Sheet Labels vs. Roll Labels
on Mar 22, 2021
Sheet Labels vs. Roll Labels

Sheet Labels Versus Roll Labels

Depending on the scale of your business operations, for the right labeling approach you can choose between two main types of products: Custom sheet labels and roll labels. Although they have quite different functionalities, they have similar uses. They are used for product labeling, packaging, gift bags, shipping, mailing, etc.

Sheet papers are intended for low scale businesses, special events and specific situations with lower volume orders while you don't need automation to attach them to your product, the packaging or wherever you prefer, you can do it by hand. 

So If you are a small business looking for high quality and cost effective sheet labels without all the bells and whistles, Axiom Print is the right place for you. Our sheet labels are made of white vinyl with strong adhesiveness and they have backing material. The sheet labels come in many shapes: The most common shapes are square, rectangle and circle.  However; our technology gives us the opportunity to cut any shape of your choice.

Roll labels are used for large scale businesses for longer runs with more investments.  You can buy roll labels in thousands of different sizes and shapes, as well as custom label shapes and sizes that will allow you to show your inventive and creative side with your label designs making them stand out. Rolls labels instead of sheets are automatically wind around on the roll using a special printing machine. 

Here, at Axiom Print we offer high-quality labels with a long shelf life. The Roll Labels are available in a variety types of materials and sizes making them a great asset for different marketing strategies.