Petals LA
on May 12, 2020
Petals LA

Petals LA

We are talking about huge celebrity events all over the country...Saco Sarkissian created a wonderful floral event design company that continues to astonish people with his couture wedding flowers and bridal bouquets. From Grammy winners to A-list movie stars, he is definitely one of the most coveted florists in Los Angeles. 

When Petals LA hired us for their printing needs, we were ecstatic!

Where did we, Axiom Print, begin?

What began as printing their company’s logo on polos for staff to wear, ended up becoming something much larger years down the line. We like to think Saco consistently comes back to us because we really understand the Petals LA business and brand. 

It’s extremely important for a brand to have a consistent, uniform look and feel across all marketing materials.

Our account managers and designers always do their research and really LISTEN to our clients. Axiom Print wanted Petals LA to stand out. 

Below are the additional four ways we have helped Petals LA with their marketing and printing needs:

  1. Gold foil note cards
  2. Matching gold foil envelopes for his note cards
  3. Raised Spot UV business cards
  4. Vehicle wrap 

Let’s split the projects above into three for the purposes of this case study:

  1. Note Cards and Matching Envelopes: The note cards were printed on #100 linen cover. Linen paper has a rich, sleek look when used. It’s quite common to see wedding invitations printed in linen. Since Petals LA does custom floral design work for high-end weddings, it made sense to pick a paper that gave the same feel. The note cards and envelopes had a matching design with the gold foil border. 
  2. Raised Spot UV Business Cards: Consistent with the notecards and envelopes, the business cards had the same flower sketch in black. Instead of doing the gold foil box outline, we decided to use the pink color from the logo. Not only do these business cards catch the light from the spot UV, but you can actually feel the smooth flower outline because of the raised spot UV. The back side of the card contained the contact information. The business cards are elegant and memorable.
  3. Vehicle Wrap: We have experience wrapping all types of vehicles: sedans, vans, SUVs, and trucks. In the case of Petals LA, when they’re traveling to LA installing their latest floral design for an event, having a van wrapped with their beautiful logo and flowers would be far more memorable than just a plain vehicle. 

All of these projects were a success and if you ever see a Petals LA vehicle on the road, you will see our work.

Just to recap: we asked ourselves, what does Petals LA sell? 

Petals LA sells luxurious flowers and design, arguably, the best flower arrangements depending on who you ask!  

His A-list clientele and gorgeous designs guided all our creative design and printing decisions, everything from the type of material to color to shape. 

All projects were completed in a timely way to make Saco stand out from his competition. After all, he built an incredible company: Petals LA!

If you have a product and you’re looking for different ways to engage customers...your vehicles, printing materials and business cards are important in getting the message across. Call us at 747-888-7777 or email us at