Printed restaurant essentials

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Feb 22, 2022

Seize the Season With Bold New Printed Restaurant Essentials

We are always excited about trying new food! Stopping at a restaurant is the perfect opportunity to have a new cuisine or a common dish that we have never tried before. Today's society dictates that treating yourself to a meal out in a restaurant or cafe diminishes the efforts of cooking an unfamiliar meal yourself at home. Whereas instead, you truly experience an authentic tasting journey, which also unveils how it is supposed to be prepared and tasted before you dare give it a go on your own. And many agree that eating out is a kind of opportunity to embrace new ideas, get some kind of motivation and explore new cultural experiences. 

Customers may get enchanted with the served meal, welcoming staff and get obsessed with the magical taste of the meal, but there is one big note they will never overlook. Almost all of us have had unpleasant cases during our restaurant-filled stories. How many times have you felt that you will never ever come back to that restaurant because it is kind of unwelcoming and you notice what a terrible environment you are sitting in.

The restaurant business is highly competitive. Despite being a dynamic industry, it is also inclined to a number of challenges. However, with thorough planning and right execution, you can master the art of owning and running a successful restaurant business, and be one of the competitors in the industry. 

Do you consider you have the tools your restaurant needs to be successful? Though you may have an incredible kitchen and most handsome staff, you may not have all of the essential tools you need to boost your restaurant and engage more customers. There are obvious choices like clean kitchen, durable ovens, and fresh food, but there are other eye-catching points that are overlooked by some restaurants. We share a list of most vital printed essentials your restaurant will need to help you rise above the rest. Check it out to make sure your restaurant is operating as powerfully as possible! 

Well-designed A-frame signs: An A-frame signicade is one of these best options to advertise your business like a restaurant or cafe, and a smart way to direct and inform visitors. A-frame signs are also popular with the names such as sandwich boards or pavement signs. Made up of corrugated plastic or vinyl adhesive, it catches the attention of people walking by. They come in several sizes, custom printed to go well with your restaurants and definitely boost your brand visibility. A-frame signs provide an interactive way to showcase special menu offers and some popular exact-time foods. In two words, these signs are pick-and-carry options to introduce a restaurant’s personality. 

Custom Printed Menus: Not a secret, printed menus are always close at hand and easy to read. Printed menus are perfect motivators which provide high ROI for businesses. Well-designed and professionally-printed restaurant menus maintain a sophisticated image with people who choose your place.  If a restaurant has generic menus or ones that look dated, damaged or unprofessional, this will decrease your sales and customer flow. Your unique, daily, weekly, seasonal items will definitely boost sales and keep people coming back for more.

Custom Printed Table Tent Cards: Tent card is again one of the smartest marketing tools that implies direct advertising. The exciting thing about tent cards is that it is hard to ignore them. They are just in front of your eyes. The power of table tent cards printing lies within the fact that it highly increases the chance that your customers will definitely order what is displayed on the tent cards. No one can resist the temptation of the pictures of tasty snacks, enticing appetizers and desserts. And so, these miniature displays are considered to be strong attraction grabbers. You just need a simple guide assistance where to put table tents. We suggest putting them in places where people can easily notice them and your offer can never be refused by your clients. 

Well-thought Printed Flyers: A restaurant flyer is much more than just a couple of pieces of paper that fit well with your restaurant essentials. When designed right, your restaurant flyer can be a representation of your brand, theme, and the quality your restaurant offers. Besides including your special menu offers or hour specials, you may also include considerable discount coupons which is a great booster for your clients next time they return to your place. Flyers are a communication circle for your brand. They are cheap, easy to make, and you can print them as much as you want without damaging your marketing budget and hurting your brand image.

As you can see, there are loads of printed essentials that can help enhance your restaurant image and help you boost the sales. Now that you have a greater awareness of the product benefits mentioned above you can surely increase your restaurant revenue and foster growth. Moreover, we can do it together. Trust Axiom Print, we will help your restaurant stand out among other competitors!

President's Day 2022 with custom made stationery

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Feb 15, 2022

Celebrate Presidents’ Day With Custom Printed Stationery

Presidents' Day is celebrated every year on the third Monday of February. On that special day we honor our first President, George Washington, whose birthday is February 22 and who was elected Commander in Chief of the Continental Army in May 1775, leading armies during the American Revolution. Almost all Americans refer to the holiday as the plural Presidents Day because it is that special day to celebrate the birthday of President Abraham Lincoln as well, who was born February 12, 1809.

The significance of the holiday between the birthdays of President Washington and President Lincoln gave rise to the popular name of Presidents Day. Presidents Day, which this year falls on Monday, February 21, 2022, is our federal holiday which is celebrated by most federal workers. 

In this day and age, most important holidays get lost in the hustle and bustle of our everyday life.  Hence, we want to make sure that people know about the huge contribution that our ancestors had in shaping the history of our nation. 

We have organized a list of must-printables that will definitely help you bring this national holiday to life by giving people an opportunity to explore more about the importance of President's Day and experience the past and present of our nation.

Custom Printed Notepads:  Studies have proven that comprehension is improved when people write down their own notes rather than rely on materials provided by the Internet or others. Note taking helps people keep in mind the information and assists in better understanding. By jotting down some notes, one forces himself to create a conceptual mental representation of the ideas that are grappling with him. Hence, the creative ideas for printing notepads may also cover this holiday design.

Custom Printed Pens: A pen is one of the essential accessories of stationary we use every day. A printed promotional pen carrying a certain kind of theme can have a great impact on people. Within Business promotion campaigns pens play a major role. It is one of the cheapest marketing tricks with high investment returns.  People often take pens accidentally and then carry them to new locations with them. A pen with a vivid design can be an extra promotion with very little effort.

Custom Printed Presentation Folders: Presentation folders or just pocket folders hold the documents and papers that are of great importance. We carry them everywhere and this habit comes from our school years. We used to collect each course's textbooks in the different separate presentation folders. While we chose the ones which had bright colors, now the market suggests presentation folders with more sophisticated designs. Consider having these folders printed according to the theme of this holiday. Include information and pictures about these genius men and spread the word about the important events everywhere. 

To learn history well is one of the basis to sculpt a smart generation. It is our history that shows us figures of genius people, models of appropriate and responsible citizenship, the mistakes of our ancestors and the societal development that our generation can bring about. Accordingly, we should never ever regret investing so much in education. 

While talking about the importance of stationary, it is crucial to keep in mind what tremendous work printed stationery can do to promote your business. But this is another nice story that we will explore in our upcoming blogs. So stay tuned and happy Presidents Day!

Custom Wedding invitation printing in LA

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Feb 10, 2022

Your Go-To Wedding Stationery Checklist

The couples around the world will soon commemorate Valentine’s Day by exchanging gifts, giving flowers, jewelry, and sweets to their significant halfies. Whereas some couples are already planning to celebrate the most awaited day of their life.  And yes, it is about the wedding day!

Planning a wedding can feel overwhelming and easily turn into 12+ months for obsessing over wedding issues and drama. Some couples often hire special wedding planners to help them cope with their wedding confusions, meanwhile, there are many reasons why they must also take on some part of the responsibilities on their own. With so many arrangements to keep in mind and tasks to accomplish, one should break down the year month by month, and take on the planning process step by step.  

Organization plays a pivotal role in keeping everything on track when you are wrapped up with checklists, decisions, and deadlines. With regards to weddings, we are here to cover some tips on what wedding essentials one should never dismiss.

And so, once you have already figured out the budget, your wedding outlook, venue, date and time, and even the cake filling, it is high time you started preparing wedding stationary. The latter gives your guests all the important details regarding the place, the date and time, the dress code, the directions for reaching the venue, the gift list information about your wedding and most importantly it’s just a nice way to let you know if they are coming or not. Wedding stationery is one of the consistent parts of information before and throughout your wedding party. It is a visual and significant part of your day. With the guidance of your wedding stationary your guests will have a wonderful time without questioning others about the agenda of your wedding or where they can park their car. To some manners, printed wedding stationery creates a kind of anticipation from the very first sight of your invitation cards.

In this digital era, where email invites chase people everywhere, printed invitations have become far less common for important life events. But, a wedding invitation is a very personal thing and it's not just a plain paper with some dates and names on. It is a brick of family history. Accordingly, let’s keep the sequence and start from the very beginning.

  • Save-the-dates: These are not mandatory but, if you and your spouse-to-be decide to send one, it must be sent 4 to 6 months earlier and show some details about the city of your wedding, the venue, and that soon they will receive a formal invitation. A heart-warming photo of your couple may be pinned on the card.

  • Bachelorette Party Invitations: These invitations should be designed, printed and sent out 1 to 2 months in advance. From these cards your guests should know when and where to come, what gifts are anticipated and how long they are going to stay at your venue. 

  • Wedding Invitation Sets: Invitation cards create a sort of excitement and it should always reflect the couple and overall the wedding theme. Before choosing the colors and themes of your invitation cards, make sure you know what exactly a true wedding invitation suite should include. Here are the main pieces you have to consider:

  • Outer Envelope - including the recipient's address
  • Inner Envelope -  including the title and last name of the invitees
  • Invitation Card - including details such as who's getting married, the date, the name of the venue, and the city
  • Reception Card - including the name and address of the venue
  • Response Card - an option to collect your RSVPs

  • Ceremony Program: You should certainly order printed programs if your wedding is a tremendous one. Programs generally include the couple's name, time and date, location of the ceremony, a warm welcome, the names of everyone involved in the party and of course a brief representation of what you are going to do, what activities are intended and whether there will be some invited artists.

  • Escort Card: A printed nice chart showing the guests where they are on their way to dinner. An interesting solution to direct guests to their tables.

  • Place Cards: These are a bit formal version of escort cards. The cards should include your guests name and surname or nickname, and should be placed on their places. The main difference is that a place card not only directs guests to their table, but also points every guest to his or her particular place around the table. 

  • Menu Cards: No need to mention that these special cards provide overview of what meals the guests are going to be served.

It is not the whole story, but we have highlighted only the most important wedding stationery essentials. And if you reached this point while reading, it means you are about to host an amazing wedding party. Collect the list of your desired stationary and order a quality printing or just trust our creative team of Axiom Print. We create a unique design and print experience for each customer. Axiom Print experts will guide you through product and design selection that will best suit your needs.

Before ordering your wedding essentials Axiom Print gives that opportunity to place an order and have proof/generic samples ready for you to review the quality and design of the cards. If there is anything about the samples that you would like to change, they can make as many revisions as needed.

acrylic letters printing

Product Feature

Feb 3, 2022

A Fool-Proof Formula for Valentine's Day Marriage Proposals

“Because of you, I laugh a little harder, cry a little less and smile a lot more”


Love is in the air!

February 14 is that perfect opportunity for popping the most awaited question of all couples. Or simply show your romantic side and surprise her or him with creative gifts.

When we talk about Valentine’s Day gift ideas, the first things that come to our minds are greetings cards, flowers, and a box of chocolate as a nice way of showing your love and care for your sweetheart. This tradition that began as a Christian feast day honoring one early saint named ‘Valentinus’ continues till nowadays. People spend a considerable amount of time choosing the right gifts that should be tailored to her/his personal tastes and styles.

Since the 14th of February signifies love, promise, affection and togetherness, it's yet another incredible opportunity to ask your partner for her presence in your life, now and forever. With millions of options like a date dinner, trip to another country, a gentle walk over the hills during sunset, making a marriage proposal to your sweetheart should be unique and memorable.

When it comes to asking for her heart, the words you choose matters the most for your loved one, and they either make or break the moment. Indeed, it may be difficult to come up with a marriage proposal speech and deliver it properly on the spot. Most proposers stumble over their speeches during the great moment. But today’s world offers multitudes of options for you not to miss the biggest occasion of your life. 

As an example, take a backdrop banner that reads “will you marry me?” or “be my partner in crime”. Make sure that it is a winning option. Whether you plan to take her to the countryside or a luxurious restaurant, the backdrop banner is perfect for indoor or outdoor decor. Simply place that unique banner on the places you want to brighten the atmosphere. Take out the ring and the banner will say it all. With beautiful design and near-to-heart writing, the affirmative “Yes” is guaranteed.

But there’s something inherently romantic about waters and beaches as well, agree or not? Couples who consider more extraordinary and wild activities would definitely prefer spending their lovely day in a more ‘adrenalinic’ atmosphere. How about a unique marriage proposal scenario under the water? Before heading to your vacation or celebrating Valentine’s Day, consider printing a custom printed vinyl banner, which is waterproof and weather resistant. And when you dive deeper to unveil the treasures of the underwater world, purpose your own treasure to become your future wife. Upon return to the beach, prepare a bottle of wine with your photo-label on it ready to toast to your happy couple. On your wine bottle label, save the date, location and a special quote which is known just to the two of you. 

But that’s not the end. Really want to go the extra mile to make the moment even more memorable? Then acrylic letters are what you definitely need for your special Valentine’s Day. Spell it out in giant, inflatable letters so your sweetheart knows that she deserves only the best.

Consider these wonderful ways to create an incredible marriage proposal for your loved ones  to keep a memory of the day forever.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Wishing you happiness and love in the coming year!

Valentines Day Celebration

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Jan 26, 2022

Valentine's Day Celebration ideas

“There is only one happiness in life: to love and be loved.” 

– George Sand

The history of Valentine’s Day dates back to both Christian and ancient Roman times, when February was celebrated as the month of romance. It has been supposed that Valentine's Day has origins in the Roman festival of Lupercalia, celebrated in mid-February. The festival, which honored the coming of spring, included fertility rites and the bounding of women with men by lottery. This sounds so lovely. A tradition which nowadays rarely happens to any culture. 

Valentine's Day is celebrated in many countries. Various cultures have formulated their own ways and traditions for this festival. Some cultures prefer celebrating this day and expressing love among family members and friends, rather than that of romantic couples. Whereas, Valentine's Day is mostly associated with passionate and romantic love between couples, with millions of Valentine's Day cards being exchanged every 14th of February. 

Whatever traditions are introduced for this special day, flowers, a box of chocolates, creative gifts and sweet moments are the inseparable part of each Valentine’s Day.

Whether you are still googling for creative ideas to make your sweetheart’s day so special and memorable, then you are on the right point, so check what unique ideas we’ve prepared for you:

Custom Printed Wall Art: Probably there are thousands of happy memories that you have shared with your loved ones or with your partner. All the greatest memories are eternized with photos and videos. Interestingly enough, wall art gives that perfect chance to attract the eye, pull together the room, and make home more welcoming. And acrylic wall art features an acrylic photo frame which provides the reproduction of a photo or any other images printed directly on high gloss acrylic sheets which feel like glass. Acrylic wall photo frame is lightweight, vibrant and modern-looking. Due to its glossy look, an acrylic photo frame can be placed everywhere and convey a very heart-warming and sophisticated look to the interior. This is another nice way to show how much you care about those cherished moments.

But if you are looking for a more eye-catching and amazing photo frame idea, then gatorboard wall display is definitely what should be your 2022’s Valentine gift. You have a family photo you really want to put up there, but instead of printing one large gatorboard, why not try splitting it five ways? And your wall looks like an awesome piece of artwork and it still has personal significance.

Couple’s T-shirt Printing: This is another creative way to make your love’s heart swell with joy! No need to make announcements about your relationship, your t-shirts convey it all. Matching outfits with your sweetheart is such an excitement, agree or not? Printing two t-shirts with lovely designs that somehow relates to your love story is kind of a gift that each couple should order at least at one of the occasions. And Valentine’s Day is exactly that special day, to showcase once again how much you care for feelings and marvelous memories that you experienced together. 

Whether you are a married couple or boyfriend/ girlfriend, with so many illustration options out there, you have the biggest chance to show how your partner’s profession, favorite food, beloved singer, special quote is essential for you and for your better relationship. Make sure that matching the outfits acts like being a sign of unity.

This is not the end…

Cupid is wandering here in LA. And he is staying with us to help make another wonderful blog compiling all the beautiful and creative gift ideas that you might love to choose for your loved one.

Stay as inspired and romantic as you are now, cause all the best ideas are coming very soon…

Yours truly

Cupid and Axiom Print

custom magnet business cards printing in LA

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Jan 19, 2022

The Role of Business Cards in Brand Development

We live in the age of exaggeration, where simply buying a body shampoo can make us get lost in a multitude of offers and dozens of chasing ads. What we really search for is a reliable brand. Nowadays' consumers need something that will speak to their hearts, will not confuse their minds and have the entitlement of rectifying their buying behavior.

Creating a brand is not an easy task, neither is its development process. Brand is about a consumer’s perception of your business and it is not only about just creating a logo and browsing it on a website or on printed advertisements. With appropriate branding strategies you have that awesome chance to create a positive perception among your target audience and convey a sense of trust, value and of course quality towards your company and the products you display.

But what makes a brand fascinate us and leave a strong impression on consumers? 

Apart from designing wonderful logos, creating unique names, and sharing vital messages, it is also equally important to make your brand and company more identifiable among other competitors. Regardless of its relatively small size, a business card plays a pivotal role in the development of brands and businesses. Because business cards are often given to possible partners and customers, they present a highly personalized form of branding. And now we will dive deeper to see what exactly business cards can do for our brands.

Business cards are those printed paper cards bearing information about a company, business or an individual. Those business cards that do not have any specific or individual features have a less chance of being kept or remembered than those that have unique design and foiling, which certainly grabs attention. Over time the types of business cards have evolved and now we may come up with hundreds of forms: Classic Business Cards, Plastic Business Cards, Magnet Business Cards, Business Cards with Triple Layers and dozens of other forms out there.

While some companies underrate the importance of business cards, successful companies insist on annually allocating some part of the budget for the designing and printing of their companies business cards. And here are the main reasons why to choose business cards for your brand development:

Business Cards Guarantee Strong First Impression and Convey Appearance of Professionalism. When it comes to making an elegant impression and sophisticated look, expressing extra professionalism and creating bases for further corporations, true professionals exchange their business cards which guarantee the start of meaningful connection and chances for collaboration. First representation is everything. Keeping a business card on hand transfers the appearance of professionalism and shows how prepared and organized your company is. The professionals of business ethics constantly remind us how essential it is to show your business-interlocutor that you represent a very organized and prepared company. Followingly, exchanging business cards is a great indicator of how professional you are.