Saddle Stitch Catalog Printing

One of the bookbinding methods offered by Axiom Print is saddle stitching which implies the use of wire staples for connecting the pages and the cover at the spine. The staples go through the folded crease of the spine from the outer side and clinch in between the centermost pages. Depending on the size of your catalog, the number of staples might be different. Commonly, 2 staples are enough.

Simplicity combined with beautiful design and eye-catching images will draw people’s attention to your business and raise interest. Our saddle stitch catalogs are not only high-quality, durable and long-lasting but also highly affordable which makes them a real catch for any business. At AxiomPrint the saddle stitch catalog design and printing process is done with the top level of professionalism by a team of highly qualified and experienced specialists. Just give us the message about your business, services or products you want to communicate to your target audience and the design specs, the rest will be done by our printing gurus.

Saddle stitch catalogs can come with many pages - from 4 up to 70 which gives you a great opportunity to represent your business in the most detailed way. With the right chosen design and images, the readers won’t get bored. You can use these catalogs at different trade shows, conferences or other relevant events as giveaway items about your company. Keep them at your office or store so as to give them to interested people. Besides, the good thing is you can also choose the size of the catalog - they can be small-size pocket pamphlets or book-size catalogs.

Save your money by ordering Axiom Print’s high-standard, attractive and uniquely designed saddle stitch catalogs to promote your business and increase your sales!

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