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Coroplast or corrugated plastic is lightweight, water and shockproof, durable and long-lasting material that can resist corrosion. The material is made from a high-impact polypropylene resin that can be easily cut with a utility knife.

At Axiom Print we offer the highest quality, versatile and most durable Coroplast that you could think of. This product can be used for different purposes some of which include:

  1. Humanitarian Relief: Corrugated plastic is perfect for temporary shelters after floods, earthquakes and other disasters. Due to being lightweight, Coroplast sheets are easily transported by air.

  2. Packaging: Being versatile, flexible and impact resistant, moreover, eco-friendly, this product is great for use in packaging, e.g., agricultural products.

  3. Signage: You can have Coroplast prints in different colors. They are also utterly easy to fix using a number of different methods.

  4. Outdoor Advertising and Billboards: Promote your business and gain more customers by using Coroplast as an eye-catching and engaging marketing technology.

  5. Medical Applications: Coroplast can also be used in emergency situations. If a person’s limb is broken, rolling the material around it will help provide impact protection and body heat retention.

  6. Other Applications: Coroplast is also used by modellers for building airplanes. The lightweightness and the rigidity of this material are great for wing and fuselage construction.

Order your Coroplast from Axiom Print and rest assured about the high quality of the material, its beautiful design (done according to your requirements), longevity and durability. And all of this will be provided to you at the most affordable prices.


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  • Product Name: Coroplast
  • Material: 4mm White Coroplast
  • Printed Sides: 1 Side Printing
  • Finishing: Direct Print (No Lamination)
  • Custom Cut: No Custom Cut (Rectangular)
  • Grommets: No Grommets
  • Size: 2ft 0in x 2ft 0in
  • Turnaround:
  • Quantity: 1