Happy Women’s History Month!
on Mar 11, 2020
Axiom Happy Womens Month

Happy Women’s History Month!

As you may know, this past Sunday was International Women’s Day! In spirit of both International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month, we’d like to take the time to celebrate the women of Axiom Print!

Especially in a printing business which was handled by men primarily (especially if you’re thinking of Johannes Gutenberg in 1440 with the first printing press in history), we are proud to say we have several amazing, strong women at Axiom Print making magic happen.

Meet our lovely ladies:

  • Arsine - The BOSS - she doesn’t just act like she runs the place, she literally runs the place! Co-owning the company, she has helped Axiom Print grow in the last decade to serve local, national and international clients!

  • Samantha - The FACE - she is quite literally the face of our company among many of her other roles like making sure we all get paid. When you visit our office in Glendale, she is the first person you see and she will make your day even brighter!

  • Talin, Diana, Anahit - The PLANNERS - outside of being outstanding account managers, they’re each responsible for clients from a myriad of industries ranging from small to large-scale businesses. They work within your budget and timeline to make sure you get what you need as well as help you meet your marketing goals by finding solutions to your problems.

  • Shushan, Lilit - The DESIGNERS - an idea is lovely, but you need it to come to fruition. These women make your vision come true in a creative way. Whether it’s something sleek like a high fashion magazine to an adorable package to sell puppy toothbrushes (yes, that’s a real thing!), they have skilled hands and creative minds. 

  • Ashna - The STRATEGIST - while we have a team of people busy assisting our amazing clients and helping them market their businesses or brands, who could we rely on? Our first in-house marketing hire (quite literally because she started two weeks ago), she is up for the challenge!

We could write about these charming women all day, but we’d rather just show you our incredible team of strong women!