How To Make A Trade Show Booth Get Noticed
By Hasmik Chaloyan on Mar 18, 2022
custom event tent printing

Organizing a successful event or trade show requires planning, organization and of course creativity. Trade shows, exhibitions, events and other similar theme-based gatherings provide a great way to get people together with common interests to achieve a specific goal. With well-organized trade shows, the participants expect to generate new leads, meet partners, enhance relationships with existing customers, build new connections, raise brand awareness, find new opportunities to enter the market and gain many more benefits that may only come up during successful events. 

Planning a trade show or general event commands a range of pivotal steps, which demand some preparations beforehand. The biggest challenge lies in incorporating all of the needed elements to organize a productive and successful event. From choosing the right place and date to competent marketing strategy, there are several important steps that get into successful trade show management.

Many companies join these trade shows because they know how valuable it is to have a presence in such places where 1000 to 10.000 foot traffic is guaranteed. This is a great chance to display your company, establish your brand and engage new leads. Setting up displays and banners at events and trade shows is one of the recommendable things that you can do for your company's success. Custom printed banners and displays help you settle your company’s presence in the market, engage new clients and partnerships. 

Choosing eye-catching, well-designed and high-quality display printing can greatly increase your booth's visibility. The signages and printed graphics of the venue should be wrapped up in your brand. In this way you will definitely get people’s attention and show attendees what your brand and company is all about. Here, we outline all the top printed displays that will help you to organize your trade show like an expert:

Custom Event Tent: also called Commercial event tents is a partially enclosed canopy structure that displays your company’s name, logo, and branding in 360 degree view. Event tents are best used for outdoor events, exhibition halls, conventions, ceremonies, festivals, craft shows and various fairs to draw attention to your business. This type of event tents are durable, practical, provide shelter and Axiom Print also  include a travel case for easy set up.

Custom Teardrop Flag: these large flags, designed in the form of a teardrop, can have any design printed on them with the help of a dye sublimation process. Fixed to aluminum and fiberglass flagpoles, teardrop flags can be placed in the ground or positioned on a flag stand. Due to the flagpole being bendable, the teardrop flag is resistant against winds. Perfect for being installed on storefronts or in front of any other business, they will immediately catch the attention of pedestrians thanks to the vibrant coloring, the unique design and the overall attractive looks.

Stretch Table Throw: The stretch fabric table cover is adapted in the form of a frame of the table. The tightness of the throw is achieved with the support of backed pockets at the down side of each table leg. The uniqueness of this stretch table throw printing lies within the fact that it gives a fancy appearance to any type of table. No matter if you are an event exhibitor or brand manager you can make the exhibition table display stand out from the rest at any gatherings with these special branded stretch table covers. Go for a stretch table cover as an effective marketing tool which will enhance your further brand promotions. 

Custom Feather Flag: these unique feather flags are designed in the shape of feathers and are great for promoting your brand, new products and special offers at different events or exhibitions. Make sure that feather flags are hard to miss and easy to carry and install. Feather flags are also very suitable for swimming pools, restaurants, bars, real estate and so much more, to inform us that the place is open or share important promotional information. These feather flags by Axiom Print can stand on sunny days, strokes, high winds, heavy snow, or rain. We make them so durable to withstand strong winds and storms.

Curve Velcro Fabric Pop Up Display: And yes, this pop-up Velcro fabric graphic display stand is the new word in the sphere of banner printing. These types of banners are ideal for all your outdoor business and exhibition display needs. Curve Velcro Fabric Pop Up Display is durable and is made of premium grade high-quality tension fabric which makes the installation process easy and fast. 

As you may see, these custom displays ensure so many advantages of trade show exhibits, which makes us sure that taking part in trade shows and different exhibitions is worth thousands of investments. Choose at least two options from above-mentioned items for your trade show display, print them with your logos and branded colors and you will definitely increase brand recall in the audience.

After all this you would like to work with Axiom Print, a leading company in the LA county, that supported hundreds of companies to shine bright with pop up trade show displays and other customized graphics at many trade shows and events.