3 Facts About Clear Label Advertising That Will Instantly Catch Your Attention
on Jan 12, 2022
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Today we celebrate International Sticker Day! 

Celebrated annually on January 13th, this special day honors the stickers and labels that have brightened up many faces and conveyed unique messages! We see stickers stuck everywhere, from food items to the packaging that we choose to give our loved ones. Every sticker has a special story. Sticker collections accompanied us since our childhood. Many of us considered sticker-collecting kind of a special hobby even after becoming adults. 

But, you may wonder why the 13th of January is picked for this day? National Sticker Day not only honours the inventions of stickers, but most importantly the creator of these self-adhesives, that is Mr. R. Stanon Avery, who was born on this day. The story behind these adhesives dates back to the 1880s, when in Europe merchants glued labels on their goods to promote their products among the travelers and shoppers! To glue the labels merchants used to take gum paste as an adhesive. Meanwhile, in 1935 Stanon Avery invented a labelling machine using a motor from a washing machine, to produce first ever self-adhesive labels, which never left marks after removing them. This invention paved the way for the establishment of many new companies who started producing stickers and labels.

Besides being fun items both for children and adults, throughout these years custom labels have become an effective tool for many businesses to incorporate them into their brand and get their products noticed

To gain the competitive edge over the market's competitors, one should not only involve effective marketing methods and tools into marketing campaigns, but also include underrated advertising tools. Sadly enough, stickers and labels are sometimes underrated, but if used right, can greatly contribute to the process of building a strong brand image.

With innovative labels you do not have to settle for the boring sticker. There are multiple options to choose from that will outline and embrace your artwork such as holographic labels, metallic finishes, raised uv touches and embossing. This is only a few of the options that Axiom Print has available to elevate your brand and your art.

During these recent years a new type of labels have appeared in the stickers’ industry which make products stand out and provide a unique presentation for that specific product.

Clear roll labels or transparent stickers are super trendy and unique choices for your product labeling. True brand image creators ensure that consumers prefer to pick out the item not only by reading the ingredients but also trusting the outer look of it. Clear labels allow companies to reveal their branding information modestly, giving the consumer an honest view of the product they're buying. The higher probability of the best-selling product is the appearance of the item itself. If a product you are advertising, be it food or drink, looks great, there is no need to hide what's inside. Product packaging offers more than a plain paper, it gives you a great canvas to draw the attention of consumers. Your product packaging is your business card. 

And so, in this blog we are also going to share the three most incredible benefits that clear labels can bring about.

  1. See-through labels show the content: One of remarkable characteristics of a clear label is that it allows the buyers to see through the item itself.  This is especially applicable when used on a clear or transparent container. Your potential consumer can easily focus on the content because they see it from the outside. But besides the clear visual, the transparency shows that you are trustful and you have nothing to hide about the product. You are not afraid to present the item in its most natural format. Nowadays, buyers pay special attention to the fact that you are not “concealing” something about that specific product from them. It is highly recommended to use clear stickers for the items such as cookies and candies, fruits and vegetables, baked goods, baby products, cosmetics and so much more.

  1. Clear roll labels are durable and versatile: Axiom Print offers clear labels which are printed on a sturdy polyester material. This makes the labels perfect for items that are exposed to different conditions. Beverages and food, baby food, cosmetics that are being transported are also exposed to either hot or cold temperatures. But with our high-quality stickers they can withstand extreme conditions without losing the beautiful appearance.

  1. Transparent stickers show the creative sides of your brand: Applying custom printed clear labels definitely transfers unique features that wouldn't be possible with more standard labels. Obviously, clear stickers give that extra space for your imagination to create an interesting artwork, which will combine the name, logo and message of your brand.  And this not only concerns wholesale businesses, because clear labels are also ideal for gift-ready packaging. Creative brands can wrap the order in beautifully designed paper and make it even more beautiful with a branded clear label. And since at Axiom Print we offer cost-effective clear roll labels, you can include them with every single order or purchase, for free. 

Custom clear roll labels are the best option if you are looking to wow your consumers and raise the awareness about your brand. Clear stickers convey a classy and professional look to your products. 

We offer waterproof and scratch resistant clear labels which guarantee best results. Our experts will provide the printing of clear roll labels within 4-5 business days. We also offer rush printing for your last minute needs.  We will work with you on your turnaround to meet your deadlines.

Give a creative flair to your products, get started with clear roll labels!