Pick A Side
on Sep 2, 2020
Pick A Side

Pick A Side

It’s 2020. You’re stuck in traffic on the 405. What catches your eye?

Bumper stickers!

Although we may not be driving as much as we used to because of COVID-19 limiting our social events, bumper stickers are still prevalent and relevant. Because of elections coming up in November, you will see a rise in bumper stickers. 

People want to show who they’re voting for and encourage others to vote with them. You know how people are using bumper stickers nowadays, but did you know how bumper stickers came to be?

Gill-Line Productions was established in 1934 in Kansas City and may have been the first companies to print bumper stickers. They were typically tied to the car bumper with paper and string! But after WWII, Forest Gill started testing ink and adhesive which is how the bumper stickers came to be. No more string needed!

The demand for bumper stickers started in tourism before moving to politics.

Americans had spent their savings to buy a car. In order to encourage people, national parks and other places would hand out bumper stickers so people could feel proud and show off where they’ve been. In the 1950s, bumper stickers became really popular. The 1952 Presidential election between Eisenhower and Stevenson is where bumper stickers received its spotlight with the “I LIKE IKE” stickers. 

When President Eisenhower ran for reelection in 1956, people got new bumper stickers with “We Like and We’ll Stick with Ike and Dick.” In 1952 and 1956, the use of bumper stickers with catchy phrases legitimately helped President Eisenhower get elected. Since then, every presidential candidate has used bumper stickers in their campaign. They typically work with the union shops to create them. 

Fast forward to 2020. We may be more polarized as a nation with our political views, that has not stopped the use of bumper stickers. People like to customize their own catchy slogans to express their views, whether it’s about the upcoming election or something else. 

Bumper stickers provide visibility! 

The purpose of this blog is NOT to compel you to buy either a Biden or a Trump bumper sticker. However, we DO recommend using bumper stickers to encourage good in the world. One way is to increase voter turnout. If you are not comfortable sharing your political views out in the open, then display a bumper sticker that encourages people to come out and vote. Come November, us Americans will have to pick a side.