Triplex ColorEdge Cards

Your brand will be incomplete without up-to-date and multi-layered business cards. Our Triplex Color Edge Business Cards are a splendid means of taking your business communication to another level. These ultra thick colored edge business cards available at Axiom Print will give a sophisticated look to your business impressing your customers and delighting them with Triplex (3-layered) design.

The magic of Triplex Business Cards lies in its middle layer. It’s up to you which color to choose to finalize your brand identity with a tasteful touch. The specialty of these cards is the possibility of playing with colors and texture. Coming in two options at AxiomPrint, uncoated and silk laminated, these business cards allow you to unify different stocks and different colors in one simple card. Due to its unique design and chosen colors, you can showcase a marvelous design of colored business cards leaving an unforgettable footprint in people’s minds.

Our experienced designers at Axiom Print will help you to create the most elegant colored edge business cards ever to fully reflect the whole beauty of your brand colors. Let’s agree it’s really an exquisite and outstanding way to impress your customers and leave an ideal first impression. Our three-layer business card printing services can also be spiced with additional custom features like foil stamping, embossing and raised spot UV.

Take your chance and create the most extravagant and personalized business cards at Axiom Print right now!

Choose Color Core Three Layer Business Card Printing Services in Los Angeles

Do you want a business card that people can’t put down? Our Colored Core Business cards are a great way to get more attention. This cards from Axiom Print that stand out with their vibrant colors and HQ, makes them easy to spot. And a super thick, heavy stock shows customers that you’re polished and professional. Whether you own your own business, want to spread the word, reach a large number of people, or simply want to create a look of professionalism these cards are perfect. With endless design opportunities and freedom, these cards are both versatile and individualized for you.  The color core of these cards makes a big statement of its own. Choose a simpler design for maximum impact and be sure to choose a color fill that complements your design’s colors.

You are guaranteed to leave a long-lasting impression when using our Colored Core Business cards from Axiom Print. Our business cards stand out in customers hands and also in their minds. Their vibrant color and their premium thickness make them unique and unforgettable. These cards show that your company is creative and professional. When it comes to your business, don't wait for an opportunity, create it. Make a lasting impression with quality cards with us, at Axiom Print.

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