Halloween in 2020
on Oct 28, 2020
Halloween in 2020

Halloween in 2020

Corn mazes, haunted houses, zombie runs, pumpkin patches, hayrides...oh what eerie, scary fun the month of October provides us! After all, who doesn’t love a good fright! Although this year, we have a real fright that no one loves...a pandemic. A pandemic that has shrouded this whole year in darkness...okay maybe we are being a bit melodramatic? But are we, though? Those who have encountered real losses this year aren’t too excited about Halloween and why should they be?

If it’s not the pandemic people are worrying about, it’s the upcoming election, racial injustices, job security, or bills. 

But for some people, this Halloween is meant to be a way to distract them from real problems and enjoy that adrenaline rush. If you are interested in Halloween, look at safe ways to still celebrate the macabre day. Since many of the events adults look forward to in October have been canceled to reduce the spread of COVID-19, you’ll have to check your local listings to see if people are still offering some outdoor scary entertainment. 

Either way, add a mask on for protection and make it part of your costume.

The CDC is recommending doing virtual Halloween parties to encourage people to stay indoors and quarantine themselves. It’s also considered low risk to host small gatherings outside where people can stay six feet away with masks, such as a movie night on a projector in a big yard. 

If you have children, many neighborhoods may still be doing trick or treating, but with modifications. Some people may just leave the pot of candy outside so they don’t have to open the door. Others are making goodie bags and waving to people outside while staying 6 feet away, such as on a driveway. Trick-or-treaters are also recommended to only go with their immediate family members instead of going with friends and to keep 6 feet away from other people. 

On behalf of Axiom Print, we hope you have a safe and scary Halloween!