Smile for the Camera
on Oct 15, 2020
Axiom Backdrop Banner

Smile for the Camera

We live in an age where everyone wants their next great profile photo. Whether you’re needing a professional photo for LinkedIn or you want to update your Facebook avatar that’s a year old, profile photos are needed everywhere. The time to crop your friends out of your photo to make your profile photo is gone. When people attend events with a backdrop banner, they tend to use their photo from that event. 

Having your logo in the backdrop banner allows your business brand visibility. 

Many people associate backdrop banners with the glamorous movie premieres or award ceremonies like the Oscars. Well, that’s how it started! You may have heard the term, step and repeat? Well, step and repeat banners are the same as backdrop banners. Step and repeat was coined when a movie star stopped in front of the banner at the end of the red carpet to pose for paparazzi and then the process repeated with the next celebrity in line until everyone had been photographed. Another meaning for step and repeat was derived from the photoshop method of making step and repeat banners because you create an image and repeat it over and over again in the same file. With the influx of social media and obsession over photos taken on phones, businesses started catching on. Now, it’s almost expected at a corporate event to have a backdrop banner. 

If you’re at a tradeshow and your competitor’s booth includes a fun backdrop banner, you’ve already lost. 

Another recent use of backdrop banners has been at speeches, interviews or presentations. It looks more professional to have a nice backdrop behind your guest speaker. Plus, if it’s a big product reveal or announcement, then it’s highly likely that a reporter covering the event will probably use a photo taken in front of the backdrop banner. 

Another use case we have seen is when a charity event for example prints out a backdrop banner that showcases multiple logos to include all their sponsors. 

Overall, backdrop banners are everywhere. Plus, they’re reusable if taken care of properly.