Symphony Hospice
on Jul 20, 2020
Symphony Hospice

Symphony Hospice

Based in Canoga Park, California, Symphony Hospice was built on strength and hope. A set of professionals works with the primary care physicians to come up with a plan of care and comfort for those in their last moments. A hospice is typically for people who are in the last irreversible stages of a terminal illness and want to spend their remaining time with love, care and dignity.

The modern day hospice has evolved over time. The word, “hospice,” can be traced back to medieval times and was meant as a place of stay for ill or tired travelers. 

Symphony Hospice not only offers end-of-life care for family members, but it also offers bereavement  and family counseling services by spiritual and social workers. 

We love working with clients, near and far. The best thing about being so close to our clients is that they can pop into our office for a visit! 

Symphony Hospice has been coming to us for their printing needs for years! 

Whether you’re in the medical industry looking to update your marketing materials or you’re in an entirely different industry, we have the experience you need!

Let’s take a look at some of the types of items we print for Symphony Hospice:

  1. Business cards - we printed one side, silk-laminated business cards
  2. Spiral Bound Catalogs - we printed 8.5x11 inch 58 page handbooks 
  3. Presentation Folders - we printed 9x12 inch folders with one business card sleeve
  4. Brochures - we printed double sided, trifold brochures 

Each of these four marketing materials serve their own purpose. The business cards are for networking purposes.The brochures are to advertise their services. The folders and handbooks are great informational tools after a family has signed up with Symphony Hospice.

We LOVE being the one stop shop for all of Symphony Hospice’s printing needs! 

Here is a recent testimonial from Symphony Hospice on their Facebook page, “We’ve been using Axiom Print for many years for our brochures, cards, and a bunch of other promo material. They’ve come through every time with a wonderful job. Thank you, Axiom!!” 

One thing we’d like to mention is that for Symphony Hospice, we only handle their printing for now; however, for many clients that don’t have marketing materials already designed, we offer great design services. 

Call us at 747-888-7777 or email us at if you’d like to order from us today.