Virtual Graduations
on May 28, 2020
Virtual Graduations

Virtual Graduations

Hope everyone enjoyed Memorial Day weekend! Thinking back to the time we graduated from college, it’s hard to think of what it would have been like if we didn’t have a graduation ceremony. Or if we had to watch it on video? Granted, that wasn’t really a possibility due to technology not being as good as it is now AND we didn’t have to worry about a global pandemic like the kids today!

After all that hard work, these young 2020 graduates won’t be able to share their last college or high school hurrah with their families, friends, and faculty members. Due to the contagious nature of Coronavirus, it makes sense that schools have canceled, postponed, or conducted graduation ceremonies virtually. Sure, it’s the safe and practical thing to do from a University standpoint; however, seniors are unhappy. 

Young graduates have been posting sad TikTok videos or tweets to try and express themselves during this trying time, but not all hope is lost... 

There are tangible ways for you to celebrate your recently graduated son or daughter’s achievements. 

You may not be able to invite people, but you can still throw a small little party with the people who already live in your household. 

Here are eight ideas to make your son or daughter feel special:

  1. Add custom coroplast yard signs in the front of your house
  2. Hang vinyl banners inside your home or outside your main entrance
  3. Gift your son or daughter an acrylic puzzle with their photo on it
  4. Stick fun decals or window clings in your son or daughter’s room
  5. Print a photo of them in a cap and gown on a canvas wrap or foam board
  6. Design a custom message with his/her photo and print an acrylic photo frame
  7. Create a set of bookmarks you can mail to family members with your child’s photo in a cap and gown
  8. For graduates over 21, you can pop a bottle of champagne with a custom label

We all need to grow accustomed to a new way of life as scientists work hard to find a vaccine. However, these constraints enable you to become more creative! 

At Axiom Print, we are a half glass full type of people.

We encourage you to do the same and find ways to lift your young graduate’s spirits!

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