Everyone Judges the Label on Your Wine Bottle
By Hasmik Chaloyan on May 11, 2022
For all wine lovers or wine makers, we print full color custom labels for your bottles.

Age and glasses of wine should never be counted. - Unknown

National Wine Day is almost here! Celebrated on the 25th of May, we get that special occasion during which it's quite welcoming and recommendable to drink wine even at breakfast time! On this particular time wine lovers around the world pour a glass of their perfect wine to mark National Wine Day with or without their loved ones and bottle up cherished moments.

Magical wine flavors lead us to discover so many new tastes, cultures and traditions. Wine drinking has always been considered to be a healthy habit across many nations. While traveling to various countries, we come up with so many fascinating wine drinking traditions, which have experienced a myriad of studies to prove many striking connections between improving the quality of life and its consumption. Dating back to ancient times, due to the lack of pure drinking water, wine turned to be the crucial and fundamental need in life rather than a pleasant treat. And so it appeared to symbolize their livelihood. That's the reason that in many cultures winemaking, vineyards and wineries perform an underlying part of the country's powerful culture and identity.

During recent years there has been great debates on how people come to choose wine bottles. Yes, the primary thing is of course the quality of the wine itself, which is based on its taste and aroma. That is the main thing which helps us determine whether or not we will actually buy that bottle of wine. Whereas, before buying the bottle, consumers also pay attention to the visuals of the bottle, aka the design and the label itself.  It becomes evident that customers pick up your wine bottle off the shelf because of labeling but come back for more because of the taste. 

The wine bottle label definitely impacts your potential sales. It is crucial for wineries to consider having a feel-good and inviting label which will truly reflect the message of your brand and the image of your company.

Did you know that wine bottle labels directly appeal to consumers' emotions, rather than their cognitive response? It is thus that the graphics, the font styles and images you consider to have on your label should also attract customers' attention and appeal to their sense of touch when they feel the texture of the paper.  Scientists continue claiming that holding a product in your hands and feeling the attractive material makes people more likely to buy it. The quality paper textures motivate people to take the step and try to reach out to feel the label, evoking that specific touch of experiencing ownership.

Long story short, we have played up the main hidden secrets for ordering perfectly custom printed wine labels for wineries, that are critical for your sales and will definitely help you drift customers towards your wine bottles. 

  • Heavenly-tasting wine requires high-quality labels. Labeling your bottles can indeed make a great deal of difference when it comes to choices. The  right paper material for a label can transform the whole integrity of your wine brand, elaborate the look and improve the feel of the sticker itself. Paper materials span a wide variety of alternatives that can enhance the glance of printed colors and the feel of textures. 
  • Feel-Good wine labels should not only inform, but also inspire. Wineries should be cautious about the required information concerning the ingredients and warning signs. Besides spanning all details, it is highly recommendable to create the design in a way to motivate and inspire consumers to go and get the bottle. The label should be aesthetically appealing.  
  • Unique enhancements will help the wine bottle stand out among competitors. With so many magical choices of wine on the shelves it is hard to fall in love with just one bottle. Hundreds of different colors and textures offer a diverse degree of customization and possibilities. Whereas special printing features such as embossing can add that extra unique attribute which will distinguish the bottle from others. Sparkling and eye-catching foils, such as custom gold or silver foil highlights the special features of wine bottles which can easily grab the attention of consumers.

If you reach this point let us remind you that Axiom Print specializes in wine label printing with enhancements that will have your wine stand out on the shelf.  We ensure that your preferences are met with creative design and superior quality printing. We offer an affordable and easy way to create Wine Bottle Labels and other types of labels that will convey the message to your customers in a more creative way, and will encourage them to choose your exceptional product. 

Life is too short to have wine that doesn’t taste good and doesn’t look good:)

Happy National Wine Day!