Printed Materials Checklist to Stay Bold in Today’s Beauty/Skin Care Products Industry
By Hasmik Chaloyan on Mar 22, 2022
body care products labeling and packaging

Since the times of early Renaissance harmony, smoother makeup, enough proportions, and everyday cleansing routines were considered essential aspects of universal beauty. Although nowadays’ standards and perceptions about beauty and care have been hugely transformed, people still are in search of the secret recipe of real beauty. That’s where the invention of cosmetic substances have appeared to be assisting tools for cleansing, improving the look of human face, skin, hair, nails and so on.

The beauty industry and care cosmetics' market is always changing through time. You never know when that special thing you've been looking for ages will hit the market. Today's market includes all types of cosmetics including skin care, haircare substances, toiletries and many more.


Gradually, there are more affordable makeup brands appearing in the market with an aim to allow makeup products to be more accessible to everyone. In various countries manufacturers change their product branding or marketing strategies to accelerate their sales and tap into growth. While the high quality and best ingredients ensure big return, one of the crucial parts of having big sales is the product packaging.  With well-designed product packaging you will be able to attract many customers and promote the best side of your brand.


Based on existing data and statistics we have highlighted the top necessary printed materials checklist for your beauty or skin care products packaging. This ultimate printing checklist will help you stay bold among other competitors, engage new loyal customers and of course, maximize your revenue:


Custom Printed Stickers and Labels

Stickers and labels are the first thing your customers will see. These labels should have high quality graphics and colors to strengthen their appeal and catch your clients’ attention. It is important to know that for beauty products you should consider printing primary and secondary stickers and labels. Primary stickers are sticked on the front part of the product, packaging boxes or packages, while secondary labels are sticked on the product back. These secondary labels often contain important product details and information. For the primary sticker make sure you include the logo, tagline and other specific information you want your customers to grab from the first sight.

No matter how beautiful your product sticker or label design is, it is crucial to include several essential notes concerning the ingredients of the product, health risks, specific instructions and of course your company’s contact details.


Custom Printed Business Cards

Custom printed business cards provide a special base for further connection between your brand and clients. Business cards are those printed go-to paper cards bearing information about your company, business or yourself. Generally, business cards include the logo, name of company or business affiliation and contact information such as street addresses, telephone and fax numbers, email and social media profile icons. 

Business card printing is another good chance to have a tangible reminder about your company details, in case they want to reach out to you.


Personalized Thank You Cards

Personalized thank you cards are among those versatile tools of effective marketing. Including thank you cards in your packaging may positively affect your branding and contribute to customer engagement. You may include features about your products and of course spread gratitude to your customers. Prefer thank you cards printing as an incredible personalized addition which will not leave anyone indifferent.


Candle Dust Cover Printing

Not a secret that candle making businesses are spreading so fast. We come up with different types of candles everywhere, from social media platforms to our grocery stores. If you want to stay bold among your competitors, consider also including this latest printing invention. Candle dust cover helps minimize dust sticking to the surface of the candles on display, what's more, it also provides additional space for including branding or safety instructions. You can use that extra area to add product information, your logo and contact information. These are the inseparable part of every fancy candle packaging. With quality printed dust covers your candle jars look fresh, protected and clean. 


Special Branded Packaging Boxes

And of course last, but not least custom product boxes. Custom boxes printing increases your brand recognition behind the product. Printing your logo on the boxes is a well-thought strategy to achieve your branding goals. If you plan to wow your customers and make them stay loyal to your brand, consider printing custom boxes with your brand features which can include your product and all the printed enhancements listed above.


 Now wondering where to start? We are here to help your business scale up and engage as many people as possible. Whether your product is in a bottle, jar, container, tin, or tube, we are ready to support you along the way of choosing the right packaging.  Axiom Print experts are proficient in identifying appropriate and perfect printing materials for all types of products from food items to skin care products. 


Before ordering printed materials for your product packaging Axiom Print gives that opportunity to place an order and have proof/generic samples ready for you to review the quality and design of the materials. If there is anything about the samples that you would like to change, we can make as many revisions as needed.