Features and Advantages of Different Types of Book Binding
on Apr 15, 2022
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Books are a treasure. Who says don't judge a book by its cover? It’s a well known fact that when you pick up a book, before looking into the content, you first judge the book by its cover, and look images. Besides the inner plot, the value of the book somehow depends on its material quality and cover design as well. To print a quality book or catalog, one should consider quality binding as an integral essential process of book making. 

Book binding, or in other words book bindery, existed since the early times of print media. Book binding is the process of assembling and fixing printed pages within a cover. In general the book cover is thicker than the pages inside, to provide endurance and durability to the final ready version of the book. The quality of the book binding will determine its shelf life. Not only binding is considered for books, but also for medical catalogs, thesis papers, manuals, travel guides, magazines and journals, law books, directories and of course paperback books (fiction, textbooks, cookbooks, etc.).

Book or catalog binding are an essential in printing:

  • Holds the pages intact
  • Better shelf life
  • Cost effective
  • Provides a professional look

If you are in the decision-making process of choosing which book binding option is perfect for your print product, Axiom Print has highlighted the most common and popular types based on our printing experience. Read more to find out the best binding choice for your print.

  1. Perfect Binding

Perfect binding catalogs or books are a popular binding method due to its affordability and high quality. The pages are glued to a cardstock cover using a strong, thermal adhesive, which creates the squared-off spine you often notice.  Perfect bound catalogs are great for any page count over 44 pages. This method of binding will create a polished and professional look.  If you plan to print a magazine or book ranging from 44 to 500 pages, perfect binding can be an ideal option for your product. It is widely used for publications such as manuals, catalogs or soft-cover books of several hundred pages. 

  1. Saddle Stitch Catalog Binding

A saddle stitch booklet or catalog is made up of two-sided printed papers collated in a specific order, folded in half and then stapled through the fold. The bookbinding is typically done with two wire staples that pass through the folded crease from the outside. A saddle stitch catalog will lay flat and stay open as you scan and flip through the pages. 

Axiom Print recommends saddle stitching catalogs under 44 pages. Saddle stitch catalogs are typically meant for products with page ranges from 8-44.  Anything over 44 pages we encourage to upgrade to a perfect bind option.   Saddle stitching is typically used for informative or sales catalogs, meeting addendums, project portfolios and even as product catalogs that can go in the mail.

  1. Spiral Binding

Spiral binding or coil binding is a very popular choice for large books that are oversized or contain thick cardstock pages, or laminated pages. The coil is inserted and twisted along the booklet’s spine through small holes in the sheets and cover page. Spiral binding a booklet is flexible for reading because you can turn the pages 360 degrees. It perfectly lets you lie completely flat on a desk or table. The biggest advantage of spiral binding is that you can manually add to or remove pages without reprinting the full book.  

If you have content that requires indexing, tabs or page dividers, we strongly recommend spiral binding because you can flip the page and leave it in that position without a bookmark. Recommended number of pages for a spiral binding is 24 pages.

  1. Wire-O Binding

Wire-O binding, also called Twin Loop or Wire Binding, is a type of coil binding. The wire is inserted and twisted along the booklet’s spine through small holes in the sheets and cover page. Instead of using plastic, your spiral binding uses metal. The coil finishings are hidden inside the back cover, appearing in a clean and spotless finished look. Wire-O binding is also quite durable, making it a perfect choice for any product printing.

Axiom Print will print and help you choose the perfect binding options for your material.  If you need to get started with some quality prints, we are always there to help your company stand out and engage prospective customers. Our team of qualified specialists will help you decide which binding services are best for your print products.  With these different types of binding available at Axiom Print, your material will be durable and the pages intact. 

We ensure that your preferences are met with innovative design and superior quality printing. We offer an affordable and easy way to create all of the above mentioned materials. 

Trust the job to professionals of Axiom Print.