on Oct 6, 2020


Based in Glendale, California, Ladaire was founded by Lili Madanyan in 2017. A style icon herself, Lili wanted to create fashion for the modern woman. Sleek, chic, and elegant is the name of her game! Every season, she brings on the latest trends in fashion with her unique, flirty pieces to bring out your femininity. Even though her company is fairly young, she has garnered a lot of respect in the fashion industry. Famous celebrities have worn her fashion, such as Christina Applegate, Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray, Nikki Reed, Rocky Barnes, to name a few.

We love working with clients hands on. The best thing about being so close to Ladaire is that they can pop into our office for a visit! 

Ladaire has been coming to us for their printing needs and we’ve been ecstatic at how much they’ve grown their business in the past three years.

Ladaire is one of several fashion clients we have had the pleasure of working with!

Let’s take a look at some of the types of items we printed for Lili of Ladaire:

  1. Promo Cards - we printed double sided business cards that are used to hand out a special one-time discount.
  2. Monochromatic Decal - we printed the logo as a decal so she could place that on her store’s window. 
  3. Stickers - we printed black-on-black stickers to stick on bags.
  4. Postcards - we printed double sided postcards for her customers to tag Ladaire on social media
  5. Hang Tags - we printed elegant hang tags for her pieces
  6. Retractable Banner - we printed a retractable banner showcasing one of her pieces worn by a model
  7. Foam Boards - we printed large life-size foam boards to display different dresses she wanted to promote

Each of these seven marketing materials serve their own purpose. The promo cards and postcards are to reveal a promotion. The decal, stickers and hang tags are for brand awareness. The banner and foam boards are to promote new products and entice people to visit her store at The Americana At Brand in Glendale, CA. 

We LOVE being the one stop shop for all of Ladaire’s printing needs! 

Call us at 747-888-7777 or email us at if you’d like to order from us today.