Simple Guidelines on How to Perfectly Label Your Candle Jars.
on Oct 27, 2021
Simple Guidelines on How to Perfectly Label Your Candle Jars.

Most of the business ideas are born with a mission to solve certain problems and of course make a living. Nowadays successful entrepreneurs confirm that there are thousands of business ideas which can quickly turn into profitable businesses and become investment engaging companies. But how many of them are doing these businesses for their own pleasure and satisfaction? The most successful businesses are those which mix business and pleasure, that is to say these are pleasure-based businesses, which may boost happiness and bring massive results. Not surprisingly enough, candle making businesses belong to this type of business culture. Spreading light and scent in the room is the new way of experiencing the uplifting joy of creative handicraft. 

With multiple varieties of candles available in the market, from major manufacturers to freelance creators, nowadays’ trends drive the growth of this market. Over the past few years high consumption of candles has been noticed in the spheres of independent brands, fine restaurants, beauty rooms and fashion clubs. The demand for using the product to create a nice, cosy and aromatic ambience for the customers has increased. Nowadays scented candles may be seen in nearly all commercial places. The significance of candles is highly prioritized in various ceremonies, celebrations, parties, simple gatherings and festivals. It not only provides a soothing effect on people’s minds, but also creates an aesthetic atmosphere. 

Besides offering well-scented and long-flaming candles, it is equally essential to label them properly. 

Before you let your excitement take the lead, please take a look at these guidelines, which will help you to perfectly label the candles.

Include Warning and Safety Tips.  It’s crucial not to forget that a candle is an open flame, which may always cause the potential risk of a fire-related accident. Candle warning labels are widely applied for candles, candle containers, candle jars, candle tins. Cost-effective custom sticker sheets are perfect for all types of candle making and marketing projects, reminding people to be cautious when selling or taking them as personalized gifts and promos. Candle warning labels may include well-known safety rules: burn within sight; keep away from combustibles; keep away from children. Additionally your candle labels should also warn about simple candle safety tips, such as 

  • not to burn a candle near something that could catch fire,
  • always keep an eye on open flames and before going out or to bed, extinguish all burning candles,
  • under your candle jar put a nonflammable surface, such as a metal sheet or ceramic plate,
  • never ever burn a candle, when you smell gas inside or outside your room or house,
  • put the candles up somewhere so that pets, children, or adults can't accidentally bump candles over in the dark.

To learn more about fire safety rules, you may check NCA’s Fire Safety Guidelines. If you are not sure how to add these to your candle container so that the picture looks like a design-friendly label, make sure that Axiom Printing Service in Los Angeles is ready for any designing and printing assistance.

Basic Information and Details About Your Candle Company: Now that your candle labels include all safety and warning rules, it’s highly recommended to include some simple information about your company, that is to say the name, logo, contact information, candle scent and candle details. Most important information your candle label can't afford to miss is your company name and logo. Take these in the front and center part of the candle label. Not a secret that all you want your customers to learn about your brand, should be placed in the very middle of the label. Cause that's the way how your target audience will learn to associate your unique product with your brand. Accordingly, it helps to boost brand recognition, trust and loyalty. Next, be assured that your target audience knows what the candle smells like. It's not a box of chocolate to let them guess what's inside. Spell it out noticeably on the label.

Today’s people are always curious what they pay for. Before deciding whether to buy the product or not, they carefully check the ingredients on the internet. Beeswax, soy wax, palm wax, gels, coconut oil, synthesized waxes and so many more may be used in the candle making process. Candles burn into the air we breathe. Your potential buyers have the right to know what exactly has been used in the candles. So, clearly mention the ingredients that you used for that specific candle. 

Candles are perfect gifts. Whether they are supposed to be shipped somewhere or not, your customers should know how much it weighs. Make sure to mention the net quantity of the contents in ounces or grams.

Choose Eye-catching Design: Candle labels should remain simple and attractive. Once you have decided what you want your custom candle label to look like, the professional designers of Axiom Print are here to make your wishes come true. Here, at Axiom Print we offer printing labels in custom sizes and in multiple shapes such as rectangular with round corners, rectangular with square corners, circle and of course custom shape. We know how much you prioritize the quality of printed marketing materials that are used for brand or business promotion. And so, out of a variety of materials, our experts put forward the most popular and durable ones. These include white matte bopp, silver gloss bopp, clear gloss bopp, white matte paper and silver gloss paper. We also have uncoated paper and kraft paper for an organic look. For the label to have a rich glossy finish we offer Gloss Lamination. If you want the candle label to look more classical and smooth, we suggest choosing Matte Lamination. And Gloss Gold Glitter is ideal for people who prefer the high-shine candle labels.

We offer high-quality digital printing processes on a huge variety of durable materials, and can be a perfect partner for your candle brand.

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