What are raised spot UV business cards?
on May 10, 2021
What are raised spot UV business cards?

What are Raised Spot UV Business Cards?

Business cards tell your customer who you are and why they need your services all in one small 2x3.5 inch card. With a simple yet informative and appealing design, they can be the return ticket to your business. Even in this digital age, printed business cards are considered a smart investment in marketing strategy. Business cards can be a continuous reminder of you and your brand. People won’t look at them all the time, but  you will surely be summoned into their minds more than just sharing your info with an email.  Many people these days still choose to hold and feel it. Studies show that hard copy marketing materials and business cards hold longer in the memory over digital marketing content. There are many types of business cards to choose from, but today, let's talk about raised spot UV business cards.

What are raised spot UV business cards?

Raised spot UV  printing includes a special spot UV process where a layer of UV ink is applied to a specified area on your card to make it stand out and highlight. The layer of UV ink involves 30 and 60 microns higher than the surrounding surface. When handing them to people they can feel the astonishing design with their fingers. Raised spot UV printing will set you apart from competition and stop your potential business seeker to think twice before tossing away your card.  Raised spot uv business cards can provide a great opportunity to  take you and your brand to the next level.

What’s the difference between raised spot UV and spot UV business cards?

Spot UV printing is technically considered a coating process rather than a printing process. Spot UV is a shiny layer with flat and transparent finish that is applied to specific spots where you intend to have a high gloss coating.

Raised spot UV is the same as Spot UV, only spot UV is applied to stand out from the product. When you hold it you can feel it. 

Tips to help you design your business cards.

As with many potential customers, extending your business card is the first interaction, be sure to leave a lasting impact. A well-designed business card not only displays your contact information, but also introduces you as a professional and trustworthy brand.

Have you ever wondered what makes a good business card? How do you make it conspicuous and attract more people over time?

First of all, you need a thoughtfully-designed logo with the right colors that should transfer the essence of your business. Thus, dedicate the front side of your card only to your logo. Then you need to have organized information with the right typeface, size and shape. After, you can make it even more engaging by adding some enhancements like Spot UV, raised spot UV, soft touch, silk, foil or matte laminations. 

With raised spot UV printing, you can highlight important information, choose high contrast colors to take full advantage of the glossy effect. 

Trust your raised spot UV business card to experts.

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