Your Go-To Wedding Stationery Checklist
on Feb 10, 2022
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The couples around the world will soon commemorate Valentine’s Day by exchanging gifts, giving flowers, jewelry, and sweets to their significant halfies. Whereas some couples are already planning to celebrate the most awaited day of their life.  And yes, it is about the wedding day!

Planning a wedding can feel overwhelming and easily turn into 12+ months for obsessing over wedding issues and drama. Some couples often hire special wedding planners to help them cope with their wedding confusions, meanwhile, there are many reasons why they must also take on some part of the responsibilities on their own. With so many arrangements to keep in mind and tasks to accomplish, one should break down the year month by month, and take on the planning process step by step.  

Organization plays a pivotal role in keeping everything on track when you are wrapped up with checklists, decisions, and deadlines. With regards to weddings, we are here to cover some tips on what wedding essentials one should never dismiss.

And so, once you have already figured out the budget, your wedding outlook, venue, date and time, and even the cake filling, it is high time you started preparing wedding stationary. The latter gives your guests all the important details regarding the place, the date and time, the dress code, the directions for reaching the venue, the gift list information about your wedding and most importantly it’s just a nice way to let you know if they are coming or not. Wedding stationery is one of the consistent parts of information before and throughout your wedding party. It is a visual and significant part of your day. With the guidance of your wedding stationary your guests will have a wonderful time without questioning others about the agenda of your wedding or where they can park their car. To some manners, printed wedding stationery creates a kind of anticipation from the very first sight of your invitation cards.

In this digital era, where email invites chase people everywhere, printed invitations have become far less common for important life events. But, a wedding invitation is a very personal thing and it's not just a plain paper with some dates and names on. It is a brick of family history. Accordingly, let’s keep the sequence and start from the very beginning.

  • Save-the-dates: These are not mandatory but, if you and your spouse-to-be decide to send one, it must be sent 4 to 6 months earlier and show some details about the city of your wedding, the venue, and that soon they will receive a formal invitation. A heart-warming photo of your couple may be pinned on the card.

  • Bachelorette Party Invitations: These invitations should be designed, printed and sent out 1 to 2 months in advance. From these cards your guests should know when and where to come, what gifts are anticipated and how long they are going to stay at your venue. 

  • Wedding Invitation Sets: Invitation cards create a sort of excitement and it should always reflect the couple and overall the wedding theme. Before choosing the colors and themes of your invitation cards, make sure you know what exactly a true wedding invitation suite should include. Here are the main pieces you have to consider:

  • Outer Envelope - including the recipient's address
  • Inner Envelope -  including the title and last name of the invitees
  • Invitation Card - including details such as who's getting married, the date, the name of the venue, and the city
  • Reception Card - including the name and address of the venue
  • Response Card - an option to collect your RSVPs

  • Ceremony Program: You should certainly order printed programs if your wedding is a tremendous one. Programs generally include the couple's name, time and date, location of the ceremony, a warm welcome, the names of everyone involved in the party and of course a brief representation of what you are going to do, what activities are intended and whether there will be some invited artists.

  • Escort Card: A printed nice chart showing the guests where they are on their way to dinner. An interesting solution to direct guests to their tables.

  • Place Cards: These are a bit formal version of escort cards. The cards should include your guests name and surname or nickname, and should be placed on their places. The main difference is that a place card not only directs guests to their table, but also points every guest to his or her particular place around the table. 

  • Menu Cards: No need to mention that these special cards provide overview of what meals the guests are going to be served.

It is not the whole story, but we have highlighted only the most important wedding stationery essentials. And if you reached this point while reading, it means you are about to host an amazing wedding party. Collect the list of your desired stationary and order a quality printing or just trust our creative team of Axiom Print. We create a unique design and print experience for each customer. Axiom Print experts will guide you through product and design selection that will best suit your needs.

Before ordering your wedding essentials Axiom Print gives that opportunity to place an order and have proof/generic samples ready for you to review the quality and design of the cards. If there is anything about the samples that you would like to change, they can make as many revisions as needed.