Urbane Builders
on Dec 28, 2020
Urbane Builders

Urbane Builders

As we enter the last week of 2020, we wanted to end it by appreciating one of our clients, Urbane Builders. We have been periodically doing case studies on several of our amazing clients. Based in Los Angeles County, Urbane Builders is a successful design-build firm. 

But it’s not just any design-build firm, Urbane Builders has a wide range of experience when it comes to building projects. One of their many reasons for their success is that they combine architecture, engineering and construction.

They’re a one stop shop for building needs kind of like we are a one stop shop for printing needs! 

Urbane Builders builds new buildings whether it’s residential or commercial, but they also do renovations of previously built structures. One of the services they offer is earthquake retrofitting. Unlike other states, California is subject to earthquakes due to active fault lines. If you live in a home that does not offer structural protection in case of an earthquake, Urbane Builders can help you update your home via three different types of earthquake retrofitting: holdown brackets, cripple wall bracing, and foundation bolting. 

When a client first comes to us at Axiom Print, an account manager is assigned to each client. Our account managers really take the time to understand each client and their business. Why? 

Because each industry requires different types of marketing needs, and therefore different printing needs.

A building company needs at least these four basic marketing materials:

  1. Business Cards
  2. Flyers
  3. Coroplast Signs
  4. Vinyl Banners

Business cards are a no brainer. Flyers are easy to drop off in people’s mail or outside their doors. Coroplast signs and vinyl banners strongly help with brand recognition. 

When you see an empty plot of land where construction is about to begin, hanging vinyl banners or sticking coroplast signs in the ground help people know which company will be building the property. And even if you are just doing renovations, you can plant a coroplast sign in the front yard for passersby to see. If you are a prospective client in a similar industry or you are unsure what marketing materials you may need, talk to us! We will help you get started.