Flags and July 4th
on Jun 24, 2020
Flags July 4th

Flags and July 4th 

Every year around this time, you will see more flags flying outside homes or buildings than before. Red stands for valor, white stands for purity and blue stands for justice. These three colors make up our beautiful American flag. The stripes represent the original 13 colonies and the stars represent the states. 

All over the country, July 4th is celebrated through flag displays, fireworks, picnics, and barbecues. Now in this crazy world of COVID-19, many firework celebrations have been canceled to avoid large crowd gatherings. We may have to adapt to the new norm of social distancing in how we gather, but companies are keeping with their typical discounts.

Online retailers will be discounting days in advance of July 4th (many companies have started already). 

Whether you’re buying a new mattress or a new grill you want to fire up for your independence day barbecue, it’s become customary for steep discounts during the long weekend. Besides hanging up the original rectangular American flag, many companies are opting to use flags to show a July 4th sign with messaging like, “Happy 4th” or “July 4th Sale.” 

Whether you’re looking to fly a flag during July 4th or you actually have a sale announcement, flags are economical.

There are many types of flags that are used for advertising or display:

  • Custom Pole Flag - great if you’re flying the flag on a pole outside 
  • Econo Feather flag - design keeps the flag from wrapping itself
  • Teardrop Flag - unique, rather dramatic curve that makes it great for indoor events too
  • Feather Angled Flag - you can use a cross base or ground stake
  • Rectangle Flag - you can use a cross base or ground stake
  • Giant Flag - usually comes with a water base because of its size

Because most flags are printed on polyester, they are long lasting, washable and reusable year over year. 

Here are five reasons why flags are a fabulous marketing tool (not just for July 4th but year round):

  1. Easy to assemble
  2. Low cost
  3. Portable
  4. Weather-resistant
  5. Efficient (small and take up vertical space)

You can print on one side or both sides of the flag, depending on what you need. We offer full printing services for flags.