LA Solar Group
on Nov 10, 2020
LA Solar Group

LA Solar Group Case Study

Founded by Ara Petrosyan, LA Solar Group has been providing clean energy solutions since 2011. After all, renewable energy is the future. They started with only two employees and now have 180 employees over 14 offices in 7 states. They are one of the leading solar companies in the country.

We are thrilled that LA Solar Group has been a longtime client of ours. 

LA Solar Group continues to prosper and that’s what we want for all our clients. They offer low cost, high quality solar panels along with installation and maintenance services.

Here are the main five ways we have helped LA Solar Group with their marketing needs:

  1. Business Cards
  2. Coroplast Signs
  3. Presentation Folders
  4. Door Hangers
  5. Stickers

We’d like to point out something clever LA Solar Group did with their coroplast signs and door hangers. 

When they are working on a residential or commercial property, they park a coroplast sign out front so they can benefit from brand visibility while people walk by. For the houses nearby that would be most affected by the installation, they place door hangers which serve as a memo so people know what to expect. On the backside is also a discount should they be interested after seeing what their neighbor installed.

Integrated marketing strategies are the most effective and having a well rounded strategy is something we can help with because of our years of experience in printing. 

For one of their sister offices, Bay Solar Group, we have also done a car wrap. Watch now!