How to make sure your next event goes off without a hitch
By Hasmik Chaloyan on Mar 29, 2022
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When was the last time you attended a tremendous event? While you paused for a moment to think over this question, let us remind you how important event-attendance appears to be. Nowadays, events come in all spheres, types and sizes, from gathering around the breakfast table to international high-level conferences. All of us have taken part in dozens of conferences and meetings, but definitely there are special ones that we can never forget and about which we share in our social media platforms, tell our friends and impatiently look forward to attending the next one. The big secret of successful events and conferences lies within the wonderful part of proper planning.

Yes, event planning can be depressful.  But a deficiently organized event can bring about more troubles to your business reputation or company than planning no event at all. Event planning plays a crucial role in organizing successful and reputable events. In its turn, event planning requires so many aspects, from the very first idea brainstorming step to its initial conception, maintaining a timetable and guest list.

Within this huge process of  event planning there is one essential aspect which should never be overlooked. Event marketing is the most important tool which is used by all professional event planners. A wide range of event organizers always face this issue. It's not an easy job to choose the right platforms and materials to advertise your event and make them memorable. 

And meanwhile, we have consulted with industry professionals and outlined what printed essentials you should include in your event planning must-do-checklist to create an authentic connection between your brand and attendees, and make them fully enjoy their visit.

PVC, which is also known as polyvinyl chloride, can be printed to fit anywhere, any size, thickness, and design. First and foremost, each event planner should take into consideration the comfort of the event attendees. For your visitors not to bother your staff members by asking where they can find restrooms or other spot directions, PVC boards can be printed in a way to be installed in different corners of your event venue, showing the directories, booth numbers and directions. PVC signs may be branded according to your graphics, logo and brand colors. In this way they will totally suit the overall theme of your event. Axiom Print offers high-standard PVC boards that are meant for both indoor and outdoor applications. The material is made of lightweight and foamed Polyvinyl Chloride which is water and corrosion resistant.

 Backdrop banners are a great marketing tool that will help your events to stand out from the competitors. You have probably noticed these banners at many occasions, such as weddings, media events, red carpet award ceremonies, interviews, dance productions, graduation ceremonies and other social events. Custom backdrop banner printing is an investment which every company owner should be willing to make as it pays back and is highly rewarding in many ways. Most commonly, companies who attend your event order their own banners, but also they can pay a certain participation fee to include their logo or brand in all your welcoming banners. People are accustomed to taking selfies everywhere, and this is another nice opportunity to take pictures at different spots of the event, especially in front of big sized banners. With Axiom Print you will definitely get durable and lightweight backdrop banners. Our custom backdrop banners come with a 100% quality guarantee and with travel cases:) 

Not a secret, that good visuals, in a positive way, influence our energy and mood. You probably wonder what decals are? These are customizable graphics printed on a thin plastic adhesive film, most commonly PVC vinyl. Due to this durable material decals are really versatile and easy to install as they can be attached to so many different surfaces. These decals are easily attachable and removable on general signage. Color decals, in general, are one of the most affordable and effective ways to advertise and promote your brand or business suring events. Your branded colorful decals will always stand out regardless of the place they are installed and will surely catch the attention of your potential visitors. 

Now that you know what are the key factors that make events remarkably successful you have probably decided what steps you prioritize for your next event planning. Now you need to get started with some quality prints. Axiom Print is always there to help your company stand out and engage prospective customers. We ensure that your preferences are met with creative design and superior quality printing. We offer an affordable and easy way to create all of the above mentioned materials. Trust the job to professionals of Axiom Print.