Sierra Madre Playhouse
on Oct 23, 2020
Sierra Madre Playhouse Poster

Sierra Madre Playhouse

Sierra Madre Playhouse is an award winning theater in a city nestled in the foothills of the San Gabriel Valley. The town of Sierra Madre has had a love for drama dating back to the 1880s, even before the playhouse was built. People used to watch live drama and musicals at the Town Hall or Women’s club, even people’s homes! 

In 1923, the playhouse was built but under a different name. It was called the Wistaria Theater. Why Wistaria, you ask?

The largest wistaria vine in the world is in Sierra Madre, CA, hence its original name.

In 1929, it was renamed after the city to the Sierra Madre Theater. The idea was that the Sierra Madre Theater will be the central hub for family friendly entertainment. It was a movie hall and arcade before a renowned playhouse. In 1980, the name was changed to the Sierra Madre Playhouse. In order to keep it running, several local citizens banded together to make it into a nonprofit organization. In 2014, with Christian Lebano as the artistic director, the playhouse changed to focus on American theater and began to receive recognition from grants, NAACP, and Ovation Awards. 

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