Which material is right for your Roll Labels
on Sep 13, 2021
Which material is right for your Roll Labels

With so many various sticker materials to choose from, it can be daunting to know the best material for your stickers. 

Sticker printing has complexities that can affect your branding, there may be some doubt about which option is ideal for your company. 

To assist you in making an informed decision, let’s have a look at the distinctions of different sticker materials. No matter which material you choose, it is easier than ever to submit your original drawings and create your order online including your custom roll labels in minutes, no matter which material you choose! 

Let us examine some sticker materials and the best way they can be used: 

1. Vinyl 

Vinyl stickers are the most utilized sticker materials. It's a great product for promoting your work or business by handing out custom die-cut vinyl stickers, during trade shows and expos. Majority of outside graphics are performed with high-performance vinyl, which is a very durable and long lasting material. Moreover, it is crucial to understand the advantages of vinyl in general. Vinyl has a small bend or stretch to it, which allows it to be applied to both flat and curved surfaces more readily. It is also long-lasting and silky to the touch. 

Vinyl stickers are typically 3 to 4 mil thick with a smooth and flexible texture. In addition, the soft feel of vinyl makes it easier for stickers to adapt to rounded surfaces, such as a hard helmet. In addition, this material comes in four different types such as: 

Clear Removable Vinyl 

This material allows transparency and is often applied to glass windows. This material is most applicable where you don't want your image to have a white or colored backdrop. In addition, this material looks best on everything and can last for up to five years.

White Glossy Permanent Vinyl 

This material is useful for industrial applications and outdoor purposes, such as warning and safety labels. Besides, this material is waterproof and features strong adhesive. These characteristics make it perfect for outdoor purposes. White Glossy Permanent Vinyl looks best on everything and has a durability of up to five years. Moreover, avoid painted indoor walls. Besides, it isn’t bubble-free. 

White Glossy Removable Vinyl 

This material features a strong adhesive that will stay on your chosen surface, as well as bubble-free air egress technology that makes application a breeze. Also, its strong adhesive and waterproof features make it outdoors durable and great to use. White Glossy Removable Vinyl may be readily removed without leaving any sticky residue or glue behind. 

White Matte Removable Vinyl 

This material has a more subtle, natural look, thus the stylistic difference is essentially the only distinction. Similarly, White Matte Removable Vinyl is durable and bubble-free. 

2. BOPP - Biaxially-Oriented (BO) Polypropylene (PP) 

BOPP is the finest option for machine applied use, like food and beverage packaging and other industrial uses. Again, this material can withstand cold and high temperatures and is ideal for refrigerated products and hot food packaging. 

This material is a lustrous, almost iridescent substance with a thickness of 2 mils. Besides, this feature makes it ideal for applications that will be subjected to a lot of wear and tear. It comes in different options like clear, white, silver metalized or holographic metalized. All can be used for roll label production and your choice will depend on your branding. BOPP are used in warehouses, offices, restaurants, and retail stores for shipping and mailing labels, product labeling, gift bags, envelope sealers, and more. If you are looking at custom printed roll labels, In addition, they serve as a perfect medium for labeling bulky quantities between 1000 to 100000 quantities.

3. Paper 

Considerably, a paper appears to be the first thought that comes to people’s minds when they think of stickers. Paper offers a wide range of sticker sizes and can serve different packaging needs. 

Paper stickers are easy to apply, and they come in three different types – fluorescent, machine coated, and uncoated paper. Let us have a short analysis of each paper type: 

Fluorescent Paper; This paper type is available in different colors such as pink, orange, red, and more. Usually, this material is used for making safety stickers that caution individuals. 

Machine Coated Paper; This material is a rubber-based adhesive and acrylic cold temperature adhesive. It is used for labeling products across multiple sectors. 

Uncoated Paper; Uncoated paper features permanent and removable adhesive. It is used in wine-making industries, offices for envelope labels, and more. 

Guess what? 

You can get your custom roll stickers with ease! 

You can collaborate with our professional design team to create a custom design that uniquely highlights your brand. Alternatively, you can send us your design, and we will print it in small or large volumes for you. 

Our aim is to ensure our clients enjoy the best printing experience through creative printing and speedy turnarounds.

Guest blog by: Hellosticker (The Leading Sticker Printing Company in Singapore)