New Year. New Impression.
on Jan 5, 2021
New Year. New Impression.

New Year. New Impression.

Whenever a New Year begins, it is an exciting moment to start fresh and make new goals for the year. We think we can speak for most when we say that especially this year, we definitely want a change from last year. Phew, so glad 2020 is over! While many people make resolutions related to diet or exercise, another important resolution to make is how to grow in your profession or chosen field of expertise.

“New Year, New You” speaks to all of you, including your professional life. 

Whether you’ve had your own business for years or you’re venturing into a new business, making a solid first impression is important. Think about what you brand means to you and to your consumers. Use the New Year as a way to revamp your brand or just improve upon the marketing materials you have to attract new prospects. 

You just came back from some holidays and relaxation which also means you may have thought long and hard about where you want to see your business go this year, and the next year, and the next five years. With over a decade of experience helping grow businesses, we have come up with a business starter kit.

A business starter kit includes 5 basic essentials that you should have for your brand.

  1. Business Cards
  2. Envelopes
  3. Letterheads
  4. Presentation Folders
  5. Flyers or Postcards 

These five help you market your business because it makes you look professional and it also helps you increase brand awareness. We practice the advice we preach ourselves. We rebranded our company with a new logo, but a new look. Our website has changed drastically to help people find our products easier and have a better online shopping experience. We just designed our business starter kit for ourselves so that when we present to clients, we are putting our best foot forward.

And if you don’t have a strong design background or you are not sure how to go about rebranding, our talented group of graphic designers do just that!