closed down for a couple months. Now that businesses are opening back up and restaurants are even opening up their doors for outside dining, Tony decided to resume operations (following all COVID-19 safety precautions, of course!). 


He’s obviously tight on funds so how does Tony advertise? 


Tony designs an easy door hanger with his restaurant’s number, a coupon and photos of his most popular food items. He orders DOOR HANGERS in bulk and goes around hanging them outside people’s doors. He saved on mailing costs. 


So to circle back, door hangers are still relevant today, arguably now more than ever.


Top three benefits to using door hangers to advertise your business:

  1. Guaranteed Visibility - the homeowner actually has to remove it from the door when entering their home.
  2. Cheap Alternative - costs a fraction of the expense as if you had spent money on radio or TV ads.
  3. Brand Awareness - companies that distribute door hangers are typically local so people are more likely to remember your name when they think of nearby places


As more businesses try to return to some semblance of normalcy during these COVID-19 times, door hangers are a great way to stand out from your competitors. Depending on your budget for door hangers, you can print on both sides, in full color, or with some fun enhancements like foil or raised spot UV. Update people on a change in operations or maybe a special deal/promotion you’re running via door hangers today.


If you need help designing door hangers or would like to learn more information, check out our product page:

Flags July 4th


Jun 24, 2020

Flags and July 4th

Flags and July 4th 

Every year around this time, you will see more flags flying outside homes or buildings than before. Red stands for valor, white stands for purity and blue stands for justice. These three colors make up our beautiful American flag. The stripes represent the original 13 colonies and the stars represent the states. 

All over the country, July 4th is celebrated through flag displays, fireworks, picnics, and barbecues. Now in this crazy world of COVID-19, many firework celebrations have been canceled to avoid large crowd gatherings. We may have to adapt to the new norm of social distancing in how we gather, but companies are keeping with their typical discounts.

Online retailers will be discounting days in advance of July 4th (many companies have started already). 

Whether you’re buying a new mattress or a new grill you want to fire up for your independence day barbecue, it’s become customary for steep discounts during the long weekend. Besides hanging up the original rectangular American flag, many companies are opting to use flags to show a July 4th sign with messaging like, “Happy 4th” or “July 4th Sale.” 

Whether you’re looking to fly a flag during July 4th or you actually have a sale announcement, flags are economical.

There are many types of flags that are used for advertising or display:

  • Custom Pole Flag - great if you’re flying the flag on a pole outside 
  • Econo Feather flag - design keeps the flag from wrapping itself
  • Teardrop Flag - unique, rather dramatic curve that makes it great for indoor events too
  • Feather Angled Flag - you can use a cross base or ground stake
  • Rectangle Flag - you can use a cross base or ground stake
  • Giant Flag - usually comes with a water base because of its size

Because most flags are printed on polyester, they are long lasting, washable and reusable year over year. 

Here are five reasons why flags are a fabulous marketing tool (not just for July 4th but year round):

  1. Easy to assemble
  2. Low cost
  3. Portable
  4. Weather-resistant
  5. Efficient (small and take up vertical space)

You can print on one side or both sides of the flag, depending on what you need. We offer full printing services for flags. 

The Origin of Father’s Day


Jun 15, 2020

The Origin of Father’s Day

The Origin of Father’s Day 

Ever heard the idiom, “behind every great man is a great woman?”

Well, even in the case of Father’s Day, it was a woman who campaigned to celebrate her father and all fathers in America before it became a nationally celebrated holiday. Let’s take you back to 1909. 

Sonora Smart Dodd, was the daughter of William Jackson Smart. He was a twice married, twice widowed Civil War veteran with 14 children. Talk about a lot of responsibility! It all started when Sonora attended a Mother’s Day ceremony at her church in Spokane, Washington when she realized that her father deserved just as much appreciation as your mother. Sonora’s mother died when she was 16 years of age, so her father ended up taking care of her and playing both the role of the mother and father.

She never forgot how much her father loved her.

She decided to draft a petition for a special Father’s Day service to celebrate all fathers on her actual father’s birthday (June 5) and presented it before the Spokane Ministerial Alliance. The clergy agreed to arrange it, but due to June 5 coming up sooner than they could prepare, they set the date to the third week of June (June 19). Church sermons across Spokane were dedicated to celebrating fathers. Red roses were given if their father was still alive and white roses were given if their father had passed on. The mayor and even governor of Washington became involved, which motivated Sonora to travel the country petitioning for it to become a nationwide holiday.

It took her almost 62 years of campaigning for her dream of a national Father’s Day to eventually come true. In 1970, Congress passed the Joint Resolution 187 and President Richard Nixon signed it in 1972, officially making Father’s Day a national American holiday. 

Sonora Smart Dodd and the bond with her father, William Jackson Smart, is definitely something we should aspire to have. Her memory continues to live on and we agree with her, fathers should be appreciated and acknowledged for their hard work. 

Fast forward to 2019, in an article by National Geographic, we (Americans) were “expected to spend $16 billion for Father’s Day, with the most popular gifts being greeting cards, outings, and clothing,” according to the National Retail Federation. 

If you haven’t bought your father a card or something else to acknowledge Father’s Day, we hope you do so. 

Watch our video for some gift ideas!

The Growing Market Share of Custom T-shirt Printing


Jun 1, 2020

The Growing Market Share of Custom T-shirt Printing

The Growing Market Share of Custom T-shirt Printing

Customized t-shirts are constantly being used to market brands and social causes. Whether you’re buying a t-shirt at a Disney theme park for your child or you’re wearing a t-shirt you received after a breast cancer awareness walk, customized t-shirts grab people’s attention. Last year, the custom t-shirt printing global market was valued at 3.4 billion dollars. 

Printing custom t-shirts is a great way to increase your brand visibility. 

Part of the reason for the upward growth year after year is due to the entertainment and sports industries. Instead of buying a generic t-shirt, consumers would rather spend the money on a t-shirt that has their favorite character, movie line, or logo printed on it. For example, gargantuan franchises like Marvel or Game of Thrones have a loyal following all over the world. The same goes for local sports clubs as well as national sports teams. 

Investing in quality textiles for your t-shirt is important. The longer your t-shirt lasts, the longer your “off the clock” marketing campaign will last. T-shirts are cheaper to print than using a traditional marketing medium like a TV commercial spot. 

There are three types of t-shirt printing:

  1. Screen printing
  2. Digital printing or Direct-to-Garment printing
  3. Plot printing

Screen printing is the largest piece of market share and is one more the traditional ways used to print t-shirts. You burn a piece of screen for each color and lay down the artwork in layers. Great for dark colored shirts, screen printing is commonly used for thicker, bolder designs. The downside is that it is labor intensive so often screen printing is done in other parts of the world where cost of labor is lower.

Digital printing is when your artwork is directly printed from the computer to your t-shirt.Great for lighter color shirts or when you are trying to print complex artwork with many shades (for example, a photo you took of Griffith Park during sunset). It also tends to be a quicker process than screen printing and is more detailed; however, the printer may not be able to print as many of them at a time.

Plot Printing holds the smallest piece of market share, but is steadily growing. Plot printing is when the design is mechanically cut from the plot foil and then melted onto the t-shirt. Plot printing is typically limited to only three colors in a design. Each color is its own foil and the design is then placed by hand on the t-shirt before being melted by a combination of heat and pressure. 

At Axiom Print, our method of printing shirts is a combination of plot and digital printing. 

Instead of mechanically cutting the design from foil, we digitally print the color design on foil. Then, we place that design on the t-shirt and use heat to melt it onto the fabric. If you’re interested in hiring us for your t-shirt printing needs, call us at 747-888-7777 or email us at

Overall, custom t-shirt printing is here to stay. Forecasts suggest that by 2027, the custom t-shirt printing market will reach 6.7 billion dollars worldwide. 

Virtual Graduations

Product Feature

May 28, 2020

Virtual Graduations

Virtual Graduations

Hope everyone enjoyed Memorial Day weekend! Thinking back to the time we graduated from college, it’s hard to think of what it would have been like if we didn’t have a graduation ceremony. Or if we had to watch it on video? Granted, that wasn’t really a possibility due to technology not being as good as it is now AND we didn’t have to worry about a global pandemic like the kids today!

After all that hard work, these young 2020 graduates won’t be able to share their last college or high school hurrah with their families, friends, and faculty members. Due to the contagious nature of Coronavirus, it makes sense that schools have canceled, postponed, or conducted graduation ceremonies virtually. Sure, it’s the safe and practical thing to do from a University standpoint; however, seniors are unhappy. 

Young graduates have been posting sad TikTok videos or tweets to try and express themselves during this trying time, but not all hope is lost... 

There are tangible ways for you to celebrate your recently graduated son or daughter’s achievements. 

You may not be able to invite people, but you can still throw a small little party with the people who already live in your household. 

Here are eight ideas to make your son or daughter feel special:

  1. Add custom coroplast yard signs in the front of your house
  2. Hang vinyl banners inside your home or outside your main entrance
  3. Gift your son or daughter an acrylic puzzle with their photo on it
  4. Stick fun decals or window clings in your son or daughter’s room
  5. Print a photo of them in a cap and gown on a canvas wrap or foam board
  6. Design a custom message with his/her photo and print an acrylic photo frame
  7. Create a set of bookmarks you can mail to family members with your child’s photo in a cap and gown
  8. For graduates over 21, you can pop a bottle of champagne with a custom label

We all need to grow accustomed to a new way of life as scientists work hard to find a vaccine. However, these constraints enable you to become more creative! 

At Axiom Print, we are a half glass full type of people.

We encourage you to do the same and find ways to lift your young graduate’s spirits!

Watch our video!

Rise In Plexiglass Protection In COVID Times

Product Feature

May 18, 2020

Rise In Plexiglass Protection In COVID Times

Rise In Plexiglass Protection In COVID Times

According to Google, “sneeze guards” is a keyword that has increased by 200% in search rankings recently. 


Because we (all us humans) are itching to get out of the house and hoping for life to go back to “normal” or “pre-COVID.” 

Here’s the harsh reality we must all face in this global pandemic: COVID-19 is not going away anytime soon. BUT, that does not mean we cannot resume to some semblance of normalcy. 

As we enter new phases of the stay at home order where businesses slowly start to re-open, we will need protection (employees and customers). 

For this reason, many manufacturing businesses that would ordinarily be closed are considered essential as they turn to making plexiglass products for protection. For example, CTECH Manufacturing is known for cabinets, carts and drawers; however, they will now also produce sneeze guards for Road America.

Plexiglass, or clear acrylic, is durable and easy to clean. For this reason, it’s the main material being used to make various types of sneeze guards.

Here at Axiom Print, we’ve come up with three types of products:

  1. Sneeze Guard for counters - for banks, nail salons, offices, etc.
  2. Stand Alone Sneeze Guard - for medical offices, waiting areas, etc.
  3. Sneeze Guard for vehicles - for Uber, Lyft or taxicab drivers

As more and more businesses reopen to help the economy, business owners will have to take a reasonable amount of accountability to ensure they are implementing safety precautions for employees and customers.

Sure, businesses cannot 100% eliminate the risk of an employee or customer contracting COVID-19...but they can reduce the risk!

It’s a tricky situation as politicians try and figure out a way to prevent economic decline while safeguarding all we can do is buy ourselves time for the CDC to find a vaccine that works.  

How do we buy ourselves time? 

By taking extra safety precautions to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and flatten the curve. 

Plexiglass sneeze guards can help stop droplets from hitting your face when someone across from you sneezes, coughs or speaks.

As you know, we’ve been making sneeze guards for countertops in our local production facility and that has become one of our top products in the past few weeks. 

We also have two new products: 

  1. Ride Guard - A 1/8 thick clear acrylic sneeze guard for vehicles, specifically for ridesharing vehicles or taxi cabs to protect backseat passengers and drivers. 
  2. Stand Alone Sneeze Guard - A clear acrylic tall sneeze guard with an aluminum (or wooden) stand that is meant to separate people that are sitting in a common area, like a clinic’s waiting room.
Petals LA

Case Studies

May 12, 2020

Petals LA

Petals LA

We are talking about huge celebrity events all over the country...Saco Sarkissian created a wonderful floral event design company that continues to astonish people with his couture wedding flowers and bridal bouquets. From Grammy winners to A-list movie stars, he is definitely one of the most coveted florists in Los Angeles. 

When Petals LA hired us for their printing needs, we were ecstatic!

Where did we, Axiom Print, begin?

What began as printing their company’s logo on polos for staff to wear, ended up becoming something much larger years down the line. We like to think Saco consistently comes back to us because we really understand the Petals LA business and brand. 

It’s extremely important for a brand to have a consistent, uniform look and feel across all marketing materials.

Our account managers and designers always do their research and really LISTEN to our clients. Axiom Print wanted Petals LA to stand out. 

Below are the additional four ways we have helped Petals LA with their marketing and printing needs:

  1. Gold foil note cards
  2. Matching gold foil envelopes for his note cards
  3. Raised Spot UV business cards
  4. Vehicle wrap 

Let’s split the projects above into three for the purposes of this case study:

  1. Note Cards and Matching Envelopes: The note cards were printed on #100 linen cover. Linen paper has a rich, sleek look when used. It’s quite common to see wedding invitations printed in linen. Since Petals LA does custom floral design work for high-end weddings, it made sense to pick a paper that gave the same feel. The note cards and envelopes had a matching design with the gold foil border. 
  2. Raised Spot UV Business Cards: Consistent with the notecards and envelopes, the business cards had the same flower sketch in black. Instead of doing the gold foil box outline, we decided to use the pink color from the logo. Not only do these business cards catch the light from the spot UV, but you can actually feel the smooth flower outline because of the raised spot UV. The back side of the card contained the contact information. The business cards are elegant and memorable.
  3. Vehicle Wrap: We have experience wrapping all types of vehicles: sedans, vans, SUVs, and trucks. In the case of Petals LA, when they’re traveling to LA installing their latest floral design for an event, having a van wrapped with their beautiful logo and flowers would be far more memorable than just a plain vehicle. 

All of these projects were a success and if you ever see a Petals LA vehicle on the road, you will see our work.

Just to recap: we asked ourselves, what does Petals LA sell? 

Petals LA sells luxurious flowers and design, arguably, the best flower arrangements depending on who you ask!  

His A-list clientele and gorgeous designs guided all our creative design and printing decisions, everything from the type of material to color to shape. 

All projects were completed in a timely way to make Saco stand out from his competition. After all, he built an incredible company: Petals LA!

If you have a product and you’re looking for different ways to engage customers...your vehicles, printing materials and business cards are important in getting the message across. Call us at 747-888-7777 or email us at 

Personalized Gifting For Mother’s Day

Product Feature

May 4, 2020

Personalized Gifting For Mother’s Day

Personalized Gifting For Mother’s Day

Let’s go back to memory you remember creating Mother’s Day arts and crafts in elementary school? Even if it was just a bunch of scribbles (unless you’re Michelangelo), your mom probably kept all of your childhood artwork. When you’re all grown up, she still looks at that artwork and it takes her back to the time you were little. 

Personalized gifts are sentimental, they are gifts from the heart. 

When it comes to gifting your mom, she will probably tell you she doesn't want anything, just your love. But you still want to give her something...something special to show your thoughtfulness, love, and appreciation.

After all, where would we be without all that love and nurturing from our mother?

Well, we are here to tell you, your mother will love a personalized gift from you.  

Top 3 reasons why she’ll love a custom gift:

  1. Unique - no one else will have it on the market
  2. Memorable - will not forget the who, what, why, when
  3. Special - it came from you, her baby 

Typically for Mother’s Day, families take their mom out for brunch or dinner, but we live in a weird time. With COVID-19, seeing our parents may actually be dangerous since we may not know if we are infected or not. Staying at home and keeping the social distance is the new normal. It does not mean that the gap cannot be bridged. 

Creating a custom gift online and shipping it directly to your mother in time for Sunday will brighten her day.

Have you been searching for a great gift idea?

Below are some of our favorite gift ideas:

  • Photo Printing on Foam Boards
  • Canvas Wrap Printing
  • Custom Labels for Wine Bottles
  • Photo Printing on an Acrylic Frame
  • Set of Personalized Bookmarks

Watch our video!

Foam Board Printing Photos

Product Feature

Apr 27, 2020

10 Reasons to Print Photos on Foam Boards

10 Reasons to Print Photos on Foam Boards

Do you remember the time when you went to CVS or another pharmacy to get your photos printed? You could use their machine where you plug in your USB and decide on the size you want printed?

Once you’ve printed your photo, you drive over to a frame shop where you:

  • Spend a lot of time trying to figure out a frame that not only complements your photo but also your room decor. 
  • Receive a large bill 
  • Pick up your framed photo in glass and hope you do not break it before you hang it in your desired room

That wasn’t that long ago folks!

Why bother trying to take your print to a frame shop nowadays when photo printing has come a long way in the past decade or two? When you look at your lovely family photo on the wall, you don’t want to think about how much money you spent to put up the want to focus on the memory.

One of the many benefits of recent printing technology is the affordability and accessibility of printing photos. 

Printing on foam board directly is extremely economical. 

Foam board or foamcore board is made of a dense foam core sandwiched between two sheets of matte paper. Foam core is typically made from polystyrene, the same plastic that is also used to make styrofoam. Because the polystyrene core is 95-98% air, foam core boards are incredibly lightweight.

Have you been searching for a great gift idea?

Here are our top 10 reasons to use foam boards to print your next beautiful photo:

  1. Super affordable - you save time and money on framing
  2. Lightweight - polystyrene core is 95-98% air
  3. Portable - you can easily move the photo whenever you need without worry (e.g. swap it out for holidays)
  4. Tactile - you don’t have to worry about fingerprints like you would on glass
  5. Long lasting - as long as you take good care of it
  6. Durable - strong enough to stand on its own or be mounted
  7. Focus is on your photo - no need to worry about borders or frame matching
  8. Options - easy to add a finish from glossy to textured to matte
  9. Flexible - can print any size or shape easily
  10. Trendy - gift something personal to loved ones (hint: Mother’s Day is coming up on May 10th)

Foam boards are becoming increasingly popular and trendy for all the reasons mentioned above. 

If you are interested in ordering foam boards, visit this page.

If you are looking to decorate your own home or you have a photo exhibition coming soon, we highly recommend using foam boards. You’ll love it. We just designed and decorated our own foam boards for our office with inspirational quotes that we printed in our own production facility in Glendale.

Check out our fun time lapse video!